Raiders’ Saturday notebook


News, notes and quotes from the week of practices and media availability leading into Sunday’s Raiders-Seahawks game at the Coliseum:

Pete Carroll gave glowing reviews to former Cal star Marshawn Lynch for all he’s added to the Seahawks running game, but the truth is all the addition has done so far is get Seattle up to average.

“Using he and Justin Forsett has given us a 1-2 punch that gives us attitude runner and a change-of-pace quickness guy that’s special, and gives us something special for our running game,” Carroll said.

Since Lynch arrived, the Seahawks ran for 111 yards in a 23-20 win over the Chicago Bears, followed by a 144-yard effort in last week’s 22-20 win over Arizona.

Lynch’s contribution? He’s carried 41 times for 133 yards, a 3.2 average not even up to the subpar 3.8 average Lynch had in his last year in Buffalo and his first four games with the Bills this season. He had 17 carries for 44 yards against the Bears, and 24 rushes for 89 yards against Arizona _ with a big chunk coming off a 39-yard run.

Seattle ranks 24th in the NFL in rushing and averages 3.7 yards per carry. They’ve got 27 rushing first downs. Following the Raiders 328-yard explosion in Denver, the Raiders are third in rushing at 158.4 yards and fourth in rushing first downs with 52 and in a three-way tie for second in rushing touchdowns with eight.

— You hear this as a criticism of coaching all the time _ he wasn’t playing to win, he was trying not to lose.

Carroll made a rather amazing admission in that Job 1 at this stage of the Seahawks development is exactly that _ trying not to lose.

“You have to avoid the kinds of things that turn games around and give teams a chance to knock you off,” Carroll said. “That’s the first step and the critical step with football forever.”

If Seattle strives to play error-free football, “it doesn’t mean you’re going to win every game but you’re giong to have a chance in every game. And that’s what we’re trying to get done right now.”

Cable couldn’t quite wrap his mind around that thought process.

“Personally, that’s not in my brain. That’s not how I look at things. We’re playing to win,” Cable said.

When it was suggested that playing it safe, avoiding errors, was simply a first step in building a program, Cable said, “In thar regard, sure, I mean everybody’s trying to do that, but at the end of the game, to make a statement that we’re playing not to lose, that’s incredible to me.”

— Lots of levity and light moments with the Raiders before practice, with jokes and receivers engaging in a game of what looked to be “hot potato” before getting down to business.

It’s fine if the team knows how to turn its attention to the matter at hand _ I remember 49ers defensive backs Deion Sanders, Tim McDonald and Merton Hanks being involved in an intense game of rock, paper, scissors the week leading up to the NFC championship game against Dallas _ and Cable is convinced the Raiders do just that.

He even made the observation to his son, who was visiting and watching practice.

“They know I’m OK with having fun, but it’s time to work, you work, and they’re very good that way,” Cable said. “I was telling my boy this is kind of how this team is, they’re laughing and joking and then we went to a team period and it was business.”

A lot of the good vibes have to do with the Broncos win, according to cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

“You could see it’s not as tense,” Asomugha said. “There’s a confidence level that guys have that, `We can do this and we can win games.’ So we’ve gone out and we’ve practiced like it and we’ve gone through meetings like it, so it’s good. It’s not like we’re relaxing, but it’s good to feel that sense of confidence that we can get the job done.”

On thing that hasn’t been discussed this week is winning back-to-back games. Cable said he was going to trust “the process” of preparing for Seattle and not worrying about what came before or what comes after.

“I don’t know if he wanted to put it in our brains like that,” Asomugha said. “I don’t know if he wants us thinking like, `Oh, we’ve never really won back-to-back, we’ve got to do it,’ and pressing that way. The bigger lesson is if we take it one game at a time we really can do well.”

Nor has it been discussed that the Raiders can be a .500 team at the midway point of the season for the first time since 2002.

“That’s the first I hard it this week,” Asomugha said. “I actually didn’t think about until you just said it. It wasn’t a think we stressed, either. It’s just another game we have to win before a divisional opponent the following week. We just have to put together two wins before we go into the bye.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • If DHB weren’t on the Raiders he’d be playing at a hall of fame level wherever he’s at….in Canada.

  • Oh, and, UNO.

  • DHB’s going to be Rihanna this year for halloween.

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  • bgradkowski

    How dare DHB steal your costume idea RMR.

