Brown, Holland waived


Safety Stevie Brown was waived Tuesday just three days after being promoted to the 53-man roster and making a big special teams tackle in a 16-14 win over the St. Louis Rams.

Also waived was Jonathan Holland, who was on injured reserve and is now free to sign with another team.

If Brown clears waivers, he’ll likely be back on the practice squad.

No word yet on who will be signed to take Brown’s spot, but the locker of offensive lineman Erik Pears was still intact Monday even though he was waived prior to the Rams game.

Cutting Brown likely means the Raiders believe Hiram Eugene, out with a hamstring injury against St. Louis, will be able to face Arizona.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Hendu!!!!
    How are you brother. I’m good, and very happy with the win.
    We need an upgrade from Basic Cable. LOL
    I don’t have a problem with it as long as out best QB is on the field. I don’t like it when players start based on their salary.

  • Good night Nation…I’m out!

  • If we don’t fix the OL, it doesn’t make a difference who start at QB.

    1- let Barns and Mario compete at LT
    2- Let Veldheer and Campbell compete at RT. If they both play well, then we can move Campbell to LT later this season or next year.
    3- Play Walker at G.

    Veldheer is not a LT, and B Campbell is an OT and not a G.

  • EMRaiders

    Ok, I’m going to look at this with a positive attitude. I’m hoping that the benching does for JC what it couldn’t do for JR. And that is motivate him to turn the heat on.

    I’m hoping that if JC starts this Sunday he comes out throwing darts and lights AZ on fire. Let’s hope the heat won’t be coming from the desert sun, but from Jason’s arm.

    And if not, then I really hope we throw in our spark plug.

  • Later R8.

  • Chris in NY

    CJ Legend 34 Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 8:27 pm
    I know and you’re right but I still don’t think Mitchell is even close to the real deal and I think we still have to many players such as Henderson and all of our DBs excluding Nnamdi that are just to inconsistant. Stevie Brown seems coachable like you can play him up you see the effort. I look at guys like Mitchell and Henderson and you always find yourself saying things like..Wha? Huh? WTF? Get his @$$ out of there! You know what I am saying? Our whole o-line looks like the land of misfit toys. It is BS!
    SnB offense defense specialteams Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 8:17 pm
    CJ Legend 34 Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 8:09 pm
    Why do you cut a guy who just started to produce on the field? Are they trying to kill the guys confidence or what? I bet he is mad he was picked up by the Raiders. Heck cut Hendersons dumb @$$!!! Or how about Mitchell he ain’t done jack but run his lips!
    True. But Mitchell is on that scholarship program too. So he isn’t going anywhere. Mario Henderson? Well, the Raiders are so shallow at O-Line they have to keep everyone and anyone…..hell, look at the musical chairs with Pears.

    Anyway, none of those guys you mention start. Its Huff and Branch in the secondary…and Henderson is going ot play


    Mitchell is all of 2 games into his second season. He hasn’t been able to get on the field because Tyvon Branch and Michael Huff both emerged last year while MM was hurt.

    High 2nd-round picks don’t get cut this early in their careers unless they’re major screwups. That story was all hype or else Cable is more clueless than I thought. Regardless, I’m not going to put much stock in the ramblings of some southern Florida-based DJ no one has ever heard of when it comes to the behind-the-scenes personnel moves of the Oakland Raiders.

    Having said that I don’t see the point in bringing back Pears. He was awful last season when forced into duty. I’d rather see Bruce Campbell remain on the active roster. Sam Williams is another guy who is a pretty good special teams player but not elite in that regard and has been known to struggle at the LB position.

  • We should win against AZ, but Nnamdi has to cover Larry Fitz.

  • 24

    If the WR’s keep developing, imagine what the core will look like if Schilens ever plays again.

  • Mitchell is our backup SS for now. He plays in some situations, but Huff and Branch are playing very well to allow him to get on the field.
    Huff looks great so far.

  • JB

    MHenderson may not be our OLT of the future but he is still young, of more than adequate size and strong. His only problem is that he can’t deal with speed rushers around the edge. Given that to be true, why not use him at ORG? Carlisle is WAAAY over the hill and MHenderson would be a definite upgrade at guard. Let’s have Walker & BCampbell rotate at ORT for some OJT and Veldheer & Barnes rotate at OLT. Last but not least, have AD go and sign Justin Hartwig, the recent starting center for the Steelers, who was released, and move him to center ahead of Satele – another upgrade. Our next year’s first pick (in the second round should be Mike Pouncey, 6’5″-312# center, Florida. He can learn under Hartwig for a year. Our line would then be Veldheer, Gallery, Hartwig, MHenderson, BCampbell. Our back-ups would be Barnes (T), Loper (G), Pouncey (C), & Walker (G/T). I believe that O-line would work out well.

