Gallery’s status the most precarious for Rams


News, notes and observations Wednesday from Raiders coach Tom Cable and the open locker room session:

— Reading between the lines, it looks like the most significant injury this week belongs to left guard Robert Gallery, one of several players to miss practice as the Raiders prepared to face the St. Louis Rams.

Actually, you didn’t have to read between the lines quite as much, because Cable deviated slightly from recent policy and provided some details.

“He’s got a pretty good strain,’’ Cable said. “This is one of those things we’ll see in 48 to 72 hours and see where he’s at. Fortunately, those guys on the line of scrimmage, if they worked on Friday, they could play on Sunday.’’

The fact that the Raiders released Yamon Figurs and signed an offensive lineman is an indication they’re preparing for Gallery being inactive.

— Quarterback Jason Campbell became the second player in two days (Zach Miller was the other) to suggest the Raiders may have been “overconfident,’’ remarkable considering their record over the last seven years.

“That game taught us a lot because we were getting some good press clippings, and this game here, I think it pretty much humbled our team and made us get back to know what we have to do to get where we want to go,’’ Campbell said. “We have to go out there and earn it. We have to fight for what we want.’’

How is it possible the Raiders could be overconfident? In a way they’re no different from much of the fan base which thought they had a winner and now are willing to sell their beloved team for a nickel after a bad opener.

“Human nature, you know?,’’ Cable said. “It’s easy to change the mood or the attitude of a human being. All you have to do is give them some sugar and they’re sweet and happy. Talk about ‘em bad for two minutes and they think the world’s coming to an end.

“We haven’t done anything for us to say, `We’re all that.’ We think we’re headed in the right direction, but it comes down to winning and achieving.’’

— Those who didn’t practice included Gallery, WR Chaz Schilens (knee), CB Nnamdi Asomugha (groin), LB Travis Goethel (lower back), DT Richard Seymour (hamstring), CB Walter McFadden (hamstring), CB Chris Johnson (stinger) and S Hiram Eugene (hamstring).

Running back Michael Bush practiced without limiations, as did safety Michael Huff (knee) and defensive tackle Desmond Bryant (elbow).

That’s a good sign for Bush, although he’d still have to be cleared medically to play in a game 20 days after surgery.

Cable wasn’t going to get caught up in a discussion about splitting the carries between McFadden and Bush, figuring there will be plenty for both.

“I just think we get those two guys going and go play,’’ Cable said. “I don’t think it matters who goes out first or any of that. I just think, let’s get to work. We need ‘em both and they need to play a lot.’’

Asomugha’s groin strain has been an off and on thing the past two years. On most days, he’s still being stretched as practice begins.

— Cable warned that all the Raiders ills have not been caused by the offensive line.

“Let’s not dump on that group,’’ Cable said. “I mean, that would be stupidity by all of us. We ran the ball with some consistency. We’ve got to clean up the sacks early in the first two drives. We do that, you look at it and say, `What, that really isn’t that bad for them.’

But because of that issue on the first two drives, it’s not aceeptable. I’d like to see us run the ball and continue to run the ball on that pace and improve from there, because I think we’ll be pretty good at that.’’

— The Raiders had two sacks against Tennessee but Cable thought the Raiders pass rush was negated more by game circumstances than by anything the Titans did.

Quarterback Vince Young was 13 of 17 for 154 yards and two touchdowns, and Cable counted seven bootlegs _ meaning there were only a handful of passes to get a true pass rush.

“We didn’t make them throw the football enough to sit around and say, `Let’s evaluate the pass rush,’’ Cable said.

The Rams and rookie quarterback Sam Bradford should offer more opportunities to rush the passer. Bradford, the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft, threw 55 passes in his debut, completing 32 for 53 for 253 yards.

Coach Steve Spagnuolo pointed out the figure was inflated by a pair of two-minute drills late in the game where Bradford threw 19 passes _ two more than Young threw the entire game against Oakland.

— Bradford has never been to the Coliseum, but said running back Steven Jackson told him what to expect. Jackson played in the Coliseum on Dec. 17, 2006, rushing for 127 yards and a pair of touchdowns in a 20-0 win.