  • DHB and Campbell are going to go as the Pointer Sisters

  • HairyBush

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 1:13 pm
    DHB and Campbell are going to go as the Pointer Sisters

  • HairyBush

    Maybe someone can set me straight,I don’t really watch the CFL, but last night before waiting for a program to come on NFL network, I watched the end of the Montreal game and they were kicking the ball back and forth, never seen anything like that before in a game of football. BTW was that Marc Trestman for Montreal?

  • bgradkowski

    you got me hairy… canadians are weird.

  • Nnamdi21

    They better F’in win…

  • Big Pep, if they play with the same intensity that they did in Denver, no team in the league will beat them on Sunday!

  • Wow. This place is dead. I went out to get lunch and expected like a whole new page with hundreds of comments. There’s been like 10 since I’ve left.

  • Raiders for life

    Sounds like Seattle has some injuries at CB. Roy Lewis might have to move from Nickle to CB.

  • MR, believe it or not, it’s almost dark here. I’m just fired up for tomorrow, even took the day off from work.

  • kidseven

    DHB is a great decoy. Get over it.

  • priesttj

    If they run the football they will win. That will take a ton of pressure off Campbell.

  • Why is canadian football on NFL network? NFL network sucks. Basically they have their version of sportscenter on 90% of the time, whatever it’s called. That network should have a classic game on, the actual telecast, once a day. They probably have to pay something to the networks whenever they show one of those games, considering the networks are part owners of the footage, i believe. Just cheap bastards. Boring network. Highlight shows with players’ miked up? Wow. That’s new. Heard of Inside the NFL?

  • raiders22

    RMR youre starting to sound like one of those people who hates everything. you know like nothings good enough for you?
    what happened to the happy guy who was here when jc was benched lol. i like to read posts in here and yours were good, now theyre all bickering.

  • Sure. If you don’t believe Al Davis is a good GM, if you don’t believe the Raiders have a chance, if you don’t think the NFL Network just totally rules, you hate everything. Where did you get your Psych degree? At DeVry?

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    Uhhh yeah seeing that this is a raider blog and thats all that gets discussed.

    man everybody attacks on this blog. just stating an obvious fact bro no need to feel hurt

  • Raiders 22, I just realized you’re one of the few realists in here where the Raiders are concerned, and usually agree with me. So where did I rub you the wrong way all of a sudden? Dissing the NFL network? Are you serious? Do you honestly think that’s a good network? Let’s talk about it, bud. Instead of doing the personal insults, “you must hate everything” game. Tell me why you think that joke of a network is good. Do you like watching the sane episode of Total Access 5 times a day? If so, I’m sorry. I just think the network is cheap, that’s all.

  • priesttj

    Because there is only so much you can do on just the NFL alone. What are they supposed to do make stuff up like you do they cover the NFL inside and out. It’s bound to get boring if you watch it 24/7. lol

  • I state nothing but obvious facts on this blog, “bro”. And I think you’re the one who was “hurt” by one of them. NFL network sucks. But go ahead and watch Total Access again. I think you might have missed a couple of lines from Deion’s bit.

  • Priest, they have to show their flagship news show over and over again? They can’t squeeze, say, one classic game telecast in there?

  • raiders22

    whos talking about nfl network? But if you’d like to I can at least say it’s better than espn and the idiots they have on there.
    Hold warren sapp and the guys on nfln are pretty good to listen to.

    off topic do you ever watch the green room with romo and davis on csnbayarea.com? pretty damn funny

  • Raiders 22, I’ve never noticed you having a problem with me until I dissed the NFL network. That seems to be where you’ve drawn the line.

  • I like Comcast, Raiders 22. Only sports network that actually covers west coast sports, of course because they have a different channel in each region. But it’s nice to see one channel where you can see west coast sports coverage beyond the few sound bytes they have on the evening news.

  • Kamikaze_Sensei

    I must agree with RMR on this. There’s only so much you can say about football before you start getting repetitive. I do appreciate the redzone channel and the access to all the games, but it’s own channel which is just an NFL focused Sportscenter is a bit much.

  • raiders22

    look sissy all i said was you’re getting negative with your posts. NFLN is just another example. im skimming old posts and i just cant seem to find one with you doing anything but hating on something.

    we all do it, but u take the crown i think.

  • Sissy? LOL. Am I supposed to be afraid of you now?

    And, so what if I’m being negative? I’m just speaking my mind. I think the person who gets all offended and butt hurt at someone’s negativity, you, for instance, has more issues than the person being negative. Some people just tell it like it is. I’m one of them. Deal with it.

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    well there ya go and say u like something b4 i hit submit. ya got me

  • See you guys later. I don’t want to stay in here and talk about how bad the NFL network sucks anymore because eventually Raiders 22 is going to cry. He really likes that network. Later guys.

