Boller, Campbell and . . . Shane


As the Raiders went through a walkthrough portion of practice Wednesday before getting serious, Kyle Boller and Jason Campbell were both getting reps with the first team.

Bruce Gradkowski was on hand but a spectator and made no throws. Also working under center was punter Shane Lechler, a high school quarterback and owner of one of the best throwing arms on the team.

The Raiders have not as yet brought in another quarterback.

Running back Darren McFadden went through the walk-through portion splitting reps with Michael Bush, but the plays were at far from the “burst” pace McFadden talked about Monday.

Among those not present were defensive tackle John Henderson (stress fracture), wide receiver Chaz Schilens (knee), linebacker Travis Goethel (lower back), tight end Brandon Myers (concussion) and linebacker Thomas Howard (knee).

More to come following coach Tom Cable’s press briefing . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just Fire Baby

    We seem to be relatively dead in the woods annually and drift into Denver and pull out a W or at least a close loss.

  • Just Fire Baby

    DHB with all his speed has turned into a possession receiver with possessing issues.

    Murphy is our big-play guy (with his own set of issues)

  • From Tafur:
    Jared Veldheer seemed to get every snap with 1st team, as he may have beaten out Mario Henderson.

  • aig-raiders

    Kimbo Mitchell….Keep it up buddy.

    Gutierrez: Mitchell Taking Note of NFL’s Crackdown
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    Oct. 20, 2010

    Paul Gutierrez
    CSN California

    ALAMEDA – Mike Mitchell was appealing to the Raiders in the 2009 draft out of Ohio, in part, due to his reputation as a game-changing big hitter in the mold of Jack Tatum.

    Whether or not the second-year strong safety has reminded anyone in Silver and Blackdom of the late “Assassin” is besides the point. But Mitchell is coming off the two best games of his young career. And, with his physical style of play, Mitchell has taken a special interest in the NFL’s cracking down of illegal hits this week.

    “They’ve got to do what they’ve got to do to keep it safe,” Mitchell said. “Especially this week, there’s been a lot of injuries and that’s the main thing for guys. We’re not out here to hurt each other and get hurt. This is a game we play for fun. It’ a game we love. So obviously, there has to be rules to protect us.”

    Three players – Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison, New England safety Brandon Meriweather and Atlanta cornerback Dunta Robinson – were each fined by the NFL on Tuesday for “dangerous and flagrant hits” this past weekend. Harrison was docked $75,000 for his blow on Cleveland receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, while Meriwether, who hit Baltimore tight end Todd Heap, and Robinson, who knocked himself out along with Philadelphia receiver DeSean Jackson, were slapped with $50,000 fines. An upset Harrison is reportedly contemplating retirement.

    “I think we’ve got to watch to make sure we’re not taking away from players’ aggressiveness, but I definitely agree that we have to have these steps taken to crack down a little bit and make this thing a little safer. I just hope that one day, we’re not playing flag football,” Mitchell said.

    Two Sundays ago, Mitchell as lauded for his coverage of San Diego’s All-World tight end Antonio Gates. Three days ago, he shadowed the 49ers’ Vernon Davis. Mitchell’s thoughts?

    “Well, Vernon didn’t have a catch this week on me so I guess that’ an improvement,” Mitchell said with a smile. “I gave up one against Gates and I gave up none this week…I just want to keep getting better, keep progressing.

    “The coaches and the players on my team, I think I’m gaining their respect, slowly but surely. I just got to keep working and find out what I didn’t do good last week and improve going into this next game. That’s what this thing’s about – 16 games, every week you’ve just got to keep getting a little better.”

    So I asked Mitchell if there was any chance of a letdown this week going against Denver’s relatively unheralded tight end duo of Daniel Graham and Dan Gronkowski.

    “Uh, no,” Mitchell said with another grin. “Because I don’t have a name yet and I’m trying to develop a name as being a good player in this league. So every opponent I face, I’m getting up for.

    “This is the NFL. It’s the best of the best. There are no slouches or any bums or anything like that. Everyone is going to be a great player so every week I’m bringing my “A” Game and, you know, we’ll just let the chips fall where they may.”