“He said it’s actually pretty fun,’’ Bradford said by conference call. “He said it’s a nasty crowd, they’re violent, they yell at you. But those are the types of crowds that make it enjoyable to play. I’m looking forward to the challenge.’’

— Cable on the release of Figurs one game after he returned both kickoffs and punts.

“We just felt we needed to take care of our team right now,’’ Cable said. “We felt like when we did it there was a chance that would happen.’’


So the Raiders didn’t think Figurs was good enough to be around for Week 2, but that he was still their best bet to return kicks in Week 1?

If Higgins and Ford struggle, at some point the Raiders will have to get around to Nick Miller.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • GG

    Can already write-off this season based on the amount of incompetence that’s evident…Cable’s lack of preparation, team flat/over-confident, cuts made for the 53 roster, then double-back a week later, the amount of ‘exotic’ wrinkles mentioned but the same ole same ole on show when it counts, the patheticness of OL coaches in playing guys out of their natural positions, that stupid trick play, Cable pumping fists when we score to make it 38-13 WHILST the Titans are playing in 2nd gear, Cable throwing that challenge flag, Cable going for FG down 3,000 to 3 end of half, Cable’s nonsense-talk every pre and post conference, etc.

    I am so freakin angry. Not like I don’t think there’s hope, or teams cant overcome adversity and poor starts to click and go all the way etc. I’ll be rooting and excited as ever this coming weekend, but the writing’s on the wall. This adversity that has to be overcome, unfortunately, is their own incompetence (Cable, etc).

  • HairyBush


  • mistic1

    @ Dmac

    I didnt say just go with pears, my take is put barnes and b campbell in the game. Barnes is more than adequate,, Campbell is an upgrade over carlisle. I think this is a better plan then bringing in some one else, because time invested into getting new guys up to speed, is better spent developing our youth. After a 5 win season, and the reality that we can only hope to be middle of the road this year, play our young guys now, so next year we can hit the ground running. Also this year could serve as an extended try out for our young players so we can truly see if they have the goods. The free agents, sure they are worth a look, but even if we had a guy come in and play lights out(good luck), would our team suddenly be a contender? No. We would still be mediocre aspiring for also ran status.

  • HairyBush

    my take is put barnes and b campbell in the game. Barnes is more than adequate,, Campbell is an upgrade
    I hear ya, I just think things will get even worse with 2 rookies on the O-Line. If by mid season we are out of the race, I say go with your suggestion and get the youngsters some reps.

  • GG Says:
    September 16th, 2010 at 11:09 am

    This adversity that has to be overcome, unfortunately, is their own incompetence (Cable, etc).
    Why is it that nothing ever get’s fixed with the Raiders:

    Run D has stank for years
    O-line has stank for years
    QB play has stank for years
    Most penalized team in the league for years

    Seems retarded.

  • Mistic1 Says:
    September 16th, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Campbell is an upgrade over carlisle.
    How do you know that?

  • GG

    There are players/coaches working hard and improving or helping or attempting to help, the ones struggling against the grain of incompetence. It’s just a core element of coaches and Davis/staff, and a few players, that are dragging everything down.

    Oi, you freakin Raiders staffers etc who might read this blog….no more BS, enough is enough, goddammit. Pull your finger out Al, stop impeding, fire this persistence with sub-standard coaching so you can force your ways onto them, them happy to have a gig. Hire some real coaches. Focus on the lines FFS. And gracefully pull back from the Football dept side of things.

    You’re a legend, you’re one of the best ever etc, but that moment comes to every great man, as it did to Paul Brown, George Halas, etc.

  • DMAC

    I understand what your saying. I just don’t see bringing back the same guy who hasn’t really helped us at all, with the exception of one game. Most of those guys were available before the season. I’m just saying, Cable and company should of evualuated players better.

  • StayinBlack

    New day on Sunday. I hope we have a consistent approach to at least average football which would equate to 8-8. This is the week we need to dominate the other opponents.

