Cable Q&A


A transcription of Wedensday’s press briefing with Raiders coach Tom Cable

Cable: OK, we’ll start with Murphy, he did not practice, he has a chest, there’s a contusion in the chest in the lung area, and is doubtful for this game. Schilens did not practice with the knee. Gallery did not practice, got a sore calf, it does not appear to be serious and should go tomorrow. Satele practiced limited. Michael Bennett practiced limited. Zach Miller practiced limited. Michael Bennett practiced limited. Zach Miller practiced, he’s got a sore arch in his foot. Gradkowski did more today than he did last week, but still limited. Goethel is back on the practice field limited. Howard practiced limited. Wimbley (groin) practiced limited. John Henderson did not practice. Shaughnessy practiced limited. Hiram Eugene has a sore pec and was limited today and Chris Johnson did not practice.

Q: Any idea how long term the Murphy injury could be?

Cable: It could be a couple weeks.

Q: Who would start in place?

Cable: We’ll, between Jacoby and Johnnie Lee, Nick Miller will obviously get in the rotation, but I would say those two, Jacoby and Johnnie Lee.

Q: Will that change how you do offense, lean more on running, involve Zach and running backs more, or try get those guys up to speed?

Cable: No, I made the comment the other day when I got asked, Jacoby has caught up to him, if you will, so I think he’s fine. Johnnie Lee has proven he can do it. We will not go one way or the other, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

Q: Any progress with Chaz?

Cable: There is progress, it’s just slow. But there is progress.

Q: Did he have a second surgery since the one back in camp?

Cable: No.

Q: Murphy had five catches the last three games, do you need more production out of young wideouts or are they doing things in terms of blocking and opening up other things. Do you need more catches and yards?

Cable: I think we’d always like get more out of our skill players, for sure. We like ‘em and we think they bring a lot to the table, but I think it always has to be the opportunities have got to be there. We’ve got to throw it to them, we’ve got to put them in position to do that. Really, they’re doing a great job, they’re blocking and when we’ve asked them to go make a play we’ve been able to do that. I just don’t think maybe enough.

Q: Did Gradkowski do better job of getting ball to wide receivers than Campbell?

Cable: No, I think it’s more of what teams are giving us. At that same, there have been opportunities to get more them more opportunities, or plays with the ball. We’re stressing that. We want to get that done.

Q: Jason starting Sunday?

Cable: Let’s talk about that Thursday or Friday.

Q:Was Demola Adenaji on the field?

Cable: Yes, he is an addition to the practice squad. And we released Joseph.

Q: Is John Henderson’s situation clearing up at all?

Cable: Yes. We’re improving. He is in and out of the boot now. So we have a chance next week.

Q: Have you played a team yet that has defined itself as winning by special teams like Seahawks do?

Cable: No, and in fact we talked about it as a staff and I don’t know if we’ve seen this ever, really. They have four wins and they’re doing good things on both sides of the ball, but their special teams has impacted three of those wins to a great, great degree.

Q: Schneider was here, is he doing things for them he did for you guys?

Cable: Yeah, they’re really well-coached and play extremely fast. That’s become a trademark of that football team. And if you know anything about Pete and his mantra if you will, its playing fast and practicing fast and their special teams. They kind of fall right in line with that.

Q: How do they look different now than in preseason?

Cable It’s different because you’re trying to win games now; you’re not trying to evaluate your team. They’re very good up the middle defensively. No question about that. Good middle linebacker. The two inside tackles are tough, tough guys and the two ends are good pass rushers, And they have a good secondary. The safety from Texas (Earl Williams) is a fine player.

Q: What do you recall about Mike Williams’ time here?

Cable: I coached against him when I was at UCLA, and he could take over a game. He knew how to use his body and really was a competitive guy going after the football. For whatever reason, coming from college to the NFL kind of got lost in some of that. But I think he’s regained that. He is certainly showing kind of the old Mike Williams from before. He’s catching everything, using his body the right way, looks to be in great shape. However he came to it, he’s got himself right and he’s playing well.

Q: Are there things you can do with Marcel that you cant do with other FBs?

Cable: I think there is a skill set there that every week we try to grow it and do something with it, and he’s responded everything we’ve asked him to do. The thing that I see him getting better at is truly playing the fullback position in the backfield, he’s starting to strike people and finishing more blocks; his fits, his understanding, protection, those kinds of things, he’s doing a fine job.

Q: Marcel has been getting tips from defensive players regarding blocking, etc. Is that important?

Cable: I think so. I think anytime – do this a lot with linemen, talk to them about what they’re trying to running a game or what they’re trying to do rushing the passer or how they’re playing the blocks. I think that bodes well for any young player in this league. If you get a chance to sit down with them at lunch or in between a walk-through in practice, whatever, and pick their brain. Find out, learn more about your trade by trying to understand what they’re trying to do back to you.

