DHB joins Murphy as questionable


Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey joined Louis Murphy on the Raiders injury report with a groin strain.

Both were listed as questionable, although Cable remained optimistic they would be able to play against Houston Sunday.

“I think they’ll be all right,’’ Cable said.

Only one wide receiver on the roster other than Heyward-Bey and Murphy has caught a pass for the Raiders through three games. Johnnie Lee Higgins has one reception for two yards and Yamon Figurs, since waived, has two catches for 17 yards.

With Chaz Schilens listed as out with a knee injury, Higgins, Jacoby Ford and Nick Miller are the remaining Raiders receivers on the depth chart.

Listed as out for the Raiders other than Schilens were LG Robert Gallery (hamstring), LB Ricky Brown (hamstring), LB Travis Goethel (lower back) and CB Walter McFadden (hamstring).

Those were questionable along with the starting wide receivers are defensive tackles Richard Seymour (hamstring) and John Henderson (foot), safety Hiram Eugene (hamstring) and cornerbacks Chris Johnson (ankle) and Jeremy Ware (ankle).

Listed as probable were RG Cooper Carlisle (knee), LG Daniel Loper (knee), right tackle Langston Walker (elbow), RB Michael Bush (thumb), FB Marcel Reece (neck) and LB Quentin Groves (ribs).

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Dirtiest Raccoon

    Dirtiest Raccoon Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 9:57 am
    RaiderRockstar Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 9:38 am

    did you do this ???



    Not me. I was Bear Huntin this past week, but I was up by Loon Lake in ElDorado County.

    My thought on how/why the Bear was there is this.

    A person shot the Bear, and brought it to the Meat Market to be Processed, only to see that this market does not process Bears, since the Bear had not been properly cleaned, and Caped it spoiled. Once the persone realized this they just dumped it in front of the store. Maybe as RETRIBUTION for not processing game.

    We had Bear steak’s on Sunday afternoon. Soaked in Soy and Ginger, then BBQ’ed over White hot coals.!! AWESOME

  • Dude


    Your a dillusional, senile, old fool……..period. Thats my feeling.

  • priest, you stay away from my team if you think a crazy old bat like Al Davis should be in charge of it.

  • Dude


    Fair enough man. I still dont see it tho bro. The one halway decent team theyve played smoked em. Just not sure what your missing.

  • LA to TheBay

    Dude Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 3:30 pm
    Who said the Texans were great?

    This is a poorly put together Raider team. No different than their predecessors.

    I don’t believe this to be accurate.

    I think wholesale changes at the LB positons, acquisition of Seymour and Henderson, the continued improvement of Matt Shaugnessy (I tried), DHB, and Louis Murphy, the drafting of Houston and McClain and especially the gutsy play (yeah I said it) of Bruce Gradkowski will put this team in position to win as much if not more than it does to lose.

    Yes, the O line sucks (but they look better with Grad), and our run-stopping ability is still questionable, but a lot of teams have been able to compete and win with comparable players.

  • Nnamdi21

    I know alot of teams apparently move linemen all over the place on the O line but Oakland doesn’t seem to have the guys to do this and it looks bad sometimes.

    Langston was at extra LT with Veldheer at LT and Loper at LG on one play.

    Looks ok but they rarely run the ball when they do this sort of thing. Too many decoys.

    Plus our guys seem to struggle just to play ONE position.

  • raiderlaker1980

    I can see why you’d feel that way, we’ve been getting smoked for years, and they haven’t shown a lot to make you think otherwise. It’s just the makeup of this unit seems different, I may very well be fooling myself, but I just see a team with heart this year…not necessarily talent, but heart.

  • Nnamdi21

    Have to say Cable was right about Grads being partially at fault during the Cards game.

    O line not as horrid as it seems but still, c’mon Al! Fix the O line, save the Raiders…

  • ArmChair GM

    This is how teams that are used to winning handle players that don’t play up to expectations…

    First the Saints, now the Chargers…



  • PurpleDrank81

    It’s pretty sad to see so many Self Hatin Fans in here today….I mean just because you give up doesnt mean the team did…

  • priesttj

    MR You aint no Raider fan, stay away from my team…………period

  • priesttj

    Dudette, stay away from my team………..get it!

