A look at the Raiders final roster


 Here’s what we have gleaned from the players who are at practice today. Keep in mind, there were 50 players in attendance, including injured running back Michael Bush. Fullback Luke Lawton is suspended for the first two games of the regular season for violating the league’s performance-enhancing policy, and he doesn’t count against the roster until he returns. Defensive end Jay Richardson, defensive tackle Desmond Bryant, wide receiver Chaz Schilens and linebacker Travis Goethel are injured. The official cuts will be confirmed once we speak with coach Tom Cable after practice.





Colt Brennan            Quarterback  2

Shaun Bodiford       Wide receiver            4

Todd Watkins            Wide receiver            3

John Owens Tight end       9

Manase Tonga       Fullback        R

Chris Morris  Center            5

Alex Parsons            Guard R

Brandon Rodd          Guard 1

Greyson Gunheim   Defensive end          2

Alex Daniels      Defensive end      R

Kellen Heard            Defensive tackle      R

William Joseph        Defensive tackle   7

Chris Cooper            Defensive tackle      8

David Nixon  Linebacker    2

Slade Norris  Linebacker    2

Walter McFadden       Cornerback      R

Joe Porter      Cornerback   2

Joey Thomas            Cornerback   4

Jerome Boyd            Safety 2

Swayze Waters        Punter            1

#Out for the first two games as part of his four-game suspension for violating the league’s performance-enhancing policy

Also not spotted on the practice field: Defensive end Jay Richardson (knee injury), defensive tackle Desmond Bryant (elbow), linebacker Travis Goethel (undisclosed injury) and wide receiver Chaz Schilens (knee injury). These players likely are part of the 53-man roster or will be placed on the injured-reserve list.


Steve Corkran

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Jhill……i doubt he got cut

  • J Hill

    I don’t understand Yamon Figurs making the team …

  • J Hill

    Wassup B, Thec, and the rest of you gents!

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Do people realize Reece isnt a good blocker? If Tonga practice squad it shows we still dont fully get it here in Oakland

  • centurionWR87

    Yeah Figurs has dropped a fair few. What’s happening with Frye? Is he cut?

  • BoJacks

    If figures made the team that 4 of the same player: JLH, Ford, Miller, Figs….

  • Thec07

    Bauce 4 Real Says:
    September 4th, 2010 at 11:29 am
    Tonga to practice squad? why? why why why why? expplain how that helps us win games


    We could keep tonga and cut figures….

    All of our backups are the smurfs redux…I got no problem with it, just a fact…

  • Bauce 4 Real

    J……sup bruh and yes u do get why he made it! he is fast as the wind blows

  • RaiderRetribution

    based on this list Loper the guard made the team, his performance against Seattle, I think earned it for him.

  • BoJacks

    I’d rather see Reece and Tonga than the powerpill user

  • Thec07

    J Hill, what up Pro???

  • J Hill

    Tonga to PS because we are not going to have a FB rotation. Too many plays where we run single back, and Bush and DMac in the backfield. Only 1 FB would be active on Sundays, so I think it’s a good idea to stash Tonga on the PS in case of an injury or Reece not getting the job done.

  • Oak-Tone

    Leinart got cut. Feel a little sorry for the Dude..but I wouldn’t pick him up.

  • GG

    Frye is already on IR

  • RaiderRetribution

    after practice squad is set, one or two of these might get picked back up, seems to happen, contract resigning and all (save the $$$s).

  • justinh

    Bauce 4 Real,

    Wonder if Reece gets used in multiple packages–lines up as TE, for example.

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Thec……SD kept 4 wrs…..floyd crayton naanae and davis…..seyi to prac squad but davis and floyd are injury prone…….norv told him he an injury away from roster

  • centurionWR87

    Yeah we don’t need 2 FBs and tbh the blockers made most of that play happen, I’m sure Tonga is pretty good but you have to be ruthless with these 53-man cuts…

  • BoJacks

    I’m trying to figure out how Huff just sent a tweet

    @Huffy247 Today is one of the sad days in the NFL, a few of my dogs got cut today but keep ya heads up and you know I’m always ridin wit y’all. 2 minutes ago via Twittelator

  • RaiderRetribution

    Raiders get the rookie QB in week 2!

  • Thec07

    I wonder if the Raiders org and Mr. Davis set a trend…
    A lot of high profile non performing guys have been cut or will be cut from teams…Some of those even signed high salary contracts this year, are getting whacked…

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Well guys when its time to play tough defenses you generally need a lead blocker……J we using diff formations for sure but one back set wont be primary….we run better in i-form

  • centurionWR87

    I don’t see the tweet :/ – Maybe its cos im in the UK…

  • centurionWR87

    Nnamdi is gonna love toying with Bradford in week 2!

  • Thec07

    Bauce 4 Real Says:
    September 4th, 2010 at 11:35 am
    Thec……SD kept 4 wrs…..floyd crayton naanae and davis…..seyi to prac squad but davis and floyd are injury prone…….norv told him he an injury away from roster


    F that if I am the Raiders org, I pluck him from the practice squad and cut figurs…

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Um remember 07 we did two FBs? how did we do running ball?

  • Roch R

    Players i’m hoping to see on the field at some point this year:

    1) Ware
    2) Stevie Brown
    3) Chris Cooper
    4) Tonga

  • RaiderRetribution

    TJ Who’syou’remamma officialy cut, do we pick him up for Starbucks and a Wendy’s chili, oh wait I forgot, Al likes Mickiedees, so its an egg McMuffin and a McFrappe.

  • J Hill

    Yeah I know 4.3 is 4.3 B …

    But dropped balls and fumbled bumbled returns are not cool!

    Hopefully he settles down now that the audition is over.

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Oh yeah all u bay area cats….sept 18th at Vella’s store in San Leandro…..Otis Sistrunk will be signing autographs…..i remember in 94 at bayfair mall as a kid he did same thing

  • centurionWR87

    Reece looks pretty sturdy to me – as the other dude says we can keep Tonga on the practice squad for if Reece gets injured…

  • Thec07

    New post Yo’s….


    Don’t know why, but I just can’t shake the feeling that Darrell Revis is going to be playing with the Raids this year.

    I remember Aso saying he’d like to be paired with him.

    I remember the Jets whining about Al paying Aso too much, and saying they aren’t going to be fools like Al and pay a corner that much.

    I know it’s improbable and can’t envision how it’s going to go down, but I just can’t shake the feeling that somehow it’s going to happen and Al is going to have both of the highest paid corners in the NFL.

  • RaiderRetribution

    It’s official Leinart’s hollywood career begins now.

  • RaiderRetribution

    I hear you agent 99.

  • centurionWR87

    Interesting about Revis… maybe but surely the Jets won’t give him up, nor will we have that kinda money… right?

  • NorCalBones

    Anything can happen when it comes to Al….We got Haynes the same way….He had a contract dispute with the Patsies & Al swooped in and payed the man..Hayes & Haynes was born. Asomugah & Revis would be nearly impossible to throw against….But, it’s highly unlikely that we see it anywhere but in the Pro Bowl. I don’t think W.McFadden got cut though, he got injured in the Seattle game. So he would be on I.R. Don’t think you can cut an injured player.