  • Just Fire Baby

    Jared Veldheer seemed to get every snap with 1st team, as he may have beaten out Mario Henderson.


    That was the most pathetic “fight” for a job since Jimmy and Timmy duked it out on South Park.

  • elvesandplums168

    Jimmy and Timmy’s fight was entertaining though. Seeing our qbs get murked, not so much

  • 99.elvesandplums168 Says:
    October 20th, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    I’m kind of new to this forum, but now I think I’m getting it now. KoolKell is the negative Nancy right?
    Lets’s hear some of your happy talk………..

  • kareemabduljabbar

    i am happy boller is sharing reps with num ones but i dont think jared v is ready for full time lt

  • elvesandplums168

    just read some of my prior posts. you have some good points but some of them, not so much

  • kareemabduljabbar

    99. i think your right. too many people in hear that claim to be fans of the team but use this site as a popularity contest like social networking or sumthing. im close to being done with it but may continue to read jerrys articles as they are always top notch elvesandplums

  • elvesandplums168

    I used to be a David White reader myself but ever since that bozo Vitto came aboard Jerry has really stepped up his game. He is on top of his beat

  • aig-raiders

    This guy should be our next HC. Too funny.

    Mike Zimmer on Bobby Petrino: “He’s a gutless bastard”
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on October 20, 2010 4:03 PM ET
    Let’s just say Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer doesn’t look back fondly on his days coaching under Bobby Petrino in Atlanta.

    “He’s a gutless bastard. Quote that. I don’t give a s—,” Zimmer said Wednesday, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

    When Zimmer was told that responsible news organization may not be able to use “bastard,” Zimmer responded:

    “How about this, gutless MF. You can use that.” (Awesome. Much appreciated.)

    Petrino famously didn’t tell any of his assistants that he was leaving Atlanta for the head coaching job at Arkansas. On Sunday, Zimmer’s Bengals face a Falcons team that has been almost completely remade since 2007, especially on defense.

    Meanwhile, the “gutless bastard” has Arkansas back in the top 25 in college football.

  • Why don’t you guys try one of the booster blogs, you can get all the happy talk you want there.

  • kareemabduljabbar

    112. mike zimmer is a very good defensive coach but i like tom cable as the head man. this ship is slowing turning around but that over the hump line is wearing me thin aig-raid

  • elvesandplums168

    you seem to be quite the Raider fan when you chat with Jerry

  • kareemabduljabbar

    113. one commenter here told me to talk to you because we may have a lot in common as we are close to the same age. how old r u koolkell

  • kareemabduljabbar and elvesandplums168, I’m quite sure have been posting here for awhile.

    Who were you before the name change?

  • elvesandplums168

    I just created a log in not too long ago. Got sick of Vitto’s non-informative articles


    Watching the games in a sportsbook in Reno last weekend. Line on the Raid game is teetering between 6.5 and 7. Decide I’m gonna bet the Raids at plus 7 bcz the I’m convinced there’s no way it can go higher and there’s no way I want to get hooked if I bet em at 6.5 and the whiners win by 7.

    Get my bet in and wait. Surprisingly, the line goes to 7.5. Now I’m pissed I didn’t wait and get the extra half point. Then the line moves to 8. And then to 8.5 !
    Someone or some syndicate is really pounding that number. Can’t be just the local whiner fans moving the line that much.

    Anyway, I’m convinced the Raids will cover getting 8.5 even though I figure Campbell blows and they won’t score much. So I double up on them +8.5 and luckily split on my bets.

    Eventually the line settled at 8 and it made me happy that the book got sided and middled by bettors taking the whiners anywhere from -6.5 to -8 and by the bettors that moved the line back down when it hit 8.5

    In my opinion Campbell was sacked for a safety late in that game and the whiners should have won by 10. That blown call enabled a few late Raider bettors to cash tickets.

