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  • Trade DMAC for Matt Leinart!

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    Get your facts straight.


    Jhill: here are the FACTS

    NFL.com’s Steve Wyche claimed that Russell is the biggest draft bust in NFL history. The Huffington Post named Russell one of the 13 biggest draft busts in NFL history. ESPN’s Bill Williamson called Russell a “talented but extremely disappointing” quarterback.

    His tenure with the Oakland Raiders was the shortest tenure with the drafting team among quarterbacks taken number 1 overall in the NFL draft. Also among those quarterbacks, Russell has the worst starting record.

    In addition, Russell’s 2009 passer rating of 50.0 was the lowest rating by a starting quarterback in the NFL since 1998. His final stats during his tenure as a Raider were 52.1 % pass completion, 18-23 TD-INT ratio, a passer rating of 65.2, and 15 lost fumbles.

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    That was my first chat, kinda weak sauce. A nice idea though.
    Taking the question on Swayze Waters?!?! Really?!? Or the fifth question on Campbell’s injury.
    Love the blog posts tho…

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    Jhill: more FACTS

    The Raiders filed a grievance on May 28, 2010, seeking $9.55 million back from Russell for what was paid as salary advances for the 2010-12 NFL seasons

    Russell has stated that he has no intentions of joining the Arena Football League or the Canadian Football League and wants to still play in the NFL

    On July 5, 2010, Russell was arrested at his Mobile, Alabama home for being in possession of codeine syrup without a valid prescription. Russell was released on $2,500 bail. A bond hearing was scheduled for July 7, 2010 and at his July 20, 2010 arraignment, Russell plead ‘not guilty’ to a state felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.

    It is being reported that rumors of “purple drank” use by Russell had been noted by local journalists for some time during his tenure with the Raiders, but not reported due to the lack of evidence or corroboration.

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    NEW POST !?!?

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    Goethel > McClain

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    Dmac for Leinart? Uh, what are you smoking?

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    The USC kiffins will be rocked by Oregon again this year. I actually liked kiffin but now that he has been given another job with absolutely no merit whatsoever I am sick of hearing about him… DO SOMETHING!!!!