Live blog from Raiders-49ers game here on Sunday


Get instant analysis from the Battle of the Bay as Jerry McDonald keeps you updated during the Raiders vs. 49ers game on Sunday, Oct. 17 at 1 p.m.


Jon Becker

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    Looking at this roster, Miller, Bush, DMAC, Lechler and Seymour are guys that would generate interest. I don’t think anything short of a 1st round pick for any of them (except Lechler) would be worth it. The Raiders will not find a 1st round pick that could replace those players.

    Therefore, you would be entertaining 2nd and 3rd round picks…

  • raidermarty

    C’mon RAIDERS
    Dominate right from the start!!!!!!!!!!

  • morilla

    wow, Gannon looks horrible.

  • morilla

    where is that big arm?