Off with his head . . . .


That didn’t take long. Apparently ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, as well as the Merc’s Tim Kawakami, are already speculating about Tom Cable’s demise should the Raiders follow up last week’s face plant with a loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Well, duh.

The Rams have lost 26 of 27 coming in. Raiders would be 0-2. Hue Jackson was Davis’ hand-picked choice for offensive coordinator. Al Davis fires a lot of coaches. Connect the dots.

I’d suggest Davis isn’t quick to move on in-season firings. It took Lane Kiffin an entire offseason of poking and prodding, a 41-14 loss to Denver in the opener, followed by insinuating Davis and Rob Ryan authored the Broncos game plan _ and finally a 76-yard field goal attempt three weeks later _ to get himself fired.

The other in-season firing was Mike Shanahan, who attempted to fire some of Al’s assistants, most notably Art Shell. Shell eventually got the job.

Cable is a lot of things, but insubordinate isn’t one of them.

One problem with the scenario is that if the Raiders lose to the Rams, Jackson’s offense would have to be pretty poor. So what would be the sense of elevating Jackson and giving him more responsibilities when it’s clear he hasn’t gotten a handle on how to fix the dearth of touchdowns?


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just Fire Baby

    Hue Jackson wasn’t all that impressive last week.

    Not entirely sure he would be an upgrade, although I’m sure he couldn’t be a whole lot worse.

  • aig-raiders

    Good move on Brown and I think they are putting him on spec team today. Looks like Gallery is good to go afterall.

  • aig-raiders

    Hue Jackson never made adjustments to the pass rush in the first half. All those TO’s helped put the game out of reach at the half.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Matt Moore and John Fox are on the chopping block.

    Not looking so hot.

  • lefty12

    The NFL isn’t like basketball and baseball.You don’t see a lot of in-season coaching changes.

  • big pep

    if raiders fail to compete today, then cable and hue need to go, we looked bad, real bad last week. more so cable than hue, but still both should go.

  • Head Coach Al Davis

    Guys, how can I watch the raider game online for free? Atdhe just seems to be a search engine to a bunch of paid sites.

  • Just Fire Baby

    3 turnovers from Favre.

    Bring on Tavaris!!!!

  • Holy Cr@p!! Quentin Moses is playing for the Dolphins.

  • xfactor

    game link anyone?!!!!??

  • Violent Hands
  • lefty12

    It looks like last year might have been Favre’s swan song.He should have hung it up.Minn. is through if they have to go to their Jackson as he is worse than ours.

  • Head Coach Al Davis

    Thx hands.

  • xfactor

    Hey hands, do you have a direct link cuz I can’t scroll down to see all the game options unless I have to wait until the afternoon games start to see those. I’m in Bali Indonesia and its like 3am but I can’t miss my hometown Raiders!! RaiderNation or die!!

  • GhostToMost

    Raiders will lose today but Cable wont get fired just yet. I still believe he will last until the end of the season, unless there is a locker room mutiny. And even a locker room mutiny wasnt enough to get Joe Bugel fired mid-season. Ive yet to see or hear any indication that Cable has lost the respect of the players. We shall see.

  • Jombus1

    The PROBLEM IS THE OFFENSIVE LINE>……..period. Al has neglected this problem, and actually elevated the man responsible for this unit as head coach….poor decision.