Yearly report of a Raiders fire sale


According to an ESPN report, the Raiders are doing much more than simply playing the 49ers today for a chance to move to 3-3.

Players are instead auditioning for their next place of employment.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, as relayed through Profootballtalk.com reports the Raiders are willing to trade any player. Even cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

This is either the third or fourth straight year that Al Davis is offering up anybody and everybody, I can’t recall.

And we’re still waiting for that first trade deadline salary dump (DeAngelo Hall doesn’t count _ he was released after the deadline).

And good luck getting someone to pick up the third year of Asomugha’s contract _ which pays him $16.8 million or the average of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL.

Asomugha could renegotiate any deal with a new employer of course, but why would he? He’s in line for another megabucks bonanza on the open market while still in his prime _ provided he plays much better than he did in last week’s 35-27 win over San Diego.

Heading over to Candlestick in a few . . .

In the meantime, check out Monte Poole’s column on the merits of a shared stadium with the Raiders and 49ers, an idea pushed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Two thoughts: 1) Once Davis sees Monte is pushing this, it greatly reduces the possibility it ever happening; 2) The 49ers must have been thrilled to see Goodell at a Raiders game last week floating the notion, even while their own proposal in Santa Clara is technically still alive, awaiting only the proper funding.

Here’s my weekly NFL column with the lead item wondering what John Madden was thinking about when he criticized Mike Singletary for yelling at his quarterback. It’s easier to find in the paper than it is on the Internet. I had to go to google news and the Victoria Advocate to find a link. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • djohnnyg

    Raider football for ya. Why don’t they just hand the ball to ’em and let walk in the endzone so we can get the ball back.