  • DKnight007

    priesttj Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 3:39 pm
    Did I say it was the fans fault? Goofball!! I said if they support the team they’ll see great things. That’s what we used to do, crowds can have a definite affect on a game. Players are very emotional when spur them on they often times do react. It’s that way in everything. Positive reenforcement. It does work.

    Not saying you don’t need talent and all the other good stuff but players do feed off the crowd.

    Can’t believe I needed to spell that out to a Raider fan. But that’s what we’re working with these days. ……why are you guy’s fans of this team? because of what you think they stand for? Stay away from my team if this makes no sense to you……….period

    Stay out of the Stadium if you can’t support ‘em. That’s my feeling

    LMAO…your such a funny little crack head old man aren’t you?

    Your not a Raider fan….your an Al Davis lap dog.

    Just admit it…

  • priesttj


    listen you little homo, Al Davis is what makes you a fan of this team you dork and yopu don’t have the sense to realize that. You’re more of a fan of his than I am the difference is you don’t even have a clue that you are. Or else you would identify the mystigue because you know nothing about the man himself. You just know what you’ve heard……….period

  • ArmChair GM

    Now about the Haynesworth situation…

    For a team that has sucked against the run for almost a decade, getting Haynesworth would be one of the best things to happen to our D-line.

    1)Haynesworth wants to play in a 4-3. We play a 4-3.

    2)Do you really think Haynesworth wouldn’t relish the opportunity to prove that he is still a dominant player and that the whole ordeal in Washington was Shanarat’s fault and not his?
    He’s looking to vindicate himself the same way Randy Moss did when he went to New England and everybody was saying that he lost a step.

    3)Henderson and Haynesworth can share snaps at the NT position. Henderson is a dominant force but he’s 31 and starting to slow down a little with age. Imagine Henderson going out and Haynesworth coming in. Talk about intimidating an offensive line.

    4)Tell me that a front four of Houston-Henderson/Haynseworth-Kelly-Seymour isn’t arguably the most dominant in the league. Who’s gonna run the ball successfully against that?
    In unique situations you could even have Haynesworth and Henderson on the D-line at the same time. With the emergence of our linebackers all being 250+, that is a dominating defensive line.

    5) As far as money and salaries and contracts go…Why do so many people come on here and worry about how much Al pays people. He’s a millionaire. If he wants to pay people that’s his business. When’s the last time you heard of the Raiders losing out on a player they really wanted because Al didn’t have money?

    Give it a rest. Cable has made it clear he’s happy with the personnel we have on the offensive line. I’m not but that’s a moot point at this time.

    Get Haynesworth, stop the run, and dominate opposing offensive lines. Amen.

  • 831GoldenState

    I will be at the game on Sunday and I will be cheering them on. Even Jano!

  • The Big Banana

    Even Jano!


    Good. I hope the fans don’t boo the guy. Whether you’re for getting rid of him or not, the fact is he’ll be here all year. I’m still ticked at him for not having his head in the game but if you start booing the cat, it may just make things worse. kickers are fickle.

  • SinceFrankYouellField

    Re Post 167.


    I can roll with points 1, 3, 4 & 5. Point 2, not so much. You have enough facts to support the 4 points, so no need to make stuff up. My response would be….he doesn’t give a rat about Shanarat. Got his money and came in out of shape. Played like heck the year before to get the money and, like so many others who have done the same…….body on the football field; mind in Cancun.

    Moss was injured much of the time he was here and when he healed we had No O-line to protect and no one to get him the ball. So he got disgruntled and lazy…until he went to a better team.


    Why the f@@k would anyone boo Seabass?
    The guy is ranked somewhere around fifth in the NFL.
    He hasn’t missed a kick inside the forty since 2007.
    It’s just stupid to want to cut this guy because he should have made that 32yd kick.

