Breaking down the final cut


Mentioned Wednesday during the live chat I’d made an educated guess about decisions facing Al Davis and the coaching staff about the Raiders 53-man roster, breaking it down to those who’d made it, those who probably would make it, those on the bubble and those awaiting a pink slip.

For what it’s worth, here’s how I’ve broken it down for Saturday’s deadline heading into tonight’s game against the Seattle Seahawks at the Coliseum, pending late injuries or trades:


Quarterbacks (3) _ Jason Campbell, Bruce Gradkowski, Kyle Boller.

Running backs (3)_Michael Bush, Darren McFadden, Marcel Reece.

Wide receivers (4)_Darrius Heyward-Bey, Louis Murphy, Chaz Schilens, Jacoby Ford.

Tight ends (2)_Zach Miller, Brandon Myers.

Offensive line (7)_Mario Henderson, Robert Gallery, Samson Satele, Cooper Carlisle, Langston Walker, Jared Veldheer, Bruce Campbell.

Defensive line (5)_Matt Shaughnessy, Tommy Kelly, Richard Seymour, Lamarr Houston, Desmond Bryant.

Linebackers (4)_Kamerion Wimbley, Rolando McClain, Trevor Scott, Travis Goethel.

Defensive backs (7)_Nnamdi Asomugha, Chris Johnson, Stanford Routt, Tyvon Branch, Michael Huff, Mike Mitchell, Walter McFadden.

Specialists (3)_Shane Lechler, Sebastian Janikowski, Jon Condo.


RB Rock Cartwright
RB Michael Bennett
OT Erik Pears
G-T Khalif Barnes
DE Jay Richardson
DT John Henderson
LB Ricky Brown
S Stevie Brown
CB Jeremy Ware


C-G Chris Morris
FB Manase Tonga
WR Johnnie Lee Higgins
WR Nick Miller
WR Todd Watkins
WR Yamon Figurs
TE John Owens
DT William Joseph
LB Thomas Howard
LB Quinton Groves
LB Sam Williams
S Hiram Eugene
S Jerome Boyd
DE Chris Cooper


PK Swayze Waters
QB Colt Brennan
WR Shaun Bodiford
OL Daniel Loper
OL Alex Parsons
OL Brandon Rodd
DL Greyson Gunheim
DL Kellen Heard
DL Alex Daniels
LB David Nixon
LB Slade Norris
CB Joe Porter
CB Joey Thomas

FB Luke Lawton

Note: Lawton is under suspension for violating the NFL policy against performance enhancing drugs for the first two games of the season and does not count toward the 53-man roster. After his suspension is up, the Raiders can decide whether to activate Lawson at the expense of another player or release him.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • I think the Linebacker play between Howard, Groves, and Goethal will be interesting to watch tonight…

    One, or possibly two of them will be getting a bus ticket on Sat…

  • Coach on Wheels

    BART – I can see taking a vet as our #6 behind those four and whoever ends up the PR guy.

  • fat kidd

    # BART Bridge Blues Says:
    September 2nd, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    there is now a “plethora” of veteran WR’s that may be on the waiver wire after the last round of cuts. I would take any of those guys over Nick Miller in a heartbeat, and the only reps they would be potentially stealing is Chaz Schilens’, BFD.

    ………………..wow awesome use of the word plothera!!!!!!

  • SE-Chaz,Murphy

    Seems like we could use another flanker or maybe another SE while Chaz is out.

  • Nnamdi21

    For what its worth…


    Man, I think our O line is in sorry shape…

    Too bad Campbell isn’t coming along faster. Didn’t expect him too, but it would’ve been nice.

    Saw him pull against the 9ers and it was inpressive but also saw him get his lunch eaten in protection.

  • Coach on Wheels

    Mike – Yeah between Porter, Curry, Morant, Francis ugh, thought someone would pan out.

  • Nnamdi21

    658. Laverneus Coles?

    There will be alot of guys after cut downs on the 4th. Have to wait and see or Al could snag another big name b4 the regs on the 12th…

  • The Raiders are somewhat dependent on what DHB and DMAC do this season. Yikes!

  • Nnamdi21

    Seahawks shopping Housh.

    Know he’s not the vertical threat Mr Davis loves but man, he can move the chains…

  • Will there be surprise winner of the coveted A.D Football Inc. Scholarship Award, or does Sam Williams repeat once again?

