Fisher unafraid to work Johnson overtime


A few quick hits from Titans coach Jeff Fisher during a conference call with Bay Area media:

On running back Chris Johnson’s workload: “We’ve done our research and we’ve looked around, and then you take into consideration the type of player that you have. It’s not a concern. It’s not an issue of longevity and durability for C.J. It hasn’t been an issue.

“The impressive thing about what he did last year was, on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, he’s taking the ball 40, 50 yards down the field every time he touches it, on the practice field, in addition to doing what he was doing in the games. So, he’s got a lot in his tank and he’s just unique and special.

“We’re going to get it to him as often as possible or as often as the defense allows us to.”

Later, on the same subject: “One of reasons that we’re not concerned about the durability because oftentimes he’s dropping the ball in the end zone and going back to the huddle.”

On when he realized Johnson was something special: “He had the rookie mini camp and you go, ‘Wow. He looks different in person than he did on film.’ On film he looked fast. The first time was, we had practiced against the Rams for a couple days prior to opening the preseason against them and there were a number of plays against the Rams in those practice sessions where you say to yourself, ‘Gosh, I wonder if that was a game, would he have scored?’

“Then, we got him in a game and the first thing you know, a few carries later, he goes 66 yards for a touchdown.”

The challenge of facing the Raiders: “Well, you just look at what they do in the preseason, the first play from scrimmage against the Bears and with all the unbalance and the motions. They’re very well coached right now and they have clearly bought into it.

` They are executing well. Jason’s going to do a great job for them. The Baltimore system is a very difficult system. It combines strength and power in the physical running game with a precise play-action game and that’s how they make their plays. Certainly, the Raiders offense and the personnel are equipped to do the same.”

On the challenge of an opener after a close-the-vest preseason: “I think we do a pretty good job across the league of not tipping our hand in the preseason, holding things back and working on things in the practice field and saving things for the opener to try to catch the opponent off guard. This game is going to be, on both sides, it’s going to be about both teams being able to adjust.”

The conference call with running back Chris Johnson was pretty much a disaster. He was talking on a cell phone from the locker room and sounded as if he was talking from the bottom of a well . . .

More to come after Raiders open locker room session, scheduled to start at 10:45 a.m., Pacific time . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Top 7 run D? Top 15 run D?

    Not likely under John Marshall.