Q: How are Chris Johnson and Shaughnessy?

Cable: Shanughnessy was limited and Chris did not practice.”

Q: An issue with concussion protocol?

Cable:“Yes, as does Satele. All those guys.

Q: Chris Johnson didn’t seem to be feeling bad Monday . . .

Cable: He does feel fine. A little bit of a headache. He doesn’t feel bad or anything like that. You just have to go through the proper protocol.

Q: If Murphy can’t play, will Darrius’ role change, will it be expanded?

Cable: I think it has to. Whenever you get an injury at a position everyone has got to step it up. Look for whoever goes in in Louis’ place to step it up as well as the guy already in there, Darrius and those guys who have been playing, Johnnie Lee. We’ve got to get more out of everybody now.”

Q: Darrius won’t change spots?

Cable: No.

Q: Is Darrius over the flu?

Cable: He’s fine now.

Q: It seems like your special teams get up for games against other special teams considered to be good. Sense they’re fired up to go against Seattle?

Cable: You have to. First of all you have to point out the fact you brought up. They’re 4-2 and leading their division, and three of the four wins have come specific from their teams. So much of an NFL team is involved in special teams. So when you make that statement, you’re really talking to your whole football team.

Q: What does Marshawn Lynch add to the Seahawks’ offense?

Cable: Power. Stength, power. Forsett’s a fine back, but you’re getting a guy that’s a tough tackle. You’ve got to wrap him up, and you’ve got to put helmets on him.

Q: Did Jason take all the reps today?

Cable: No, Kyle worked, too.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • ArchiveTony

    Wow, I always thought the Raiders were the one’s trolling this site, and why they are allowed to continue.
    ?? why would anyone not be allowed? it’s a blog.

  • Just Fire Baby

    LMAO at all the conspiracy theories.

    Jerry is just trying to write a piece on Raider fans, and tie in the economy and lack of ticket sales and see if he can get some on the record testimonials that either do or don’t show a correlation between the two.

  • lefty12

    KK,you are allowed to post the exact same drivel over and over,so why shouldn’t others to be allowed to do whatever they wish?

  • SnB Production

    Why all the negativity? I was telling some friends of mine how pumped up I am that this team is in it at the half way point for the 1st time in 8 years.

    You guys that live in within 3 hours of that stadium need to get there. Period!

    And as you all know, I don’t drink much kool-aid…

    Team has a lot of flaws…and many of you know where I think they are….but this team right now deserves a full stadium.

    The bottom line is if they win this thing they are .500 and in the thick of it.

  • SnB Production

    Now with that said…if DHB is going to start…will he please get some receptions….good grief

  • ArchiveTony Says:
    October 27th, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    Wow, I always thought the Raiders were the one’s trolling this site, and why they are allowed to continue.
    ?? why would anyone not be allowed? it’s a blog.
    Because they get away with the name-calling b.s. that I would get banned for, that’s why.

  • EMRaiders

    I think this is a good idea Jerry. A good way to get feed back from the source about why tickets are not selling, is it the stadium, economy, or performance? Plus it would be a good way to find out if a new stadium might increase sales as well.

    Personally, I think the reason for low ticket sales is. 1 – performance, 2 – economy, 3 – stadium. People are simply not willing to spent as much on a product that is not going to be worth it. People want to pay for things that makes them feel good, and frankly, watching this team lose sometimes leaves you pissed and depressed. Specially when they play nowhere near a professional level. And that has been the case for 7-8 years now. At first you hold hope that it will change, but after a while you realize you are just throwing money away.

    I’m all for supporting you team no matter what, but when money is tight and you have to choose between tickets and rent/mortgage, the choice becomes easier when you know all you’ll be missing out on is a bad feeling of disdain.

    Regardless, good story to write Jerry, I’m hoping you post your results on this site.

  • hwnrdr

    I can tell you this…I’ve only been a season ticket holder for 5 years now…unfortunately, my first year was the Art Shell year…wasn’t really too thrilled with him in 89, definitely not thrilled with what happened in ’06…but this is what I can say…
    I renewed my tix after the first day of the draft. But I told my friend that if we do another 5-11 or worse…I am not renewing the tix! I am just tired of spending the money year after year for 2 wins a year. I love going to games, because I love tailgating, but with the new $33 parking, I’m scratching my head on that one! So far The Raiders have gave the fans at home 2 out of 3 victories…if we win this Sunday…I think the blackout is lifted next week against KC! We beat KC, I just may renew next year!!!

  • JLofty

    KK, Perhaps the self inflicted bans are justified if under-utilized.

