Asomugha faces his mirror image


If the Raiders are ever going to have Nnamdi Asomugha shadow the opposition’s best receiver, there is no time like the present.

In Larry Fitzgerald, Asomugha at some point will come face to face with the receiver whose skill set is most like his own. Over the next two games, Asomugha and the Raiders get Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson in succession.

“There is a handful of elite guys _ probably like five guys you’ll put up there, and these two are obviously at the top of that list,” Asomugha said when asked if he was facing the NFL’s two best receivers in successive weeks.

What makes Fitzgerald so good?

“Jut being able to play big and small, regardless of his size. A lot of times you get guys that areas big that can’t move,” Asomugha said, noting that Fitzgerald can move like smaller receivers such as Santana Moss and Wes Welker. “He’s got good hips, good breaks, all the stuff a smaller guy can do and he’s got the height to do with what big guys do. That puts him in his own class.”

Fitzgerald’s scouting report on Asomugha sounded like Asomugha’s scouting report on Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, at 6-foot-3, 218 pounds, isn’t used to having a cornerback (Asomugha is 6-2, 210) looking him directly in the eyes.

“The thing you see on tape for a man of his size, he has incredible hips and amazingly quick feet, and that’s just God given ability to be that tall and be able to move and cut and drive on balls the way he’s able to,” Fitzgerald said.

“You can tell he’s really a student of the game because he really understands formations and tendencies of the receivers he’s playing on a week to week basis.”

Fitzgerald and Asomugha are friends but their matchups have been limited to a few snaps in preseason and the Pro Bowl. When the Raiders played the Cardinals in 2006, Fitzgerald missed the game due to injury.

The question is whether the Raiders will actually have Asomugha guard Fitzgerald the majority of the time regardless of how the Cardinals line up on offense.

“I won’t get outside of what the call is and what the game plan is, but sure, here and there, I’ll be on him,” Asomugha said.

Although the defensive game plan will rest with John Marshall, Cable, when assessing the pros and cons of having Asomugha shadow a star receiver, sounded as if he is all for the idea.

“The pros are you feel confident about having your corner cover their receiver,” Cable said. “It puts him in a matchup that allows him to study that guy, prepare for that guy. I am not sure there are any negatives. The only thing is if you’re doing something the guy is not capable of doing. In this case, he is more than capable.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Lots of noshows in KC
    The new global economy is doing its job

  • Plunketthead

    I thought KC had sold out a record number of times. That must have ended last year

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    Goodmorning guys! Lets go Raiders! My prediction for todays game…Raiders 30 Cards 23

  • MistaBr0wn Says:
    September 26th, 2010 at 9:29 am
    Neil what game is starting now?

    Sorry,the pre-game shows starts over here 30 mins before kick-off.


    The 49’s are playing like they forgot there was a game today.
    KC is playing some wild ass football..one risk after another. Real aggressive.

  • I’m watching the Dallas game.Expected a high scoring game but other than one good drive by Dallas,it’s defence all the way.


    Hey Neil. I was watching that but Dallas looked so pathetic I switched to the niners who also look pathetic.

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    How ya doing? Do you have sky? I didn’t fancy the Atlanta game.


    No, I don’t bother with Sky. I got the online thing with the NFL and I connect to my tv.

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    Had breakfast, couple of bloodymary’s, just pulling a quick drive thru here.. They’re showing the effinf Charger game in SO-CAL, guess I’ll have to go to the local dive to see the game..(sigh)…

    GO RAIDERS!! 23-16..

    LOL…@ KoolKell..”You can’t drink all day, if you don’t start in the morning”….

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    @909 what dive do you go to for Raiders game’s?? I too am a 909 Raider!

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    Singletary is a horrible excuse of a Head Coach! He’s only full of hot air.

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    The 49ers are worthless. They have 2 decent players in Willis and Gore. That is it! Crabtree. HAHAHAH!