  • Bauce 4 Real

    old man kell u are awful! i am el segundo vato now? that guy calls dmac scornful names have i ever done so? no everyone knows i heavily support dmac…..kell u are pitiful

  • DMAC

    Let’s see what type of game the O-line has this weekend at home. At least they run blocked fairly decent and finally gave DMAC some running lanes. Theres no excuses at home. No crowd noise on snaps.

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Al Davis keep doing what u are doing….us Real Raiders still coming to the Coliseum

  • Marcus Allen 1996

    Says Allen, who signed with the Kansas City Chiefs as a free agent in 1993, “I always felt we had the best personnel in football, but the best personnel wasn’t always on the field. We had to win a certain way or no way. Sometimes we sacrificed winning for a philosophy—or one man’s philosophy.”

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Dmac…..yeah for sure they better not have any excuses on the line this week.

  • DMAC

    I’m wondering if Campbell is an upgrade over Walker at RT. It seems as if Campbell was inserted instantly at RG w/out a fair shot on the outside. But then again, this is all speculation. I really don’t know, because I wasn’t their to witness it.

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Kell shut the hell up….you have posted that crap 1000s of times already….damn Mucus Allen

  • Al Davis sycophant trying to shut me up.

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Dmac who knows……cable is an oline mastermind right? lol

  • GG

    Sorry to flog a dead horse, but Cable’s catch-phrase and excuse for everything is that “going back to the drawing boards and continuing to build on.”

    The thing is, Cable is not fit to be a HC, as it takes him forever to actually fix anything or make smart roster decisions, or do anything smart in a game. A bumbling stumbling type of guy constantly “going back to the drawing boards” means he’s lost, out of his depth, reaching in the dark, has little idea.

    I swear the only reason Davis kept him on is because he didn’t want to create a stir of negative publicity firing yet another puppet. The problem is Al, this whole dependence on puppets thinking one of them could make a difference. Same results are constantly happening no matter how many puppets you get to play musical-chairs with the “HC” badge.

    As if Cable ever made ANY decision thru his HC tenure. Very little. No positional coaching hires when he got the job originally, none last off-season. All he’s there for is to spin-doctor BS every pre and post PC. Just be there to puppet, Al in old age growing ever more stubborn and resistant, when that was the thing that he used to enjoy, smart coaches/scouts/GMs who can challenge him and a think-tank was existent.

  • Plunketthead

    CJ got one good run, other then that he was average and its being played up like he ran all over us.

    I predict about 1,600 yards for him this year if he stays healthy. Most teams will load the box and force VY to beat em.

  • Bauce 4 Real

    Loud and proud to be Al loyalist! How proud are you to be a whinin snitchin punk of an old man?

  • mistic1

    @ Dmac you make a fair statement about evaluting talent, no argument from me on that point.

    @ Kool Kell “how do you know” I am only going by what i saw him do in the preseaon, where he did start one game and played very well. Thank god for dvr, i was able to watch plays over and over and I would see campbell crushing d-line men to the ground and busting through the line and destroying line backers. I have never seen carlisle do anything but get pushed backward into our own backfeild.

  • RaiderRockstar

    “It was really a misalignment on the long run,” Raiders coach Tom Cable said. “We’re all in it together, and we just weren’t good enough against the run.”

    “In the beginning of the game (the Raiders defense) were talking a lot of trash,” Johnson said.


    why didn’t the QB of the defense tell his teammates to shut their traps?

    why weren’t we lined up properly?

    good job ROMAC! DROY for sure!

  • Plunketthead

    When Al goes so does the heart of the Oakland Raiders.
    They will still be my favorite team but there will be no more rebel against the world
    no more team everyone hates
    no more “I do it my way”
    no more F U and the horse you rode in
    no more owners who really know football

    It will be a sad day for most of us

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post!

  • bcz24

    Plunketthead Says:
    September 16th, 2010 at 11:34 am
    CJ got one good run, other then that he was average and its being played up like he ran all over us.

    I predict about 1,600 yards for him this year if he stays healthy. Most teams will load the box and force VY to beat em.
    ONE GOOD RUN? That “one good run” was for 76 yards and a TD… what about that other kids “one good run” for 15 yds and a td… by my count those 2 plays were enough to beat us…