    Young gun wideouts need to step up! The Seapigeons are going to stack the box. Kids are going to get some one on chances. Need to convert those to TDs….
    I hope some these guys listed as injured are gunna go. Shonasty?!? Can’t afford to lose him or have him diminished. Could really use Big JohnH back too.

  • JLofty

    The problem with ticket sales is dispair. The team has been maddeningly poor, often times at home. That Donkey game last year I screamed my guts out at JMR. And McFumble. They were awful. Coming up with $250 to come 3.5 hrs from out of state spend the night and be away from the fam for 36 hrs isn’t easy to cough up but then to have the team not even show up for the game, well that’s unacceptable.
    At least the Texans game we came down for was competitive and worth watching. That’s all we want, a competitive team that shows up week in/week out.
    Peace boys.

  • SnB Production

    The problem is downright awful uncompetitive football. Tough to attend games when things are over by week 4…as it was the last few years…who wanted to sit through blowout after blowout and lethargic effort.

    This team has managed to compete in every game this year except the 1st one. And that with no real QB, and playing with one less receiver….

    They deserve your support this week

  • lefty12

    KK is always on here trying to debunk conspiracy theories yet is always claiming there is a conspiracy against him.

  • hwnrdr

    I feel ya JLofty…I’m originally from Hawaii and moved here to the Bay Area. I live an hour from the Coliseum…but I made it a point for the first 5 years here to at least make one game to show support for my team. Then they dropped that stupid PSLs and it made me sign up for season tix…but I’ll easily give it up after this year if the team continues to follow up a huge win with a WTF? loss…I give you props for driving 3 and half hours out of state to go to the game. Those 36 hours away from family must be hard…but like I said, I only live an hour away, and that drive home after a stupid loss where there were no competitiveness from the team sucked just as bad!

  • JLofty Says:
    October 27th, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    KK, Perhaps the self inflicted bans are justified if under-utilized.
    Look, I base my posts on facts & figures. And those facts & figures do not support Al Davis as GM. Some people don’t like it, make insults, and I respond in their language.

    You say it’s a public blog, I say the same. Just let the standards be equal.

  • EMRaiders

    I mentioned yesterday. This would be a good week to experiment with McF out in the slot. Run formations where we have 2WRs, 2RBs, and 1TE, have the second RB block and send McF in motion. Then you can either free up Miller or have him help block in some plays since Seattle likes to blitz. This way we get good protection with a TE and a RB, as well as a good receiving threat. If DHB has to be the #1 target, then so be it, but at least give him a decent #2 with Nick or Zack or McF.

    I’m not sold on Ford over Nick, but either of those two over JLH is a lock. Now if JLH comes out and proves me wrong, then so be it, but I really want to see what Nick has to offer. He just looks like a baller and reminds me a lot of Welker.

  • hwnrdr

    Hey Kel,
    In support…I used to love Big Al…back in the 70’s and 80’s…maybe a little into the 90’s, but I no longer think he can do it as a GM anymore and have thought that way for quite some time now…I don’t wish death on the man, but know that he won’t step down either! I support the Raiders and always will…unfortunately, Al Davis runs this team still and may have to endure more frustration…but as fans…what can we do? Don’t want him to sell because it may lead to moving the team or sharing the stadium with the 9ers…don’t want to see that…

  • Guy

    I don’t really sick the Welker connection besides for both being small and undrafted. Sure they both have good hands, but Nick is a lot faster than Welker. Welker is more of a quick guy that will go and catch one over the middle and take a big hit. Pretty much every pass we’ve seen Miller get has been a vertical route and nothing really down the middle.

  • Guy

    Miller does look good though

  • lefty12

    I can understand the lack of sellouts,but I can’t understand the ‘original’ part of the coliseum not selling out except for the fact that the 3rd deck is taken over by the ‘gangsta’ element plus the speakers in the south end zone will leave ones ears ringing and with an excruciating headache by halftime-used to have season tickets there,now if that is the only place single game tickets are available-forget it.Mt. Davis is a joke.It is like being in an airplane and looking down at the ants on the ground so I understand why those tickets are difficult to pan off on anyone.

  • Guy

    Woops see not sick sorry haha

  • hwnrdr

    Miller has shown that he CAN catch the ball while being covered…haha…and he is what? 5’9?

  • EMRaiders

    I think it has to do with his quickness. And the way he plays. He goes for the ball the same way Welker does. I’ve been saying this since we first got him on the team, before the shins. I don’t know, he just does to me.

    Though I do think that if we used him a lot more as a short to mid range middle of the field possession receiver … a la Welker… he might excel. Could be wrong, but that’s just what I see. Would be good to find out.

    Hopefully we’ll get a better and longer look at him this weekend.

  • Marcel has shown he could catch too!

  • EMRaiders

    Yes, I am really excited about Marcel. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good FB that we can use as a receiving threat as well. The more weapons we have on the field the better we’ll be. We just have to use them properly.

