Bush to miss second game


Running back Michael Bush was declared inactive Sunday, as were the Raiders best linemen on offense and defense, left guard Robert Gallery and three-technique tackle Richard Seymour.

None were a surprise. Bush had surgery on his fractured left thumb 20 days ago (although it was not annoucned by the club) and the recovery time is considered four to six weeks. Next week’s game in Arizona would be 27 days, giving him more of a shot to be recovered.

Gallery, Seymour and Walter McFadden are all inactive because of hamstring injuries. So is safety Hiram Eugene, although he was practicing with a wrap over his calf Friday. Eugene’s injury was the reason the Raiders promoted Stevie Brown from the practice squad.

Also inactive were linebacker Travis Goethel (lower back) and wide receiver Chaz Schilens (knee).


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Violent Hands

    Go Raiders

  • Violent Hands

    i like Brown more than Genie

  • lefty12

    Seymour is really the only guy we might miss,although Henderson seems to play even worse when Gallery is out.

  • big pep

    f schilens is he ever on the field? probably just long enough to look pretty good so he can stay on next year again, just to get hurt, and sit out some more.

  • Nnamdi21

    3. True. He does. Have to see which Loper shows up. He can be good when he’s focused

  • Ole’ Henderson MUST step it up today!

  • xfactor

    Hey hands, do you have a direct link cuz I can’t scroll down to see all the game options unless I have to wait until the afternoon games start to see those. I’m in Bali Indonesia and its like 3am but I can’t miss my hometown Raiders!! RaiderNation or die!!

  • xfactor

    Never mind hands I found the link, thanks!!!! Good ol Bali coffee keepin me up for this!

  • xfactor

    sweet no Seymour or Gallery, linemen on both sides better step their game up, way up!!

  • It seems the Titans ain’t all that, at least against the Steelers.

  • Pretty Rick

    Whats up with all of these hamstring injuries? This is not a good look for the strength & conditioning coach. Our players just seem so fragile. I guess that comes from all of the tackling they DONT do in training camp, & its showing. Gallery= BUST. Lets go Jason Campbell.

  • Will be headed to the local dive to watch the game in a few..Be nice to see some Nation brethren that I only see during the season…


  • Plunketthead

    Any truth to the rumor Cable will suit up and play center?

  • big pep

    i dont know drug tester, that tenn front four is stout.

  • armond

    lefty i saw your comments regarding vy not getting calls and its true. that 76 yard td by cj was also a hold like the 85 yarder today. seymour was held right in front of the refs and they let it go. run d was very active as cj had 12 carries for 36 yard before that run and 14 for 30 afterwards.people in here didnt look at that cuz of the 76 yard run that shouldve been called back.

  • # new englandraider Says:
    September 19th, 2010 at 10:24 am


    Gentlemen, it’s coming. The greatest Raiders forum is about to launch. As I have said, I will keep you guys posted.

    You’ll be able to do things that you can’t do on here. Such as access all the posts by a certain user., with out having to dig through all kinds of threads. Each and every user will have his/her own home page so to speak.

    It’ll be up soon men. Hope to see you there.
    In other words, it’s a regular raider forum?
    Like dozens of others? Click on name, and shows “all posts” where you get to post your profile?
    Yeah, lol..it’s called a FORUM…
    Uh….you might not be aware of this…THIS IS NOT A FORUM, it’s a blog.

    You new at this stuff?

  • lefty12

    Tenn. Def. is good.The Off. has something like 5 turn-overs.

  • Just Fire Baby

    No Seymour is no good.

  • Yeah PEP….I was thinking more about their offense, CJ is only averaging 2.4 yds, but I guess VY throwing 2 INT’s and fumbling twice is the story.

  • StayinBlack

    Establish the run, play with sum extra grit on D convert 60%on 3rd Dwn and no TO. Raiders should win.

  • Kirk

    Steelers are beating the Titans 13-3.

  • big pep

    they just benched v.y. here in tenn. hahahahahahahahahahaha. well our q.b. is not much better so nill take half of those hahas back.

  • Dickochet…not everyone wants to waste their time making a blog database like you have done.

    It’s not the format that makes it worthwhile, it’s the people involved in it.

    You are the exception that proves the rule.

  • StayinBlack

    Fins Vikes game is entertaining to say the least. Turnovers everywhere!

  • Plunketthead

    AP looking great and no fumbles

  • lefty12

    Vikes are fine if they keep it on the ground.

  • Pretty Rick

    I hope DMac run as hard as Adrian Peterson has today, & I pray to GOD Jason Campbell does NOT throw like Brett Favre has thrown today.

  • Roch R



  • lefty12

    Spoke too soon.

  • Roch R

    Watch for the deep throw on 2nd down first series, it’s the home opener against the Rams, It’s the Al Davis special.

    Now if DHB or Murphy pull in that deep ball to start the game, we’re going to have a field day with PA all day long.

    As well watch for the screen plays early.

    I hope we see some BCampbell in the O-line rotation, especially on Running plays early.

    Watch out for Howie’s kid today too, we need to contain Howie’s kid or AD may trade the rest of our draft picks for him.

  • raiders22

    whos got a link?

  • Pretty Rick

    I think Mike Vick just became a fan favorite in Philly. There wont be anymore dog jokes in Philly,,,no time soon anyway.