  • SinceFrankYouellField

    Oh….and one other thing I disagree with. Cable is NOT happy with the players he has on the offensive line. He has been very honest and clear in stating that he yearned for one of the best LT’s in the draft. They were gone at #8, so Raiders took best MLB which they felt was best player available at a position of need.

  • priesttj

    831GS, now that’s a Raider fan!! take notes fellas. It’s about the next game the next play and then the wins start to come if they stay focused. When the crowd is behind them they just play better they always have.

    Thanks 831, my man!!

  • aig-raiders

    Thank goodness we didnt take this guy…..


    Dan Williams out for Cardinals due to weight, not injury
    Posted by Mike Florio on October 1, 2010 6:01 PM ET
    Cardinals nose tackle Dan Williams doesn’t appear on the injury report, but he won’t be playing on Sunday.

    While he hasn’t broken any bones, he apparently has broken a scale.

    According to Mike Jurecki of Xtra Sports 910 in Phoenix (via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic), Williams won’t play because he’s overweight.

    Williams, the team’s first-round pick in 2010, is listed at 327. Which likely means that his playing weight closer to 340. Which likely means that he’s tipping 350 in order to end up being shut down because of his size.

  • Carl Weathers

    Sebas has done enough to warrant a get out of jail free card. If he gets booed I’m sure it won’t be by more than a couple of ignorant idiots from out of town.

  • Carl Weathers

    Good news, maybe:

    Andre Johnson (ankle) missed his third straight day of practice Friday and is listed as questionable for Week 4.

    Johnson did do some running on the side, but players that don’t do any practicing throughout the week like A.J. rarely are active on game days. Because his matchup with Oakland is already difficult, owners should only wait on Johnson in a 4:05ET start if they have Kevin Walter or Jacoby Jones handy. The Texans are considering holding Johnson out of the game.
    Source: houstontexans.com

  • JLofty

    i’ll be right there widya 831.
    Screamin for ma boys.
    Some you people need to go get a beer. You sound like a bunch of depressed chicks talking.
    Come to Verdi and I’ll buy you a beer at Gold Ranch or Boomtown. Or better yet come to the Coli on Sunday and I’ll hand you a Mickeys Big Mouth or a Whiskey Coke or whatever we got that makes you feel like a man again.

    Raiders have a team this year. It may not be the 2008 Patriots or the 1994 Cowboys or whatever but they are solid, have some pride and are working hard. While i want them to dominate, I am happy to see some progress and bide my time waiting for crazy ole Al to retire.

  • sec144r18

    Here is a poem for those that will be in the parking lot this weekend…

    Oh that my flag should flap in the
    And my tent should stand tall among all others
    That the fragrant scent from my grill should waft with kindness unto all that want to join
    Oh bladder please hold more than my neighbor

    And unto those that would hate I have but one wish
    That he who is a hater, shall not extinguish my flame, but find another

  • ArmChair GM

    # SinceFrankYouellField Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Oh….and one other thing I disagree with. Cable is NOT happy with the players he has on the offensive line. He has been very honest and clear in stating that he yearned for one of the best LT’s in the draft. They were gone at #8, so Raiders took best MLB which they felt was best player available at a position of need.

    I believe that you are right FranyYouell. I believe that Cable really would like to have better players on that line.

    But every time he is asked about acquiring help for that o-line, the propaganda he spews is that we have good, talented guys, and they are improving, and they will be good players, blah, blah, blah.

    Now he may not want to publicly appear to be criticizing his players or he may just be repeating the company line, but he’s the coach and for now we have no choice but to take what he says at face value.

    So since he’s claiming that the o-line is ok, I’m advocating for the D-Line. We still are inconsistent against the run. WE look improved in this area, but inconsistent

    I think Haynesworth would be a force on our D-line to complement the players we already have.

  • ArmChair GM

    Sorry FrankYouell, I misspelled your name in that last post.

  • SinceFrankYouellField


    Your vision of what will happen when Al retires?

  • 831GoldenState

    I have been here thru these last 7 seasons. Its been tough. Where is Kell with that stat?LOL But I always come back. I will always root for this team.