  • elvesandplums168

    Either way, I know you are a Raider fan even though you try to hate on them as much as you can

  • kareemabduljabbar

    im 63 and i remember the greats like fred b ted h gene u and willie

  • 120.elvesandplums168 Says:
    October 20th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Either way, I know you are a Raider fan even though you try to hate on them as much as you can
    Don’t be childish, I’ve followed the Raiders since childhood. Criticizing a losing team is not hate. It’s disapointment.

  • aig-raiders


    I dunno brother. I’ve seen enough drama to know that Tom Cable is fighting an uphill battle. It’s going to be tough for TC this year. My prediction was 4-5 at the bye week. If he wins 2 of the next 3, his job is safe. I think our team will be much healthier after the bye week. Not sure if JaPuke and Boller can get us 2 wins in the next 3 weeks. Grad’s injury is playing huge.

  • elvesandplums168

    they are dissapointing and they do deserve most of the criticisms they get, but im just saying, many of us felt like this before the san diego game too. I guess i just have blind faith in them

  • Al Davis is NOT God.

    Al Davis. I know he’s an historic figure in American sports. I know he now cuts a sad, pathetic figure. But really, the guy is a jerk.

    He used to sit in the press box in the old Mile High Stadium and spew profanities. Mike Shanahan once told me jaw-dropping stories (off the record) about how Davis cruelly mistreated people.

    I remember covering a Super Bowl at Reliant Stadium in Houston. I was getting into the huge press elevator when Davis and his entourage arrived. Al’s henchmen made me take the next elevator because “Mr. Davis isn’t sharing this elevator.”

    Read more: Broncos fans love to hate the Raiders, but why? – The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_16377597#ixzz12w5xAuaQ

  • They beat Pitt & Cincy last year and still wound up at 5-11.

  • elvesandplums168

    what do u think this weekend’s score will be?

  • kokomo

    Weekend’s score depends on which Raider team shows up. If the oe against Niners, it’ll be 10-35 Denver. If the one against SD or Arizona, it’ll be 27-20 Raiders

  • raiderdeek

    Somebody call Jeff George…that’s how badly I don’t want to see Campbell on Sunday.

    If Campbell starts the score this weekend is 31-10 (TD in junk time), with only a 5% chance that we win the game. If Boller starts, the score will be 24-17, with a 25% chance we win the game. If Grads started, I’d say we are in the game for 4 quarters as usual but this doesn’t seem like the case. Jeff George stars, 31-28 after throwing 3 TDS but 4 pick-6s and 1 pick that leads to a fg.

  • raiderdeek

    In order of who i want to start on Sunday:

    1) Boller, 2)a left handed Gradkowski, 3) Lechler, 4) Jeff George, 6) Janikowski (at least it would provide laughs to mask the misery), 7) Campbell, 8)Jawalrus

  • Norco Bob

    You fans heard the latest rumor?…I actually see this as a real possibility…Majic Johnson sellin off his coffee shops and whatever else, Laker stock,…looking to buy into the Oakland Raiders,…guess where Ervin and Amy would like them to be playing?….yep, youre right. Cue the Randy Newman music…and no, I wont be attending all home games when that happens…guess when they leave I will not be a mini plan season ticket holder for the Warriors, I will just get the entire season plan. Let the Keith Smart era begin!

  • After all these “Re-Building years”, the
    Raiders are STILL # 30 in Run Defense, 149 yds per game.

    Why don’t things ever get fixed on this team?

  • waklaboo

    DeuceDeuce Says:
    October 20th, 2010 at 2:30 pm
    Have we called a WR screen to DHB yet this year…

    If Desean Jackson can return punts then DHB can return kicks. Hes gotta be as fast or faster than Ginn.
    But he has to catch the ball first. Drops His Balls.

  • 12:09

    [Comment From KoolKellKoolKell: ]
    Jerry, with all the isms, edicts, philosophies of Al Davis etched on Stone Tablets, how can anyone hold the HC accountable for the Raiders performances?
    Tuesday October 19, 2010 12:09 KoolKell


    Why even have one then?
    In other words, “and your point is”?
    Even Jmac clowns you.

  • elvesandplums168

    ^^^ hahaha get em

  • montanaraidersfan

    Re-sign Colt Brennan.