Seabass talks about Blanda and missed FGs


For what it’s worth, Sebastian Janikowski feels worse than you do.

Janikowski wasn’t available during the open locker room period today, but beat writer Steve Corkran caught up with him and found the place kicker feeling low for two reasons _ his three missed field goals against the Arizona Cardinals and the the death of former Raiders legend George Blanda.

In warmups, Janikowski said he had the best series of kicks he’s ever had. “Crazy good,” as he called it. Then came the lowest point of his career since missing three times against Tennessee in 2001 when the Raiders were trying to sew up home field throughout the playoffs.

Here is the link to the notebook with Janikowski’s thoughts.

Blanda made it a point to seek out Janikowski and punter Shane Lechler whenever he was around, which was usually at least once per year. Janikowski said he last talked to Blanda when he came to the Bears preseason game Aug. 21.

“He was like a father figure to me,” Janikowski said. “He was a great kicker and a legend. Coming here and seeing him on the sideline was special.”

Janikowski said Blanda’s messages remained consistent _ enjoy your jobs, don’t get caught up in negatvity, have fun.

He had heard of Blanda even before he became a Raider.

“When I was in college, you always look up all the kickers in the NFL from the past,” Janikowski said. “So, I heard about him for the first time in college.”

Janikowski admitted he understands what it means to be kicking for the same team Blanda did, much in the way Lechler looks up to Ray Guy.

“I feel a sense kicking, being here and kicking for this team, just being a part of his life, I felt (as if I am carrying it on).”

So when the Raiders host the Houston Texans Sunday, Janikowski has a proper response in mind.

“Especially after what happened this week and what happened with him, I would like to just go out get a winning field goal against (the Texans),” Janikowski said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Thec07

    Raider Nation,,,

  • aig-raiders

    Dont know why you guys are so gloom and doom.

    We will split between SD and Houston. Bruce scored easily on SF’s first unit. Please dont tell me we are scared of Denver, Seattle and KC. We have at least split with KC and Denver with Jawalrus the last 2 years. Seattle has nothing but spec team to win yesterday’s game. Had Jano made it the FG yesterday I would have said we will go 5-1 in the next 6 games.

    But since we are at 1-2, I predict we will go 3-3 in the next 6 games so long as Al Davis doesnt force JC back in there.

  • Raider-DEE

    3rd or 4th.. I feel stupid

  • priesttj

    Listen DEE or whatever your name is don’t tell me what I see just say what YOU think.I’ll tell you what I see and I saw a QB in Grads who was VERY LUCKY not to throw the game away. And when he had chances to win it he didn’t. Now I’m not passing judgement on him yet until I see the pattern. Once I see that I’m ready to see someone else/. Wether it’s Campbell or Boller I think both have ability.

    So Gradkowski has the riegns right now all he has to do is show that he deserves them……….period

  • Raider-DEE

    Damn I suck… I must be a Raider Fan..lol!!

  • SilverSurfer

    no pressure.
    you only missed a winning chipshot, now you dedicate the next game?
    yeah, no pressure

  • Raider-DEE


    You should man up and admit you dont like him or atleast admit you like JC more…

    Stop it!! JC will get his chance agai… I’m pretty sure about that… Thats how much confiden ce I have in Grads but for right now.. it’s the right decision. ok?? Everyone or almost everyone knows it except for you!!

  • priesttj

    Look man you must be drunk…………so I’ll move on if your not drunk your just damn stupid.

  • Raider-DEE

    You’r a punk!! I tried talking sense to you, but I just figured out… it’s like talking to a wall..So begone!! Joker…ppppff!!

  • Priesttj is an Al Davis flunky.

  • Raider-DEE

    I hope Grads throws for 400 yds and puts in your face ..PRIEST or whatever you are!!

    Raiders 38

    Texans 24

  • Priesttj has never been right about a thing in here.

    How you you be back-stopping 30-85 General Manager?

  • SilverSurfer

    so I’ll move on if your not drunk your just damn stupid.”
    thought you might want to know it’s you’re, not your, considering you’re calling someone stupid, and all.

  • Norco Bob

    Kell,..what would you do with your immense about of spare time if not for Al Davis to obsess over?

  • lefty12

    What is funny is that we lost a game we should have won ,on the road-which is difficult to do in the NFL ,moved the ball and had numerous scoring opportunities and everyone is in here proclaiming we’ll be lucky if we win any more games.Right now we are an average NFL team and if our QB can elevate his play we will be an above avg. team.I may catch grief for this post,but it is how I see it.

  • priesttj

    KK and tell us just what exactly have you been right about…? lol you have the same nut stuff running around in your head for the last 2 decades.

    Post our record again at least you’ll be consistent.

  • Raider-DEE

    So lefty..

    What do you think the final result will be on Sun vs the texans???