    Thanks Priesttj


    We stand a good chance to win this game.
    Bruce could have been intercepted around three times last week but lucked out. Seems like he’s pushing a little hard. That’s understandable since he could be replaced at any minute.
    That said, the guy moves the chains. Look at the number of first downs. Bruce is the best bet we’ve got given our offensive line.
    We need to use the running game with both McFadden and Bush and get some long drives going and keep their offense off the field.
    Their defense really wears down toward the end of the game.
    Let’s do it!

  • Priesttj, lives amongst the fairy-tales of yesteryear.

  • SinceFrankYouellField

    I think Haynesworth would be a force on our D-line to complement the players we already have.

    ….I would add….”if he wants to be”….

    I don’t think he showed the ambition to play football once he got paid. Team switched to 3-4 and he went spoiled brat on them. Came in both fat and lazy.

    I equate him with the converse of the kids who stayed with Tennessee after Kiffin bailed on them. They certainly had no idea he would leave. I am sure they were saddened, but they have held to their commitment. Hopefully they learned from him how NOT to behave in life. Something about loyalty. Same reason I don’t go off when Priesttj spews hard-line Davis/Raiders propaganda no matter what they do!


    Hey KK:

    We’re taking “Giant Steps” this year and definitely have the “Body and Soul”.

  • JLofty

    Mark takes over, hires a GM.
    I really thought it was going to be last year and he was going to get Holmgren. Remember those Al comments about hiring a Bay Area guy. I hoped it was Big John but he’s pretty old and I believed him when he said he was retiring for real.
    When Al retires. Good things are going to happen. i think there are a lot of people in football who want to see or contribute to restoring this franchise. I think many aren’t willing to work for Al currently. I can’t say I blame them.

  • 831GoldenState

    @ JLofty
    Hell Yeah!!!! This team has heart. The D needs to keep it up and McFadden needs to keep getting those yards.

    I need a Beer right now!!!

  • JLofty

    Jano thumps in the game winner Sunday. Raider fans (all 28K of us) cheer wildly!
    I plan to have me a hyper buzz by gametime. Doubt I will have any voice left come the ride home.

  • SinceFrankYouellField



    Also….if I wasn’t leaving a day early for the Bay Area, I would take you up on the Boomtown Beer!

  • Remember when the Godfather turned it over to Michael?

    It was time, It’s time.

  • SinceFrankYouellField

    I remember it happened when the Godfather decided it was time….and not one second sooner. It was HIS to give or not to give.


    There were 48,000 members of the Nation there last week. FILL that effin stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Make some noise, Raider style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m six thousand miles away but you’ll sure as hell hear ME yelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Plunketthead

    Long Live Al!

  • 831GoldenState

    I plan to have a buzz by the time we get to the coliseum! LOL

  • Long Live, Al.

    Just retire yesterday, baby!

  • SinceFrankYouellField


    You’re late! I got my buzz today!

    OH…..you meant beer…..mine was a haircut. Beer on Sunday!!!!!!!!

  • souldogdave

    Well, Schillens is useless and over.Quit hoping for him, he’s so done, it’s pitiful to even think about him as an option. IR and dump that clown.I hate to think the Raiders are already over, but things look grim.Thank god for Gradkowski,Campbell was a whiff.People are hurt the first month?Meow.

  • Schilens? really? Louis Murphy is the no. 1 DHB is better than Schilens at least he can get on the field . Schilens is the Sam Williams of the offense.

  • BTW Raiders will beat Houston and there marshmello Defense

  • JLofty

    Time for my buzz to get started, outta here.
    Peace bros, have a safe and relaxing weekend.
    Raiders 23 – Flex@ns 17.
    I’ll be in the EndZone (Other Hole) corner front row with my Stabler jersey. The really loud guy.

  • # LA to TheBay Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    Strained it jumping to damn much.
    The first thing I thought of reading the leadin, “jumping around fool”. Stop all the jumping around. i think that’s how Bob strained his hammy, jumping around.