Cable Q&A

A transcript of coach Tom Cable’s weekly press briefing with the Bay Area media following a 17-9 loss to the 49ers at Candlestick Park:

Cable: OK, injury update from the game. Samson Satele missed a series in there with some dehydration right at halftime, so just got to back up and some fluids in him. Brandon Myers suffered a concussion. He would be day-to-day and questionable this week. Jason Campbell, did an MRI on the knee, the knee’s fine, does have a little bit of a sprain there but nothing at this point that looks serious.

Q: Is it too early to tell who QB will be this week or have to wait and see how Bruce comes out of it?

Cable: We’ll need to see both come Wednesday, see where they’re both at and then we’ll make a decision and go with it.

Q: Issue with Campbell’s health or is that not an issue?

Cable: Just see where he’s at, he’s pretty sore today. So let’s just see where he’s at come Wednesday.

Q: Is there a scenario where Kyle could be the starter this weekend?

Cable: Oh, absolutely, absolutely.

Q: Overall assessment of the game . . .

Cable: Just what I said yesterday, we’re all very disappointed today. We have the same feeling similar to what we had after the Arizona game, where you felt like you did a lot o things to win a game and didn’t do enough to get it over the hump to do it. You can put your finger on a number of things. We didn’t throw the ball well. Weren’t very good on third down. Weren’t very good in the red zone. Gave up four big plays on defense. Kicking game, pretty solid for the most part, could have done a little better job in the vice in the punt return team, some things like that. But it wasn’t a thing of just going out and executing, making the plays that were there. There was a ton of opportunity in that football game, and we didn’t capitalize on them.

Q: Put finger on third-down problems . . .

Cable: Just decisions, making throws and getting open, and protection, really making decisions and throwing the football, things like that, very fundamental issues.

Q: Lot of things go into getting ball to wideouts, is there anything that jumps out on you more than the other? Is it QBs? Wideouts? Coverage? Hue’s playcalling?

Cable: Nah, nah. I think the first play of the game is a perfect example. We’re going to take a shot to open the game, and you just got to cut that loose, and he ran right by him like we hoped _ and we did get a big play out of it with the pass interference call _ but there’s a chance I think when, when you get a chance to get a big chunk play, you know, to make it happen, and we’re just not doing that. We threw a go-route, we were backed up near the goal line, and just overthrew that one as well. I think the plays are there. I think it shows up on film that they were there, but we’re just not executing, whether it’s a throw or whether it’s a route.

Q: How would you assess Campbell’s performance?

Cable: He struggled. It is what it is. He struggled with some things. There were times early in the game where I thought the protection around him was a little shaky but it seemed to improve as the game went. He did some nice things making plays with his feet. But at the same time you have to make some of those plays more often than what we’re doing right now.

Q: When Campbell was hobbling around with nine minutes left, no thought of taking him out?

Cable: No, it wasn’t something we had even talked about. For us, it was just a play away, a play away, a play away. And you’re trying to get to the right play, and your team in position for the right play. But that’s not good enough.

Q: Were Niners doing something special to take away Zach Miller?

Cable: No.

Q:Any explanation on that losing a 14-yard play to a challenge that isn’t allowed?

Cable: The explanation was that the flag was on the ground before the ball was snapped. That’s all I got.

Q:But don’t they have to stop the play?

Cable: Yes. By rule, that’s the way it should be done. It was not stopped. It was ran to completion before anything was ever said about it. But their explanation was that the flag was on the ground prior to the ball being snapped.

Q: How come you couldn’t get running game untracked?

Cable: I think we were playing too high on the line of scrimmage. They are a very physical front 7 but we knew that. They didn’t do anything that surprised us or tricked us. Just a lack of pad level and finishing blocks.

Q: But it seemed you did some good things early with the run thenit tailed off . . .

Cable: The thing about running the ball is consistency. If you start out decent, usually you get better and better from there. For us, it just seemed like we got higher and higher from there. And that’s really a negative. Running the ball for 2 or 3 yards in the first quarter becomes 3 or 4 yards in the second quarter and so on as the game goes. You’re just not able to maintain that.

Q: How much did it hurt not to have a change-of-pace back when things were going slow with Bush?

Cable: It would help to have the ability to do that this week with either Michael or Darren, or even both of them. So it won’t be an issue for us this week. More than anything, Michael is a proven runner and a very good one. You gotta give him enough seam to run it. He can use that big body to break tackles and get through to the secondary. I just think that the seams were there and they just shut down too quick. That’s a product of not finishing blocks.

Q: Who would third back have been?

Cable: We wouldn’t have had one. We would have put Marcel Reece back there, would have been the third.

Q: Were receivers getting open?

Cable: I thought we had some guys open. I thought there were some times where we could have run better routes and give ourselves a chance to have some better windows to throw the ball to.

Q: How was the pass rush?

Cable: Just what you thought. You had some physical rush from 90 and 94 and all the speed from the outside backers.

Q: No, the Raiders pass rush . . .

Cable: Kind of hot and cold. Production at times and there were other times when we needed more and didn’t get it. We bothered him all day and we hit him a lot and rushed him. To categorize it sack wise, not enough. But when you talk about just pure pressure and disruption it was pretty good.

Q: First play was a flea-flicker and it’s to Murphy, end around is to Murphy, deep pass out of end zone to Murphy, any reason it’s not Heyward-Bey on any of those plays?

Cable: On the go route, he’s the guy on the other side. He didn’t have a step on his guy like Louis did. I don’t know that there’s really any explanation that way. I know we’ve run the reverse with Darrius early in the year. Maybe there’s more of that to come. I don’t know that it’s worth singling anything out that way. It’s kind of what the defense is giving you and the way it’s set up.

Q: Get burned in zone so why play it?

Cable: Certainly after the play like the big post you sit there and say Mman, I wish we were playing man there.’ But that’s an easy check and it’s an easy read. You just have to get to the post as a secondary player. It’s mot a difficult thing but we didn’t do it.

Q: How was run defense?

Cable: The long run obviously we just didn’t play it right, getting over the top of the fullback. There was another counter play we could have come under it outside backer, it would have really squeezed it, made it a 2-yard play. They’re disappointing because the rest of the game you’re knocking it dead, knocking it dead, knocking it dead. But you can’t let up, not at this level. Unfortunately we did on a couple of plays.

Q: Any chance on Raiders being active before trade deadline?

Cable:I don’t at this point know that, what the plan would be in terms of that. Certainly it wouldn’t surprise me if we do something. We’ll see what the next 24 hours bring.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Rybones

    Let’s be real gentlemen. We can pick apart our team for days, as well as the coaching situation. But the proof is in the pudding…without an above average quarterback, we will never see a championship. Gannon=MVP=Superbowl appearance. Gradkowski, Campbell, Russel, Collins, Brooks A.,Walter, Frye…do I really need to continue. Put Big Ben, McNabb, Rivers, Manning X2 on this team and we flourish. Until then, we won’t be competeing. Raider fan for 30yrs and its pathetic we havent landed a stud quarterback in that time. But hey, we’ll keep our fingers crossed right?