  • Go Aztecs!!! Make us proud Chaz!! Stay healthy bro. Got Milk?!?!

  • EMRaiders

    You know what I liked, when Branch came out and apologized to the fans for missing that tackle on CJ wk 1. He didn’t have to do that at all, yet he recognized his mistake.

  • hendu

    post 54,Yesssss,couldnt have said it better!!except, RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O,jump in,cant wait for Sunday

  • Chris in NY

    Is Monte Poole a complete buffoon? I don’t follow the guy all that much, but his latest column on this site about how inserting Gradkowski would be a sign of panic is littered with factual inaccuracies and bogus assertions.

    Either the guy is incompetent, or he’s doing that thing obnoxious sports commentators do for attention: blatantly take an idiotic position to maximize a backlash bump in readership.

  • Hendu,

    In the last 2 games, Campbell didn’t show me much to start him next game. Bruce played well last season, and he is still playing well this season. He needs to improve his accuracy, but he is playing better than Campbell.

  • Chris in NY

    The thing I love about Gradkowski is that for the first time since Gannon do I sit there and expect our QB to make things happen. To find a receiver for a big gain or scramble for a 1st down even when everything is breaking down in chaos around him.

    With Campbell, JaMarcus, McCown, Walter, Brooks, Tui, Collins, etc., I always had the hope that they’d be out there leading the charge on offense, but that hope never materialized. And pretty early in each of those seasons that hope turned into me saying “oh sh-t, oh sh-t, oh sh-t” every time they dropped back.

    With Gradkowski, I’m like, surprised when he doesn’t pick up a big chunk of yards on a pass play and can’t wait to see him drop back again and see what magic he pulls off next play. And I think his teammates feel largely the same way, or at least they know he gets sh-t done.

  • Campbell gets sacked a lot because he is slow to read & react. He doesn’t get the WRs involved. He depends a lot on his arm, which can create problems.

  • That’s the thing about Bruce, the players like him, respect him, and they play harder for him.

  • EMRaiders

    I agree totally with #66. I do hope Grads starts next week and until he shows he can’t cut it anymore. But if JC starts next week and lights it up, I’m not going to be complaining either. And that would for sure buy him at least 2 to 3 more weeks. So if he is as smart as they say he is, he better spend every second he is not throwing to WRs in practice in the film room and be more than ready to light it up.

    My only concern, as previously stated, is that in the event he starts and struggles again, the coaches have enough sense to pull him again and let Grad finish, and that the game is not too out of hand by then.

    oh yea… and RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for Hendu)

  • I usually agree with Monte Poole but he’s got it wrong this time. The Raiders are just an entirely different team when Gradkowski’s under center. It’s a amazing. Dare I say that we almost look like the Gruden/Gannon team when Gradkowski is playing. We certainly did on that TD drive. And, yes, it was against the Rams. Well, what are we supposed to do? The idea is to pick apart one of the worst defenses in football and take a two score lead, isn’t it? To say that Gradkowski’s performance is nullified by a lousy opposition in the Rams is more of an insult to Campbell than it is Gradkowski. It means that Campbell can’t even move the chains against a horrible team, let alone a decent team. The only, and I mean only reason to start Campbell at this point would have to do with inter-organizational politics. To start Gradkowski is to want to win. To start Campbell is to let someone know that it’s your team and you’re going to do things your way. You don’t get to 7 straight 10 loss seasons without having some serious management issues. And I think we might know what it is. So it’s surprising to see Poole, who’s usually on this wavelength, to suddenly go the other way and condemn a move that would put team performance above power trips.

  • hendu

    Raider O,got a feeling that we will go back and forth this season,I think JC is the more TALENTED QB,a proven starter,BG has been exciting in the backup role,just worry about injury. I mean,how many qbs get BOTH knees taken out,Thats why I like the last game,if the starter is in trouble,bring in bruce!imo

  • EMRaiders

    I think he was trying to hint at Cable’s job being on the edge of extinction. Hence the “panic” remark.

    I personally don’t get it either. If a player is giving you a better output, and putting Ws on you record, then why not stick with it. Regardless if he came off the bench.

  • I guess that’s the way it’s going to be then, Hendu. We’ll just start Campbell every week, and put Gradkowski in at half time to clean up Campbell’s mess, every week. I don’t see why we don’t just start the better QB. But the Raiders just have their way of doing things. And unfortunately, it hasn’t led to winning in years.

