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As part of a weekend story on Raiders ticket sales, I’m looking to talk to season ticket holders or former season ticket holders about their experiences.

In the case of those fans who no longer attend, do the reason have to do more with the economy, the facility, the atmosphere or is it simply the on-field product?

If you are or used to be a season ticket holder or used to be a season ticket holder and would consent to being interviewed, send me an e-mail at jmcdonald@bayareanewsgroup.com so we can set up a time to talk on Thursday or early Friday. I am seeking on-the-record sources, meaning your first and last name and city of residence would be used.

Trancription of coach Tom Cable’s press briefing to come shortly . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Oakland_raiders


  • Jerry

    23,000 Season Ticket holders is a direct reflection of the lack of public confidence in Al Davis, now run and tell that.

  • Midwest Fan

    Wish I could be a ticket holder. Living in the midwest rules that out.

  • Jerry

    23,000 Season Ticket holders is a direct reflection of the lack of public confidence in Al Davis, now run and tell that.

    But I’m sure you will try to spin the story to the contrary for the benefit of your lord and master.

  • 100PercentRaider

    Its fairly obvious why there are no fans in the seats. The stadium is decrepit, the team has been consistently awful for 7 years, the fans dont like upper management and after all that, why would you pay $60 minimum to go watch a bad product when money is tight? Win some games, maybe you will start to get fans in the seats. A general manager wouldnt hurt either.

  • JLofty

    I would guess E: all of the above.
    But least the facility. The Coli while not exactly a piece of architectural majesty has NEVER been given as a reason not to go to a Raider game by anyone in the Nation I know or have seen. Never.
    I live a bit far away and have MANY things competing for my time/money. An NFL game is fairly large commitment. I mean $35 for PARKING?
    The NFL needs to relearn how to compete and offer a compelling live experience. The games live lack tempo due to the ever growing number of commercial timeouts and such.

  • McClain

    I was a season ticket holder for the last few years. I haven’t been to a game since the end of last season, and the biggest reason is team performance. I’ve taken a “show me” position. If they win Sunday, I’ll be in a seat November 7th. If they finish the season at .500, I’ll probably come back next year.

  • Candlestick park is waaaaay worse than the Oakland Coliseum, and they’re games are never blacked out.

    Although management doesn’t constantly give the fans the finger either.

  • McClain

    The concrete jungle in Oakland isn’t bad. I go to watch football and tailgate, not marvel at the stadium. The $35 for parking is rediculous

  • You guys make me sick,
    If the tickets are to expensive for you, you get a pass.
    The rest of you are fair weather fans indeed.
    Section 110 row 30, rain/shine.
    It is what is done on Sundays in the fall/winter months if you are a Raider fan.

  • priesttj

    KK why are you scared the reports might be more positive than you hope? I’ve never seen a Raider fan care about that kind of stuff like you do it’s like you have some stake in it.

    Let him do his job and let the chips fall where they may. Fans will let him know.

  • 100PercentRaider

    I think the stadium is very much a problem. The Raiders are fortunate that Candlestick is even worse that the Coliseum, just look at the A’s and Giants. Giants got a new stadium and half the A’s fans converted, and now the colisuem cant fill up. If there was a better option, there would be even less fans in teh seats

  • plowery1

    Here’s my take on the low attendance. For starters, the product on the field hasn’t exactly wowed you over the last 7yrs. Secondly, not a lot of people really care for the way Big Al runs this team in the ground. He, refuses to hire a qualified GM, scouting dept, and a real head coach who will not be a hand puppet for Big Al. I go to as many games as my finances will allow. So, finally the economy has had a lot to do with it because people (fans)have bigger priorities like maintaining their families. Also, if they can put back to back wins together their will be butts in the seats.

  • ElkGRaider

    First time leaving a comment but had to answer this one. Like many others have said…this new $35 parking is crazy, especially for a place that isnt selling out. It may not seem like a big deal but that and the $9 beers/tailgate food turns a game thats over $100 to begin into a major outing/vacation for some people. They simply cannot afford to go to many games. You dont go and raise parking when the economy goes down! Its a slap in the face. The tailgate and people are as good as ever as I was at the Rams game with Too Short in the building. Also, I think a lot of people want to see a couple wins in a row before they hope back on. This team is bipolar and people dont know what they will get week to week (wasted $200 on the broncos game last year…still pissed about that one).

