Gallery, McFadden return


Left guard Robert Gallery and running back Darren McFadden were on the field Wednesday as the Raiders concluded warmups and drills and started practice in preparation to face the 49ers.

Although it remains to be seen how much they will practice, Gallery was taking his spot with the first team offensive line during group drills.

Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski was on the field but not participating, wearing his red No. 5 jersey with no pads and without a helmet. He will in all likelihood give way to Jason Campbell Sunday because of an injured right shoulder.

Other injured players who were on the field were cornerback Walter McFadden (hamstring), defensive tackle Tommy Kelly (shoulder) and linebacker Quentin Groves (hamstring).

Among those not participating was defensive tackle John Henderson (stress fracture), running back Michael Bennett (hamstring), linebacker Thomas Howard (knee) and linebacker Travis Goethel (lower back). Goethel was working out with a member of the athletic training staff on a nearby field.

Goethel has declined comment about the specifics of his injury but said last week he was getting closer to getting on the field.

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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