Quick thoughts on Raiders unofficial 53-man roster


Seven of the nine players selected by the Raiders in the 2010 NFL draft appear to have made the roster — linebacker Rolando McClain, defensive end Lamarr Houston, offensive linemen Jared Veldheer and Bruce Campbell, safety Stevie Brown, cornerback Jeremy Ware and wide receiver Jacoby Ford. Linebacker Travis Goethel and cornerback Walter McFadden were not spotted at practice. Both are injured and might be placed on the injured-reserve list.

Center Chris Morris, wide receiver Todd Watkins, defensive end Greyson Gunheim, defensive tackle William Joseph, linebackers Slade Norris and David Nixon and safety Jerome Boyd all saw time with the Raiders within the past two seasons but weren’t at practice.

Quarterback Kyle Boller overcame long odds to make the roster. Of course, it helped that Charlie Frye suffered a season-ending wrist injury. Still, Boller earned a spot as the No. 3 based on his strong play throughout training camp and in Oakland’s four exhibition games.

Wide receiver Nick Miller is back for a second season. He spent all of last season on the active roster, much of which was used to get him back from a broken shin. He caught two touchdowns in the exhibition games. It remains to be seen whether he is here just as an extra receiver or if he is in the mix on kick/punt returns.

The Raiders are carrying only two tight ends — Zach Miller and Brandon Myers — and one fullback — Marcel Reece. Offensive tackle Erik Pears will be used as an extra blocker in short-yardage and goal-line situations.

The Raiders have seven receivers once again — Chaz Schilens, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Louis Murphy, Miller, Ford, Yamon Figurs and Johnnie Lee Higgins.

The injury to running back Michael Bush made it difficult for the Raiders to cut either Rock Cartwright or Michael Bennett. It’s conceivable that Cable would have kept both even if Bush were healthy based on their solid showing the past six weeks or so.

The surprise player has to be offensive lineman Daniel Loper. He didn’t do much to stand out during camp or the games. However, he has experience and is versatile enough to play guard and offensive tackle. Cable loves that kind of versatility.

Veterans thought to be in jeopardy of being cut or traded who made the team include: Higgins, linebackers Thomas Howard and Sam Williams, cornerback Chris Johnson — he allowed four receptions for 120 yards against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night — offensive tackle Khalif Barnes and safety Hiram Eugene.


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    Not convinced the Raids are gonna beat the Tits week 1.

    We’re all stoked about stopping Chris Johnson and that’s a tall order, but from the few plays I’ve seen this pre-season it seems like Vince Young has really stepped up his passing ability. Saw him complete a 20 yard laser that hit a rcvr over the middle right in stride. Just one play but it impressed the hell out of me. If Young can do that consistently in combo with his scrambling ability the Tits are going to be hard to lick, no pun intended.

    I also don’t think a loss in Tenn dooms the 2010 Raids. I expect that they’ll rebound nicely and get better as the season progresses.

    Especially once Gradkowski takes the reigns from Campbell.

    I might be drinking the koolaid, but I honestly think something has clicked for Gradkowski. I think he’s come into his own. Like his leadership, toughness, command, accuracy, ability to see the field, improvise, make things happen. Plus he throws a very catchable ball which is gonna help DHB.

    Yup, I know there’s a lot of doubters. I mean, here’s a guy that’s been let go by TB. I can understand the reluctance to believe we might actually have an upper tier QB that was dismissed as a scrub.

    But I really do believe Grdkowski is a very good QB that can take the Raids to the playoffs if given a chance, and if the Raid offensive line doesn’t get him killed.

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    Jay Richardson, Luke Lawton cut . . . Veldheer to start at center, Raiders coach Tom Cable says
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    I’m hoping we pick Rankin back up. Let him return kicks and pound the rock.

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