    Just curious??

  • The Cardinals are a bad team, we lost top them, period.

  • Once they drop to 1-4, then talk to be about their prospects, Lefty.

  • 30-85 Dummy, those are the facts that I’m right about!

  • aig-raiders

    nah priest is just the black version of Herrera.

  • freeshot350

    well living in az i’ve never been to a raider game or a football game for that matter been a fan since birth so i popped my cherry yesterday. even though we lost it was still the coolest thing ive ever been to. made me proud to be a raider fan. lol it was so funny when the raiders came out there was cheering when the cardinals came out there was cheering and booing. the raider fans even booed the cards cheerleaders it was soo awesome lol. i know seabass feels bad but we cant blame him entirely we were first and goal on the 1 yard line after PI call and we walked away with three. not to mention the opening kick off. lets cut Jano some slack hes won us a hell of a lot more games than hes lost for us.

  • Raider-DEE

    Beating the TEXANS on sun. will put us at 500. again!!

    Right where i expected us to be after 4 games…. it wont be easy,but it’s definitly possible!!

  • 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway needs an exterminator to clean the filth out of the place.

  • lefty12

    I don’t like to make predictions,but I hope we win.We may win,we may lose-but right now we are competitive and if most will remember that is what almost everyone wanted after the last few years-a competitive team.As for the Cards-they won their division the last 2 years and were in the SB a couple of years ago.They can hardly be called a bad team.

  • 30-85, everybody in the building needs firing, especially Davis.

  • Raider-DEE


    Wanting a copetitive team is loser talk…. I want to the Raiders to win…..Come on now… Even the old man would agree with me.

  • Norco Bob

    Kell,..you live close by there,..go waltz in there and do something about it,..instead of crying in a Raiders blog,..man up dude,..stop the snivlin.

  • How does ANYBODY 30-85 keep his job??

    Or even try to keep his job?

  • lefty12

    I never expected the Raiders to be a play-off team this year.I wanted a competent,competitive team that we could see was making progress.Right now,that is what I’m seeing.If you don’t like that KK-tough sh!t.

  • Cable is 10-21

    Davis is 30-85

    Yet, it’s everybody else’s fault.

  • The Davis flunkies are lining up scapegoats.

  • Raider-DEE

    Dude,, relax bro.. calm down.

    Lefty.. You’re a wishy washi guy. You dont make predictions!! WTF is that!!!

  • priesttj


    KK is a double agent, only problem is he doesn’t know it. Backstabbing turncoat…

  • The only thing Lefty & Priest want to do is exonerate Al Davis.

  • Norco Bob

    Kell you were alot of fun sunday morning,..just a loss really bother you that much?….not that big a deal dude.

  • priesttj

    I like what I see in this team and I’m hoping we see much more Sunday. I think, we will but it wont be easy. I just want to see more of that running game. DMC has been fabulous and I know if Bush gets his chance he’ll play well. It’s just up to the defense to continue to play well.

  • Boob

    Take a pill, and waste your life away.

    Don’t worry about me. I couldn’t care less about you.

  • priesttj

    No we just want to exonerate ourselves from any association with you KK. Fake Raider fan.

  • Raider-DEE

    Hey kk,

    We dont even need a QB on sun. We can win with 2 rb ans a strong defense!! huh??

  • 30-85, Al Davis is crazy, senile and should be put away.

  • Fake Raider Fan? wtf do I need to fake anything to you, dummy?

  • lefty12

    DEE-what does it accomplish making predictions?So you can come on a blog and gloat because you might be correct once in a while?After watching the team I’ve rooted for since I became a football fan suck for the last however many years I want a competitive team to watch.The wins will come the more competitive we get.

  • Raider-DEE

    I wish Gradkowski throws for 400 yrds and 3 touch downs…. I think every true raider fan hopes for that also!! maybe except for a few boobs!!

  • You dummies set up in here 24/7 bashing players, making racists comments about players.

    Soon as someone brings up 30-85, you act is if someone shat in your face.

  • priesttj

    You’re confused Kookoo You come in here everyday with the same drivel……….thinking it’s a news flash. You ever seen the movie 50 first dates that’s YOU in a nutshell. A true nut in a nutshell.

  • Raider-DEE

    Lefty it’s called supporting your’e team…

    Man. I just think different than you.. Thank god for that!!

    Copetitive team?? I want a winner….. Detroit…Buffalo…..Thats who you sound like… those fans are the ones that talk like that!!

  • You dumb………….30-85 in not new news, it’s ongoing news, dummy.

    And it hasn’t changed.

  • Copetitive team?? I want a winner….. Detroit…Buffalo…..Thats who you sound like… those fans are the ones that talk like that!!
    He’s a loser, comfortable with losing.

  • priesttj

    Tell us again KK what’s our record???