  • My Depth Chart:

    RDE: T Scott/ Matt S
    DT: Seymour, Bryant
    DT: Henderson, TK
    LDE: Houston/ TScott
    WLB: Groves, TH
    MLB: McClain, Goethel
    SLB: Wimbley, TH, Brown
    CB: Nnamdi, W McFadden
    CB: Routt, CJ, Ware
    SS: Branch, Mitchell
    FS: Huff, Brown/ Ware

    QB: Bruce, JC, KB
    RB: DMC/ Bush, Rock
    FB: Reece
    TE: Miller, Myers
    WR: DHB, Chaz, Murphy, JLH, Ford
    LT: Mario/ Barns
    LG: Gallery
    C: Satele
    RG: Walker
    RT: Campbell/ Veldheer

    P: Lechler
    K: Jano
    LS: Condo
    KR: Ford
    PR: JLH

  • I believe Cable made the move to pull JC cause he was desperate, short leash and all.

    Al will start JC against AZ.

    However, I believe Al will give Cable a stay with one loss to AZ just to see if his Campbell can get it done or not (after all, what’s another loss).

    Al probably knows Cable is right, aftr all, he went thru the same thing last year.

    I base this theory on all the illogical moves I have seen this organization do over the last seven years.

    You’d think now is the time to move forward, the opportunity and chances and energy are here. But if Al isn’t a fan of team chemistry, he probably doesn’t feel the excitement the fans do (for that matter either).

  • Hendu,

    I agree that JC is more talented, has more exp, but BG is playing better. Ride the wave my brother!


  • Chris in NY

    In his last 8 qtrs (vs. 3 different teams), Bruce Almighty has gone for:
    – 623 yards
    – 4 TDs
    – 1 INT (off a deflection)
    – and is averaging about 8.5 yards per pass ATTEMPT! (for comparison’s sake, Peyton Manning has a 7.7 PPA average for his career and the only year he was 8.5 or higher was in 2004 when he threw for 49 TDs and had a ridiculous statistical season).

  • If Al Davis would rather lose than win with team chemistry, forget it. There’s no hope anyway. We’re all wasting our time. Just do what Bob does and go to the games to tailgate. Forget any possibility of the Raiders’ competing again. Because frankly, I think the only reason we won in the ’70s and ’80s is because of Ron Wolf’s drafts and acquisitions, and the only reason we won between 2000-2002 was due to Gruden’s leadership and overall system. And, Al’s not going to get anyone like Gruden or Wolf here again. A spark plug like Gradkowski and a head coach who just stays out of the way, like Cable, is our only hope anymore.

  • EMRaiders

    Gradkowski, Janikowski, imagine if Romanowski and Wisniewski were still playing?… we would be knows as the Oakland UZKIS.

  • # EMRaiders Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Gradkowski, Janikowski, imagine if Romanowski and Wisniewski were still playing?… we would be knows as the Oakland UZKIS.


    The Basterds.

  • hendu

    post 76, Raider OOOOOOOOOOOOOO,just a bit of caution,as you know,the starter is game planned in a different way,so we will see. That being said, RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The problem with Bruce is his accuracy. You can’t be a starting QB in the NFL with less than 60% CMP. Bruce avg is 55%!

  • EMRaiders

    Too bad Al wasn’t in that movie theater…..hahaha just kidding old man. You the $hit!

  • EMRaiders

    Wasn’t JRs at 53% or something like that… how long did he start for us?

  • Hendu,

    I want our best players on the field, and I like players to earn their positions. Bruce is playing better at the point, so I would start him, and let JC compete.

  • Try Some Reality

    Chris In NY Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Is Monte Poole a complete buffoon? I don’t follow the guy all that much, but his latest column on this site about how inserting Gradkowski would be a sign of panic is littered with factual inaccuracies and bogus assertions.

    Either the guy is incompetent, or he’s doing that thing obnoxious sports commentators do for attention: blatantly take an idiotic position to maximize a backlash bump in readership.


    Poole has always been a bit of an idiot. I don’t even bother with his crap.

  • Try Some Reality

    Is there even any question as to who should start at QB? Why is this even being debated. It’s obvious that Grads should start. If anyone it still lobbying for JC, you know he is an idiot. And you can’t reason with idiots so just let it go. Let them think what they want. 90% of the fan base wants Grads out there. You saw it with the chants this past Sunday.

  • hendu

    87,Oh Yea,a debate is goin on,sfbs!Thats what the blog is all about,give and take,OPINIONS,JACKARSE! Hope ya slip on youre slippers ps is that possible?

  • Vinous

    I don’t think you guys are watching Mitchell…his ST plays have been outstanding…but then most of you don’t value ST. But when there is an error…Boy!

  • IMHO the raiders are gonna start JC everyweek knowing they have a capable back up in grads. He gets some playin time everyweek an as long as he makes plays an takes us down field he’ll continue to start. If he doesn’t produce they’ll bring in grads bcuz grads seem to do well when inserted to clean up or lite a spark. Hate to say it peeps JC is the starter. With the team knowing they have a capable back up. Campbell will have to do a major face plant. But I hope I’m wrong an we start grads.