Cable Q&A

A transcription of coach Tom Cable’s daily press briefing Thursday with Bay Area media:

Cable: Satele and Shaughnessy came off the list, passed their tests for the concussion stuff. Hiram is off the (injury) dlist as well. On the list, Murphy DNP, Schilens DNP, Henderson DNP, Chris Johnson DNP. Limited guys would be Bennett, Zach Miller, Gradkowski, Goethel, Howard, Wimbley.

Q: Hiram??

Cable: He’s had a hamstring, sore hamstring but he’s off the list.

Q: Is Gradkowski closer to being able to play?

Cable: Yeah he is.

Q: Chance he may play Sunday?

Cable: I don’t know at this point. He is much better, starting to throw the ball more and more now. But we haven’t done a lot with him yet.

Q: How do you weigh guys who are hurt with the bye week coming up?

Cable: I don’t know that you can do that too much in this league. If you think they’re going to go next week they’re probably working this week kind of thing. And if they’re not ready to go and they don’t do anything this week then it’s highly unlikely in my opinion that they’d be ready to go next week.

Q: Do you know your starting quarterback?

Cable: I think for sure we will tomorrow, definitely.

Q: If Bruce is healthy does he start or would he be No. 2?

Cable: If he’s healthy enough that he can play then he’ll get all the work tomorrow and we’ll go for it. If he’s not then I can tell you it’d be Jason and we’ll move from there.

Q: What do Miller, Ford have to do to take pressure off QB?

Cable: Really just do what they’ve been doing. Nick has the luxury of being in this thing Year 2. Jacoby is improving daily and the game’s not too big for him. Just go do what you know is necessary. They both have a good understanding of what we’re doing. So it’s just an opportunity for them to go out and make some plays.

Q: Will both keep returning kicks?

Cable: Yes.

Q: Is there any chance Murphy can play this week?

Cable: No.

Q: Long-term with him?

Cable: It looks to be a week for sure then we’ll come up with some thought probably a week from yesterday, next Wednesday, as to whether or not you can talk about him next week.

Q: How key is it to get to .500?

Cable: I think that’s good for us. That would be very very good for us. But the focus has been let’s go out there and improve on what we need to and get ready for Seattle and play our butts off, and that stuff will happen. One thing we’ve all kind of learned is don’t worry about the winning and losing, worry about the process and being ready to play and what it takes to beat this opponent. Stay focused on that.

Q: How eager are you to have a game like you did last week at home?

Cable: That’d be awesome. That’d be a great thing for our team, for everyone. But it’s a whole new week and every week is such a different animal. You’re playing a team that’s playing with confidence, they’re 4-2, leading their division, they’re second in rushing defense, they have a tremendous special teams group so you just have to attack this animal the way you need to to beat it. You can’t worry about what’s before or after. Just worry about now.

Q: Similarities between the two teams?

Cable: Maybe a little bit but I think there’s a lot of differences too. Some of that probably comes into the strategy part of it.

Q: How much does it help having common opponents this year?

Cable: It does. We have seen them against the same people we’ve played vice versa, so you have a pretty good idea. You know some of those people and some of the matchups and what’s involved in it because you went through it.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    I didnt say I dont take it seriously, clearly at 5-2 I do. I simply told Rock I dont pay as much attention to it as I do my money league. Mostly because I cant get to yahoo FF from my work computer. But I obviously am going to focus much more attention on winning $500 than winning bragging rights.



    you said 4-2 is what happens when I don’t pay attention 😛

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    October 29th, 2010 at 11:02 am

    raiderlaker1980 Says:
    October 29th, 2010 at 10:53 am
    Man it must suck to be in NE and be a raider fan, how is it you haven’t egged belicheats house yet? you’ve got more restraint than me lol
    I live in Ma and I will tell you Pats fans are Annoying!!!!
    I live in San Francisco, and will tell you 9er fans are annoying. That being said , the whinney bastards make the walk to BART heading to Raider home games more enjoyable.