Seahawks-Raiders blacked out


The Raiders will not be televised locally for the 11th consecutive time as they failed to sell out the game against the Seattle Seahawks 72 hours before kickoff.

According to beat writer Steve Corkran, Raiders coach Tom Cable said center Samson Satele and Matt Shaughnessy have both passed tests after their concussions and are cleared to face the Seahawks.

Those who did not practice were wide receiver Louis Murphy, cornerback Chris Johnson, defensive tackle John Henderson and wide receiver Chaz Schilens. Murphy will miss the Seahawks game and possibly the game against Kansas City the following week.

Listed as limited were left guard Robert Gallery (calf), running back Michael Bennett (hamstring), quarterback Bruce Gradkowski (A-C joint), linebacker Travis Goethel (lower back) and linebacker Kamerion Wimbley (groin). Safety Hiram Eugene, limited with a hamstring issue Thursday, was taken off the injury list.

Cable said he would name a starting quarterback Friday and the only way Gradkowski could start is if he could practice with no restrictions and take all practice reps.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    October 28th, 2010 at 4:07 pm
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    Die Hard RAIDER fan with extensive knowledge of the game! RaiderCHAOS has been following the Raiders since the 80’s and has appeared on National Television at Oakland homegames for over a decade.

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    This is going to be a tough game to win without Murphy in there. I really hope that DHB and Ford step up. I dose of N. Miller in the slot will only help. Seattle is weak in the secondary. Zach Miller should have a pretty good day. If they line blocks well and gives Campbell time, we win. If not, the nation will start calling for Boller.

  • Turbo

    Here we go with the musical chairs at quarterback. Just pick a name out of the…..well….helmet.

  • Snoopy

    We need consistency, this indecision at QB is making me nervous what are the players thinking…

    The problem is these cats cant stay healthy…

    And what about chillings?!?!?! Greatest receiver that never statys healthy… why even bother!?!?!?!?!

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