Thanks for the response


Have already received an amazing number of responses from Raiders ticket holders about the issue of blackouts and ticket sales, more than I could ever hope to respond to in the next day or two.

I’ll contact only a small fraction of those who sent e-mails for the story which will appear in Bay Area News Group papers, but will try and respond to as many as possible over the next several days to say thanks for your input.

Keep an eye out for a post this weekend that will allow many of you to voice your concerns and thoughts about the Raiders struggles in selling tickets. Having waded through a small percentage of the e-mails received, the level of sincerity and passion about attending or not attending Raiders games is remarkable.

The flood of e-mails and the thoughtful responses are a reminder that posts at the bottom of a blog are sometimes only a small percentage of fans who can be show-offs with the cloak of anonymity provided by the medium.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • lefty12

    Go Raiders

  • Musaeus

    How much for a copy of all the personal info Jerry?

  • RaidingTexas

    If I lived in Oakland, I’d be a season ticket holder!!!

  • NOLA Raider

    Me too!


    I have been a season ticket holder since 1967. I hope people will go to the games and support the
    Raiders! They do have a good team and they will get better with time. They need and deserve our support,

  • raidermarty

    I live in O.C. but I try to drag the family up to Oakland at least once a year for a game or two. We always have a great time at the games.
    When the RAIDERS were here in LA I would go to 5 or 6 games a year.
    If I lived in Oakland I would definitely be a season ticket holder.
    Luv me some RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imaquaman

    35 dollars for parking are you serious?
    does anyone know what jerry jones charges for parking?or any other stadium ,new or old?

  • imaquaman

    i will be taking the party bus from bakersfield (2hrs north of la)to see raiders/colts ,i get round trip bus ride ticket with seat in the black hole all you can drink bbq tailgate all for 150.00
    season ticket holders 35 bucks a game priceless

  • WARaider

    If I lived in Oakland, I’d be a season ticket holder!!!