Raiders live chat today at noon


Join our Oakland Raiders live chat with Jerry McDonald today at noon PDT as Jerry previews the Raiders’ Thursday game against Seattle and possible cuts the team will make later this week.


Jon Becker

  • RaiderRockstar

    kdub: McClain has looked very poor against the run, anyone want Morrison back?

    jerrymac: Don’t think that won’t come up if they’re still awful. I’m not willing to take three preseason games where he’s played about a game of NFL football and make that determination.



  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    who needs a 6-6 wideout who can’t catch?


    Barden CAN catch. Personally, I’d rather see a veteran receiver brought aboard, but there’s no denying Barden’s skills.

    And what good have Howard’s hit-or-miss coverage skills done for the Raiders lately? I’d like to see him on the team as well, because he’s at the very least the fourth best linebacker on the team. But he’s also one of the few replaceable members of the team who has trade value. If trading him can help the offensive line or receiving corps, there’s little reason not to, especially if the coaching staff plans to use him exclusively as a third-down player (and maybe not even that).

  • LhayeS37

    don’t want vince “drunk again” jackson either

  • SilverAndBlackBleeder

    Waddup afternooners. 1 nation, a billion bleeders….let’s get it

    Any chance Campbell plays at least a series tomorrow fellas?

  • LhayeS37

    hit or miss cover skills?the raiders have had no pass rush for 3 years,those guys have to chase forever.al forgets the best pass defense is a strong rush

  • J Hill

    It got to Russell only because I was pointing out your hypocrisy. How about you address ALL of my argument like I am yours and quit picking and choosing?

    As for your post that some of the same “excuses” still exist this year, that’s my point!! Thank you!


    I guess your bored Banana, but I can do this dance all day.

    My points are your points????


    I don’t even know what we are arguing then. If you want to hang on to the fantasy that my points (which you agree with by the way, LMFAO!) equal Jamarcus Russell support, then have at it.

    And oh, I’m glad you back off of NONE in terms of no drop of from JC to Grads. Now it’s “not much of a dropoff”? Pretty soon you’ll be right there at BACKUP QB with the rest of us.

  • Violent Hands

    wasted last post jerry

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter is once again making untrue statements about The Oakland Raiders, this time regarding Matt Leinart. The Raiders have never discussed trading for Leinart.
    The Raiders are very happy about their quarterback situation.

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    Yes, hit or miss coverage skills. He got burned a couple times against the Bears, even when the Raider defense WAS getting pressure. Howard is good, but it’s not like he doesn’t give up plays, too. Especially when you take into consideration that he’s a liability against the run.

    That pass rush you’re talking about? Trevor Scott, the current weakside LB, is a big part of it.

    If Mike Mitchell can step into Howard’s role as a third-down LB/S, and Howard can potentially bring in a 3rd or 4th round pick or be packaged in a trade for an offensive lineman or veteran receiver, there’s very little reason not to.

  • J Hill

    And by the way, that 83 from Grads was with the same bad O-line, WRs, and play caller that you used as an excuse for Russell’s sorry azz.


    Get your facts straight.

    Same Oline? Gallery was hurt game 2, right? Came back after the bye week, right? Green was hurt, Morris started how many games to open the season?

    Who the fugg cares about a QB rating or Jamarcus frickin Russell. The TEAM sucked, was hurt, or whatever you want to throw in there last year, and the QB wouldn’t/didn’t matter.

    What was our record again ???? Hell, just give it to me from the Jets game where Russell was benched. Or the KC game if you want to.

  • Nnamdi21

    208. We saw the big nickle featuring MM during that Bears game.

  • RaiderRockstar

    I can do this dance all day


    Jhill = semi pro blog dancer

    he has perfected the “side step”

  • Swayze Waters looks good, will he be on the practice squad?

    A kicker? Kind of a waste, don’t you think?
    Think another team will pick him up?

  • HayesDaze37

    It’s a great day to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?

    JaMarcus whoooo???

    It’s time to stop comparing our QB’s to a never-was, and start comparing them to other NFL QB’s.

    Except for a few (very few) superstar-quality QB’s, there aren’t too many other QB’s out there that I would swap our #1-3 QB’s with. I don’t even want to let Brennan go, without seeing him perform.

    Average — or above average — QB play will get this team near .500 by itself. A little more help from other positions that have been MIA the past few years will take it beyond .500…THIS year.

  • RaiderRockstar

    kdub: What about John Henderson, think he will be an asset this year?

    jerrymac: I don’t have him as an absolute lock to make the team, although I think he’ll make it. Haven’t seen in preseason games that he’s going to be a force. Still fourth in DT pecking order, it seems, behind Seymour, Kelly, Bryant.


    Jhill: thoughts?

  • HayesDaze37 Says:
    September 1st, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    It’s a great day to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post ….

  • JLofty

    That was my first chat, kinda weak sauce. A nice idea though.

  • HayesDaze37

    John Henderson is far from a superstar world-class athlete…but, he isn’t missing much by missing pre-season snaps. He knows what his alleged specialty is, and he knows how to tackle…

    The Raiders need all the tacklers they can get their hands on (pun intended).