  • priesttj

    you’re the new surprise winner…

  • chargerschoke

    If they cut Thomas Howard look forward to our slow LBs getting burned by backs catching passes just like what happened before we drafted Howard !!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    If they cut Thomas Howard look forward to our slow LBs getting burned by backs catching passes just like what happened before we drafted Howard !!!!!!!!!!!


    That’s the same thing that’s happened ever since we drafted Howard, too.

  • chargerschoke

    Howard is one of the fastest LBs in the league, 4.4 40yd dash, if he’s cut he’ll get signed somewhere else very quick!!!

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    I think he’ll be traded for a later-round pick before he gets cut. I have a feeling they’d sooner keep him on the roster than give him away for nothing.

  • inonewordraider

    So DMAC is going to carry the load for us against the Titans? I hope I’m wrong but sounds alot like 0 -1

  • Just Fire Baby

    If Thomas Howard gets cut, he may end up on another roster, but it won’t be until after week 2, when teams won’t have to guarantee his whole contract for the year.

    That’s what a lot of veterans are facing come cut time.

  • NoMoreFargasForever

    Don’t forget how well Howard dances when he makes an ordinary play who wouldn’t want that. Make that chump a gunner on SP and earn back PT.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Jason Campbell, the next Jim Plunkett, was traded for a 4th round pick in 2012.

    Applying that value to Thomas Howard, means he would probably bring back a 9th round pick in 2032.

  • COW, Priest, Kell,909, etal, I don’t see WR being a big part of Hue’s plans this season. I think what we saw in ball control, moving the chains, Spreading the D in our first set with the niners is a pretty good guess what we are going to see. We have been putting points on the board, mostly earned. We need the O to open lanes, but I Don’t see the Wr’s getting more than 5 looks a game, enless we need it, or broken coverage.

  • Ball control!

  • I think Jackson is a Ball-Control guy too. We’ll see if that is allowed.

    The two highest paid guys on offense are DHB & DMAC.

  • Kell, keeping O on the field keeps D fresh to punish, keeping O on the field scores points. We are way ahead in scoring points for a while, even with rooks!

  • I think to be a good football team, you have to be good at every facet of the game. Otherwise opposing coaches can take things away from you.

    Without credible WR’s defenses will crowd the line.

  • Lendell White out for the season!!!
    Too bad DONKS!!!!

  • They’ll be calling Justin Fargas back!

  • In this game, I like to see:
    1- more of Heard
    2- more of Goethel
    3- Veldheer at OT
    4- Campbell at OT
    5- MM in coverage
    6- Huff at CB

  • Our WR’s are respecable enough to get us by. The O-line is not. With slots and Te’s, we will make our game this year, so long as we establish a running game, each will feed on the other, keeping everything tight in the middle, will open up the WR’s for mixed matches and Being beat. ST’s needs to kick it up, and the D will put points on the board also. This team is looking the most balanced it has in years, but we have to run the ball!

  • R8, how?

  • Raider O, I think we are keeping some secrets on your named players, if they don’t get playing time, their in!

  • 30 year raider

    can someone please give me a stream for the game once it starts

  • 30, I’ve been getting it here. adthe.net

  • 30 year raider

    # 860Todd Christensen Says:
    September 2nd, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    30, I’ve been getting it here. adthe.net

    ok ill try that one,thanks 860

  • during the game, he ran and went down. got carted off the bench. he’s all mad cause everything was going good for him.

  • You have to download the player, good stream, though!

  • R8, Danm Donky Whiner, take it like a man, get your butt back on the field!!!! LOL

  • Veetle.com also has the game in HD.

  • Jerry will have a live blog going if you can’t get it.

  • p2p4u.net also!

  • Veetle hasn’t worked for me here, nor Justin, is it the preseason thing?

  • Im watching the cowboy game and the donkey game right now on veetle, while on tv i’m watching the pats!

  • Just doing homework before my fantasy draft!

  • lol, thanks for the link though! I’m just here right now, on Vac and the ole lady is keeping a tight watch, but she’s shagging cocktails, so it’s not a bad thing! Yes, she’s a fan!

  • 30 year raider


    try this one watching jets vs eagles no lag great pic.. 20 more min til the RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAIIIIIDDDDDDDEEEEERRRRSSSSSSSSS

  • Thanks, 30, Lets let our soon to be cast off have some fun!

  • 30 year raider

    how much gradkowski tonight???

  • I think they’ll play him like he was a starter. Have Boller and Brennen play 2, 3, & 4th qt.

  • 5 minutes till the game!!!!!

  • 30 year raider

    no greg papa!! damm it we get the seachicks announcers