  • raiders22

    and yes, sissy.

  • raiders22

    32.The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 3:17 pm
    See you guys later. I don’t want to stay in here and talk about how bad the NFL network sucks anymore because eventually Raiders 22 is going to cry. He really likes that network. Later guys.


    translation: “Man someone called me out on being a negative nancy. Hmph. Time to go masturbate to my autographed john gruden calendar.”

  • Raiders for life

    Are you guys married? Just kiddin

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  • raiders22

    anybody in here not old?
    Who went to SPOOKFEST last night?

  • Raiders for life

    Tomorrow will make or break DHB.

  • And the Raiders.

  • Raiders for life

    KK, how do you like our chance of getting a win tomorrow?

  • buckeyeraider

    ‘Sup fellas.
    FYI. I agree with ya. I’d like to see NFLN air some more classic games. Especially from the ’70s. Raiders vs. Steelers, etc.

    When they do show them, it’s usually old Peyton vs Brady from last 10 years or so.

    Saw an interview with Steve Sabol awhile ago. He said the NFL has every game ever played on film. His reason why they don’t show the older games is because the production value..the graphics and all the bells and whistles are so primitive compared to todays standard, that he thought the games actually appeared boring. Seriously.

    Just ,FYI

  • I think the Raiders win. Looking pretty good. Could be rainy and wet.

  • raiders22

    kk i hope it is rainy and wet. that could offset the special teams. and my seats arre under the overhang from what im told. ahaha

  • buckeyeraider

    I think the Raiders win also. Maybe quite handily. As long as they’re not too overconfident. DMac is in full blown Beast mode right now.

    It’s too bad he missed those two games with the hammy. They really missed his big play explosivness. It’s puerly speculative, but if he’d have played vs. SF they might’ve won by 17+. IMO.

  • Guy

    Buckeye, McFadden may or may not have made a big difference in SF. Bush was running and catching well until JC started to really screw up. Then Bush got hurt and came back and didn’t do quite as well. The dumb challenge flag by Singletary also took away a lot of momentum.

    Lets focus on Seatle though, hopefully Zach Miller isn’t too hurt to play. I wanna see what Ford can do as a feature WR and see how JLH’s return to the starting line up goes.

  • priesttj

    Buck if he had Played in the SF game they would’ve punked SF easy we needed that explosiveness out of the backfield and we didn’t have it. Also his ability to get downfield on passes. DMC right now is one of the most lethal weapons in the NFL.

    All we need is DHB to join the party with his size and speed there are very few DB’s that can deal with him with the ball in his hands.

  • buckeyeraider

    The Raiders certainly appear to be a loose and confidant bunch. Anybody see them cutting up on Rome yesterday? That was pretty funny. Khalif Barnes busting MM34 over his peach fuzz.

    Hope they get serious when it’s time to get down to business on Sunday. No more letdowns.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I anticipate a pretty sloppy game tomorrow from both teams. Just has that type of feel to it.

    Wouldn’t be suprised if they combined for 4-5 turnovers, close to 20 penalties, spotty QB play, and lots of FG attempts.

    One guy on either team could man up and seize the game. Could be McFadden, could be Tatupa, could be Jason Campbell, could be Marshawn Lynch, could be Rolando McClain.

    I still say Raiders in a tense one, 23-19

  • 504 Raider

    46.priesttj Says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    All we need is DHB to join the party with his size and speed there are very few DB’s that can deal with him with the ball in his hands.


    The ball has been in DHB’s hands 14 times in 7 games. The Seattle secondary had to use sleep aides all week in anticipation of dealing with DHB.

  • Just Fire Baby

    It’s tought to ask a guy to just emerge as a dominating player when he just hasn’t done it before.

    DHB, for all his talents, was never a dominating player in collge, and certainly in the pro’s.

    Because of this, I think his ceiling is much lower than some think. This is a guy who averaged about 4 catches for 60 yards a game in college, with one TD every 3 weeks.

    The NFL is a tougher game, and I don’t know if we will exceed even those collegiate numbers.

    I’m pulling for the kid, and he is improving and all, but he just seems to lack that nastiness that all great players in all sports have.

    By my account, he has had four times in his career to catch a TD. The one he caught in Dallas of course. Than the drop in garbage time against the Jets, the awful drop on the Jamarcus pass in the Chiefs game, and this year in AZ when he had all ten fingers on the ball and allowed the defender to poke it away.

    1 out of 4 in money plays is not good.