  • And he’s 6’3″!!

  • aig-raiders

    W’s are looking good tonite. The people that wanted to trade Monte are crazy.

    Mike Williams has Al Davis project written all over him. A resurrection project for a former first rounder. It was a shame we had to cut him. Let’s see how Nnamdi matches up.

  • aig-raiders

    A better comparison for Nick Miller should be a poor man’s Steve Smith. Not saying he will turn out like Smith but he plays on the outside and going deep with about the same size and speed. The guy is a football playa!!!

  • EMRaiders

    You know what I want to see, is Lamarr Houston play the way he did in the preseason.

  • Houston only has ONE sack this year!

  • SnB Production

    79.EMRaiders Says:
    October 27th, 2010 at 9:00 pm
    You know what I want to see, is Lamarr Houston play the way he did in the preseason.

    True, but preseason means little. Its so vanilla compared to the regular season…..Houston is learning. He needs to keep playing

  • EMRaiders

    Agreed about Houston. I just wish he would already… he was a beast then.

  • lefty12

    “Houston is learning.He needs to keep playing.”Funny how your philosophy changes if it concerns a player you like or support.What happened to the ‘I want the guys who produce to play’ statement?

  • Culebra

    Hey Jerry, who the hell is Earl Williams? you mean Earl Thomas.

  • SnB Production

    Houston is producing on the field. He stripped the ball against Denver and ran it back for a would be touchdown. He’s putting decent games together.

    DHB? He’s not doing ANYTHING!

  • ArchiveTony

    part of being a good head coach is knowing when to make the call. could be the call to motivate a player, discipline a player. could be when to throw the red flag. as importantly is the call when to get players playing time. seems a lot of players would have benefited in the 4th quarter lst Sun, getting snaps. not many did.

  • hwnrdr

    According to NFL.com…Raiders are the #1 rushing team in terms of yards, 4th in terms of yards per game…on the flip side…we are 25th against the run (a lot has to do with Denver not running the ball last week)…our per game average on both offense and defense are just about the same…interesting! DMac is #4…

  • hwnrdr

    9th overall offense…not bad compared to years past…

  • SnB Production

    I don’t hate DHB, but come on? He is behind Louis Murphy, he is behind some 100+ other receivers he is just behind.

    Then, when he does makes some catches, its only because Gradkowski force fed him some 15 passes.

    I want to see DHB succeed. I know you don’t believe me here. But I see what I see….and I just don’t see him suddenly lighting it up.

    I am talking about just being a contributor (less that clear out stuff). Going games with 1 catch or 0 catches….get me Miller, Ford or JLH and give them a crack at it with these QBs

  • hwnrdr

    Sorry…30th against the run, 25th in total D…

  • SnB Production

    Fabian Washington getting dismantled by Mike Mayock on NFL Playbook.

    Al got it right getting rid of him

  • We’re ranked 18th in B/R Power Rankings!

  • Thanx Hwnrdr. On another matter, I like Lamarr Houston. He’s a powerful young man, and plays with intensity.

    McClain made a few plays last week, too. Maybe he’s gettin his mojo.

  • lefty12

    I agree Houston should be playing,but I’m pretty sure he didn’t strip the ball on that fumble.

  • Guy

    Houston was brought in to stop the run more than rush the passer, not to say he shouldn’t be getting sacks though. I can’t say I pay enough attention to notice if hes doing a good job holding his point in the run though. I usually have to rewind if I bother watching that.

  • priesttj

    SnB is a chronic complainer he will look for the negative side of Jesus Christ.

  • lefty12

    So if one guy is open and they keep throwing the ball in his direction they are force feeding him,yet if a different player keeps getting passes thrown his way it’s because he is doing his job.OK,I think I get it now.

  • djohnnyg

    I can’t believe we have some so called “fans” criticizing the Raiders for scoring too much on Sunday. These same people continually rip on the team for an anemic offense but when they DO finally put it together for a game, they are reamed for showing a lack of class by scoring too much.

    I guess the problem is these people in reality hate the Raiders but every so often wil refer to them as “WE” when positing an opinion on schemes, game planning, etc.. so as to give justification as to why they are pathetically addicted to a blog of a team they have nothing but venomous hatred for.

    These ones will say anything outrageous if they feel they are not getting enough attention. That’s the juice for these ones. It’s sad really.

  • lefty12

    Nicely put Dj.I have to laugh when I see some of these guys refer to the Raiders as ‘we’.

  • djohnnyg

    92.r8eray Says:
    October 27th, 2010 at 9:33 pm
    We’re ranked 18th in B/R Power Rankings!

    What is “B/R” if I may ask?

  • This is whats going to happen to Seattle’s D!