Diplomacy follows Rams win


Raiders players were predictably complimentary of quarterback Bruce Gradkowski Monday while being careful to pay the proper respect to Jason Campbell.

Neither Gradkowski or Campbell were around for the media availability period, with both quarterbacks saying all the right things following the Raiders’ 16-14 win over the St. Louis Rams Sunday at the Coliseum.

“Bruce and (Jason) have different styles of playing,” center Samson Satele said. “Jason’s got a strong arm so he trusts his arms more than his legs. And then Bruce’s got his legs and his arm. It’s just a different style of quarterback.”

Wide receiver Louis Murphy said their demeanor is different as well.

“He’s just high-wired and really amped,” Murphy said of Gradkowski. “It’s very intense. It’s just Bruce. Jason is calmer. Just different guys. Two different personalities. I’m not saying it’s wrong either way. Just take that for what it is. He’s a veteran quarterback.”

Said tight end Zach Miller: “Most everyone in this locker room played with Bruce last year so we know what he’s like. We know what kind of guy he is so it’s not going to be an issue. We’ll see what happens here. I know guys have a lot of confidence in him. We knew Jason is a good quarterback too.

“If you look at it in a certain way it’s a good problem to have. We have two capable guys and we haven’t had that in the past.”

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Start Bruce!

  • bcz24

    Tell the world that Campbell is the starter, then have Bruce actually start. Not like they let anyone from the media attend practice anyways

  • big pep

    j.c. just throwing the ball to the floor, should be enough to not start him. what a play that was, i wonder what he was thinking? ill just toss it to the floor why bother to try and run for a yard or two.IDIOT.

  • PassTheCheetos

    jason campbell king of the checkdown pass.

  • No Mas Diamante

    campbell should sit for a while. grads has earned a start.

  • Raider Dell

    J Hill Says:
    September 20th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Is this going in the direction of yours and Os argument over Huff?

    Cover 2 defense!

    Why would branch go UNDERNEATH Routt to cover the slot guy running a 2 yd out to the flat?

    You’re going off memory and I’m looking right at the play with slow mo, rewind, and all that, lol.

    Let’s take your point. The coach was talking to who on the Branch on the sidelines, not Routt or McClain, right?



    Negative on your first sentence. I was discussing earlier this mornin, did Branch miis a signal to cover Clayton, or was he to cover someone else.

    After the TD, he was discussing the play with Marshall, yes.

    Does that make him the fall guy, or does he have short zone responsibility, and Routt should have followed Clayton.

    I just don’t know. It’s easy to blame a DB or SS on a TD, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

  • Ryan

    BRUUUUCE. At halftime I said the crowd will be calling for Bruce, but Cable beat them to the punch. I like both QBs, but I would give Bruce the nod in Arizona.

  • raiderdeek

    Start Bruce! Our o-line is horrible. Until we get a real LT, Bruce must start…he makes quicker decisions and throws.

  • No Mas Diamante

    Who gives us the best chance to win now? It’s Grads. Give him the start and if it’s not working then yank him and put JC back in.

  • The Big Banana

    RR – you’re starting to scare me, bro. Saved by the Bell?

  • The players and the fans want Bruce!
    Start Bruce next week and let’s see what heppens.

    Let Campbell & Veldheer compete at RT.
    Start Walker at RG.
    Start Satele at C.
    Start Gallery at LG.
    Let Mario and Barns compete at LT.

  • Ryan

    Bruce also knows to check his blind side 3 seconds after the snap so he can run away from the end who schooled the LT.

  • big pep

    bruce starts no matter what. send our best scouts to start looking at q.bs in college, just not the same ones that studied the other q.b. no longer with us.

  • J Hill

    did Branch miis a signal to cover Clayton, or was he to cover someone else.


    Let’s just hope they tighten this area up!

  • The Big Banana

    # big pep Says:
    September 20th, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    j.c. just throwing the ball to the floor, should be enough to not start him. what a play that was, i wonder what he was thinking? ill just toss it to the floor why bother to try and run for a yard or two.IDIOT.


    Exactly! I made that comment this morning. What the heck was that about? Nobody around. Couldn’t look downfield to see if a receiver broke free? The screen was blown up and he just gave up on the play.

  • Happens*

  • raiderdeek

    Mario Henderson got used and abused all day long on Sunday in pass protection.

  • Raider Dell


    Got a idea.

    To Jerry Mcdonald, could you please at the press conference ask Cable, if the first TD to Clayton, was Branch’s responsibility or Routt.

    I don’t ask very much of your expertise, any help in this area would be appreciated.


    Raider Dell

  • No Mas Diamante

    You want to see a potentially great college qb? Check out Katz from Oregon State. Live arm, accurate and fearless. Throws the prettiest long ball I’ve seen in a while. reminds me a bit of a young farve.

  • Ryan

    New Post

  • bcz24

    Dell, Cable wouldnt (nor would any other coach) throw a specific player under the bus. He would tow the line of “Its all good, bad play, gotta get better, seeing positive, yadda yadda yadda”

  • Pretty Rick

    I said it earlier & I’ll say it again,,,Campbell will be the starting Qb next Sunday. Its a road game against a defense that just gave up 41pts, plus there’s no pressure from the crowd to bring in Bruce if Campbell chucks a pick, & now that McFadden has officially arrived teams will have to account for the run, so that should help Campbell big time. Now if he blows it in AZ then its officially Bruce’s job from here on out, and lets be honest,1 solid win from Campbell & everybody will be in love with him again like they are with McFadden. Im to the point that I dont care who’s starting at qb,,as long as the O-line dont get him killed, & we win.

  • Jaysohn

    Unfortunately Campbell is not going to be able to produce until the O line plays better. He’s more of a deep pocket passer and the line just doesn’t allow for that strategy to work right now. I think Hue and Cable are gonna have to conceed to more of a west coast offense that fits Grads skill set better. Shorter drops with quicker reads, slants and seams routes. Grads completed mostly 10 yrd ins and quick outs mixed in with boot legs to move the pocket. Right now Grads is much better at executing that style of offense. The line just can’t hold up and provide time for the deeper plays.

  • cwood98

    man i had to share this..just like all of you i have a soft spot for bruce cuz of what he’s done with us…but im home today and watched the game again and its funny when u watch it after you know you’ve won and the emotion is gone…Campbell wasnt bad…the first two drives we moved it well and couldnt convert 2 3rd and 1s and a 4th and 1 with runs..the 2nd drive jano missed the fg..JC threw a good pass to murphy down the side but almost threw a bad pick..the 3rd drive he converted a 1st and 20 first down after veldheer holding…he converted another short 3rd down to zach and then we had a 3rd and 5 a false start make it 3rd and 10 and then rams lb shot through unblocked(surprise) for the sack..the next drive which we got the fg we ran on first another unblocked lb through the center and veldheer getting killed again on the strip…on his last drive before the half he threw the bad pick and that was his demise..would i like to see grads start yes of course.but our pass blocking aint worth crap…if campbell starts it isnt the end of the world.he wasnt that bad…its more the line than him…Go Raiders