  • stewart

    First Time Commenter:

    long time reader compelled to register on this site just to try to help spread the word. I just got 4 tickets in section 310 for $146.00 from the half price deal on raiders.com

    Carpool! (tailgate) and share the cost of 35 bucks for parking amongst your group. You can BYOB in the lot of course, so stop complaining about the tickets, the parking, the beer! I love the Raiders, never thought we would have the chance to get them back to Oakland.

    Show your support for Coach Cable and this product. 8 games a year, I know we can do better with single game sales, the season tickets will come if the team keep up the good work.

  • ActionBoJackson

    First timer here, long time reader!
    Section 343 row 2
    i got two seats this year for the first time ever.
    I’ve been coming to as many games here as I could afford every year.
    This was the first year I could afford season tix, and I love it!
    The last couple of years have been rough, but at least we’ve identified who the true fans are. We are better this year, and I hope I get playoff tix for Christmas!

  • dwade

    Raider fan for over 30 years. live in atlanta and will be out there for the seattle game. I’m sure most people are not coming out because of a poor product. I enjoy watching the Raiders in Oakland and I normally make the sacrifice to get to the coliseum to see them. The Raiders tickets are more than the Falcons ticket and their dome is almost always full because they are winning. Now, who has some good seats to sell me. davwad2001@yahoo.com

  • raiderzmaverick

    Heck, if I wasn’t in Florida I’d be there in a heartbeat to see them play. Maybe wouldn’t be able to buy season tickets, but would go to this game if I could. I think we can turn it around. Team seems generally optimistic (not BS just for PR). I’d support them as much as I could. Why not pack the house for them?

  • SnBRaider

    big games comin up! been a longtime fan, but never had season tix bc of money and the losing…i got to go to the home opener and the sd games with my father in law this year (maybe i’m our good luck charm)…losin to the niners was rough, but seeing mcfadden back and runnin all over the donkeys made me want more…i can’t go three wks without watchin my team…stewart good lookin on that half price deal…called up the raiders and got a 3 pk deal…4 tix for sunday and chiefs game plus 2 for the colts in 325 for about $350…lookin forward to seeing these guys compete for the division! gonna rock the house!

  • RxRaider

    Long time reader, first time poster from Texas/Colorado. We go to Raider games whenever possible in Dallas or Denver. Almost went to the game in Denver on Sunday. Kicking myself in the butt now… In Dallas, parking is $40, decent tix are $220 and Jerry Jones will squeeze every dollar he can out of you in anyway possible. I met Raider fans from Oakland at the Raider/Cowboy Thanksgiving game last year. Our tix were $220 each. They said comparable tix in Oakland would be $120… I can’t stand Jerry Jones. Some people bash Al Davis, but at least Al’s a respectable, experienced football man who has been an asst. coach, head coach,and AFL commissioner. Jones is an oil man and salesman. He would charge you for the air you breathe in the stadium if he could. Al Davis has forgotten more about football than Jerry Jones will ever know.

  • sirblitzalot

    I hate getting strip searched!
    I hate not being able to carry in bottled water (so as to rip us off inside)
    I hate that cheap az “jumbotron”. (More like a wristwatch TV)
    I hate having the cheapest ghetto stadium in the NFL (Excluding S.F. Candlestick cesspool, or course).
    I hate the outrageous parking fees.
    But I Love the Raiders. That is why I pay to go to the games anyway. (I was greatly rewarded when I witnessed beat down of S.D. Live!)

  • W.A.R.

    Had to register for this. Longtime Warriors, A’s and Raider fan (WAR). For the same reason injuries don’t hurt as bad after a win, paying the money doesn’t hurt as much if the team is competitive. I would never hesitate to buy the best tickets I could afford for a warriors game and they suck for like the last 13 seasons. But they are fun as hell to watch. As for the Raiders…when it is visible the players are checking out on the sidelines…well, I’m not paying for that. Great huge win last weekend vs the hated donkey’s, but when is the next time the team will decide to show up?

    Provide a product that plays hard every minute of every game and my sentiment will change, win or loose. Give me something more to root for than history. The biggest stat turn off for me is Opp Rushing yards and sacks allowed, because they directly relate to hustle. Those are footballs hustle stats. Part skill but majority grit, determination and hustle. And when you are consistenly horrendous in those categories that says you are not showing up or caring about your performance.

    As great of a win Sunday was, and it was a great win, it’s actually a double edge sword. That proves these guys have the talent but CHOOSE not to show to work for 16 days out of the year. That is unacceptable. I could care less about Al Davis or who is coaching, but I’m not spending a dime to watch someone slacking on the job.