DHB joins Murphy as questionable


Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey joined Louis Murphy on the Raiders injury report with a groin strain.

Both were listed as questionable, although Cable remained optimistic they would be able to play against Houston Sunday.

“I think they’ll be all right,’’ Cable said.

Only one wide receiver on the roster other than Heyward-Bey and Murphy has caught a pass for the Raiders through three games. Johnnie Lee Higgins has one reception for two yards and Yamon Figurs, since waived, has two catches for 17 yards.

With Chaz Schilens listed as out with a knee injury, Higgins, Jacoby Ford and Nick Miller are the remaining Raiders receivers on the depth chart.

Listed as out for the Raiders other than Schilens were LG Robert Gallery (hamstring), LB Ricky Brown (hamstring), LB Travis Goethel (lower back) and CB Walter McFadden (hamstring).

Those were questionable along with the starting wide receivers are defensive tackles Richard Seymour (hamstring) and John Henderson (foot), safety Hiram Eugene (hamstring) and cornerbacks Chris Johnson (ankle) and Jeremy Ware (ankle).

Listed as probable were RG Cooper Carlisle (knee), LG Daniel Loper (knee), right tackle Langston Walker (elbow), RB Michael Bush (thumb), FB Marcel Reece (neck) and LB Quentin Groves (ribs).

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • EMRaiders

    What I want to know is why is it that every season we seem to have an unusual amount of injured players. And not just any players, but key players at key positions. I don’t know if it has to do with the kind of athletes we have in the team, all very fast and athletic, but too fragile for football. Or if we have to do something regarding conditioning and training. I’m starting to think that there’s more to this than just dumb old bad luck.

    What do you guys think?

  • Raiderjambo

    Sorry to disappoint, but this is a thirty year RAIDERFAN who can never bet against his team, no matter how bad things get. Big Banana put me down for a reverse of fortunes, RAIDERS 24 Texans 23, with Jano kicking the winning field goal as time expires. Revenge is mine! Post 122 – Absolutely correct my friend!

  • EMRaiders Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 6:28 pm
    What I want to know is why is it that every season we seem to have an unusual amount of injured players. And not just any players, but key players at key positions.
    Raiders run one of the softest camps in the league.
    -Al Davis.

  • Jmackraider12

    agreed EMRAIDERS..i think it does ahev something to do with the type of athlete that raiders teams aquire..very talented and fast, but not durable…?? IDK for a fact, but you know what kinda players we like. Its the kind of player at his very very best can be absolutley stunning, then at the sametime could be hurt or sub-par, thats the risk you take when you sign the kind of players we do…Big risk big reward type deal..

  • priesttj


    I never make predictions on scores or records, but I’ve felt good about this game all week long. I jjust feel this team is ready and poised to make a move. Games like this will tell us a lot. I think we’ll win because they know their the better team. They want to right a serious wrong from this past Sunday. They will be very difficult to beat at home.

  • Raiderjambo

    Practice how you play- Play how you practice.

  • Jmackraider12

    Damnit im starting to drink the priestt cool-aid..lol..IDK what it is, maybe since im a raider fan(naturally im drawn towards other fans who have faith in the team)…i wish there was more of them on this blog..I like what you said though and im being truthful, they do want to right the wrong from last week…they will be playing very very aggresive and thats why im sayin the defense comes alive, we are gona be pissed…

  • EMR, since 2002, our D backfield has been so light they have bounced off players and didn’t slow them down. It has perpertrated until this year. Speed kills on a gridiron, hammys, knees, and 40 times. It looks like we started to turn the corner, but players are also guilty of milking it, big check, sit pine, go to the Islands trim.

  • EMRaiders

    …Big risk big reward type deal..

    kind of like doubling down with an 11 when the dealer is showing a 10…
    or going all in with an A high flash draw.

  • EMR, exactly, I blame the Dem’s…….

  • Jmackraider12

    i dont know about all that lol..lol…this is football, best team on that day wins, no cards involved

  • Jmack, we haven’t even figured in the ref’s taking us out of the game yet, were waiting for Vegas to give us the odd’s, patience please!

  • Jmackraider12

    Hey as much as i like to belive the refs give us(the raiders) too much ish..(and they do)..they historicaly and lately have given us calls(last wk)…(wk b4)…we just found a way to lose lol(sucks i no)..but i do have a feeling this game we will have to fight threw about 10 penalties (110yd)…all coming from the left side of our line lol..and maybe from carlisle too.. But sometimes we get into games where the other team gets ALOT of calles up until they way end..lol..you guys know what im talking about..and then we will get a call to give us a shot and making up for 10 B.S. calls prior..except in the playoffs thats when we get dicked over lol..

  • Jmack, The only way we got those calls was because they were so blatent, and on film, that in this recession, even NFL Refs could lose their jobs by screwing the Raiders. In past years, they were promoted! Blame the Dem’s…..and that woman from Cali in particular……

  • Jmackraider12

    Why we talkin politics on a raider blog bruh??lol..and why would we blame the dems for recession, they didnt screw us, the man that was in charge of the country for the last decade screwed us…dude.. the raiders are the definition of blue collar brother…were always getting screwed..u know why?? I dont want to get this deep but…yeah..The NFL screws us cuz AL Davis has more balls then all of them..we are the underdogs that can be feared on any given day, we are different, and for that, we are looked down upon..but deep in everyones mind, they all know that one day(now)..when the bully wakes up from its long rest, we find we are strong and can take em all on.. No dont blame the dems, and if you arent making over 200k a year then you shouldnt blame the dems either, in that case u would be the one to blame..we arent like that dude, were not george bush…we are young and crazy, and considering the Oakland Raider fan base is THE MOST ethnicly diverse in THE LEAGUE, then you should re-evaluate what you just said, blaming the dems would be like blaming the raiders in a way…dont be like that bro, we are blue collar, we are tough…not conneticut blue bloods sitting on thrones…(F.Y.I. Bush was sitting with robert craft in the owners box during the tuck rule game laughin and drinkin with his boy…) We are not that, we are rebels bro..

  • Jmackraider12

    EVERYBODY PLEASE READ^^^^^^^^^^^^^POST 267.

  • sirblitzalot

    This team is a “wounded animal” and you know what that means. 35/14 T/O posts are based on the health of this team, the questionable 24th against the run defense, extremely questionable coaching and nefarious referring activity. In spite of all that, I think the Raiders can rise to the occasion and beat Houston.

    I know they are salivating at the scouting reports but this team has enough talent to overcome these obstacles. See you bloggers at the game. Go Raiders!!!

  • sirblitzalot

    I think the game is going to fun if:

    We set the tone. I mean from the outset the crowd get’s there early and ready to roar if the Texans go on offense first. Which I hope, so we get the second half to kick off.

    If we fans leave our collective vocal chords on the field the Raiders will light up that stadium. I am pumped! I can’t wait to put my two cents in.