Jackson’s epic non-answer


Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson took a minute and 50 seconds and 368 words to not answer the question of who would start Sunday at quarterback Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, Jason Campbell or Bruce Gradkowski:

Q: Who’s your starting quarterback?

Jackson: Oh gosh, I knew that would be the first hot question off the hill. That decision truly hasn’t been made just yet. I’m sure at some point in time Coach Cable will get around to you guys today. Obviously, I think that’s what everybody wants to focus on. Hopefully, we’re also focusing on our game this week because that’s the most important thing we have going. Let me just go back for a second since I know we’re talking about it. This past week’s game at halftime I made a decision to go in and talk to our head coach about making a switch at quarterback. OK. I have great latitude from our owner, Mr. Davis, and from Coach Cable, that anything that I think needs to be done on offense in order for us to score points that I’m able to do.

Obviously, we have a head coach and I run everything through him. But my job is to make sure that I put our offensive football team in the best situation to score points. I’ve told you guys, I’ve been telling you that since I’ve been here. That’s the number one goal for our offensive team. At the time, we were kind of stale. You guys watched it. I didn’t like the way we were playing, I didn’t like our energy, I didn’t like what we were doing. So every now and then you mix it up a little bit. I’ve been in so many different situations in that circumstance. I think it’s unfortunate because everybody wants to put, well it’s on Jason.

We all know the quarterback gets a ton of blame, he gets a ton of credit. But I think it’s 11 men playing on offense that have to execute at a high level in order for you to have a chance to play. It was very fortunate Bruce went in, rallied us and obviously we went on to win the game. That’s the most important thing. The most important is that I’m standing here today with a big smile on my face because we won a game.

That’s the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is winning. Now after that, now we’re going to move forward and do whatever we think needs to be done to go win this game in Arizona . That’s kind of where we are. I’m excited about playing down in Arizona . I used to coach there at Arizona State . Looking forward to seeing some old friends, there’s some guys that I know on that staff. That’s a great challenge for us.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Jmackraider12

    And yeah (try some reality)… Davis cant, and never will draft a great great QB that fits his model…He will put together a talented team, and then somehow find a QB…GRAD

  • Jerry thinks well thought out, informative, and articulate answer is a epic non-answer? Media is so lame these days. All they want are little sound bites.

  • mcthompso

    Notice that he mentions his latitude with the owner before he mentions that he has latitude with the head coach. That, of course, stuck out to me most…and I find that very telling of the Oakland Raiders.

  • freeshot350

    wooo i finally get to go to a raiders game. i hope they stomp the cards