Final: Raiders 33, Seahawks 3


The Raiders are contenders. No other way to spin it.

Have writing assignment for Sunday papers, I’ll check in later with post-game wrap.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • And if karma is going to decide the Raiders’ fate next week, we’re really screwed.

  • beach

    Hue Jackson took the loss to SF badly, and he has unleashed a monster 2 weeks in a row! That loss to those losers was the beginning of something good! RRRRAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDDDEEERRRRRRSSSSSSS!

  • Chef Sac

    # aig-raiders Says:
    October 31st, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Today’s game was great but we lost Nnamdi. Anyone got the news on him?


    Cable said it’s an ankle injury, no word till tomorrow.

  • Props to J-Camp!

  • aig-raiders Says:
    October 31st, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    7 years of misery is over for me.


    You were miserable when we blew out Miami in ’07, going into SD with 2 straight wins?

  • SnB Production

    248.aig-raiders Says:
    October 31st, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    It’s good to be back huh? Man, 7 years of misery is over for me. I think the Dline is LEGIT. You win at the lines in this league. That stuff never changes.


    Yes it is AIG! Yes it is! The O-Line and D-Line start playing and all of a sudden you start hearing player names we haven’t heard from in a while….

    Hasselback just throwing balls up for grabs because he has no time to think…DMAC trashing the opponent…its all good!

    How’s this. Oakland vs. Kansas City for 1st place….the world is right again!

  • Just Fire Baby

    I think Cable getting Veldheer in the game at C might have been a stroke of genius.

    Found a way to get him on the field, really accelerated his understanding of defenses due to the demands of a C, and with the instant-ness of the C position, got him to just block dudes without thinking like you have to at LT.

    Many mocked, but that thing looks like it is turning out in spades for Coach Cable.

  • Al, Grasshopper, learn from the aged, will take you far in life, Raiders win this weekend, preliminary karma reading is Raiders 31, Chefs 17, stay tuned for spiritual updates!

  • 504 Raider

    If Nnamdi plays next week after the way that foot looked on the replay, I would cut Schilens right after the first play from scrimmage.

  • If Al continues to stay out of the gameplan, they’ll win next week, Todd.

  • aig-raiders

    We’re playing dominant football. We have not been this dominant in the past 7 years. We were this dominant in 2002 but back then it was the Offense. Now the Defense is leading the way. I know you’re miserable so try not to bring me with you.

  • sirblitzalot

    I would like to offer my apology to TC and AD. Al Davis, because he IS a good GM. ie M Reese, Miller, DHB, J Ford (esp. YAC, Just don’t throw a drilling pass btwn his numbers), Valdeer, L Houston, Ro McClain, OC Hue J, DO Marshall.

    TC tenacity. Man does he make high risk calls (slant to Reese won this game)! But he has a great OC to dial up the right play.

    I admit I was wrong. Great Job!!! Go Raiders!!!!

  • You can call me miserable, I can call you delusional, AIG. We can play this game all night. I’m just skeptical as long as Al’s in charge, that’s all. They’re playing NON Al Davis football right now, though, and that’s encouraging. Let’s hope they keep it up.

  • J Hill

    Lakers 34

    Dubs 14


  • 89052RAIDER

    DHb has two touchdowns in two seasons…Slow your roll.

  • Aig, this is Raider football from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, this is a young team with a lot of talent, that’s starting to gel, and it’s getting exciting again, fan since 1964 and loving it! Go Raiders!

  • djohnnyg

    We might be just 4-4, but now winning 3 of 4 and doing it with such dominance and authority last 2 weeks you have to say they are the most dangerous team in the league RIGHT NOW.

    Next week? Who knows, but RIGHT NOW it is what it is.

    How good IS this team?

  • Bob Costas giving the Raiders some props.

  • SnB Production

    RAiders ain’t sneaking up on anyone.

    Nice Costas monologue about the old Raider vs. Chiefs days.

    Could the Raiders game be the headline?


  • Djohn, just believe! Roll with it……

  • It’s really not solidified in my view until the team wins around 7 games. 6-10 just reeks of the bottom third. 7 at least puts you into that middle range. Huge springboard going into next year.

  • Raiders getting the attention of the national media at the midway point of the season. That is huge.

  • 504 Raider

    I’m not worried about the Chiefs. They don’t have Bernard Pollard anymore.

  • Al, 9/7 could win it, has been my guess,anything better is huge, keep the faith…….

  • Just Fire Baby

    According to the scroll on NFLN, Cable again reiterated that Bruce will be the starter when healthy.

    I love my man Bruce, but I don’t know if I would go there right now, and rock the boat.

  • Any word on Nnamdi?

  • aig-raiders


    I have been following since 83. This is a dominant D no doubt about it. It all starts with the line and AD finally struck gold with his pick of Shonasty. I have to get his jersey whenever it comes out. He’s my fav player on the line now.

    This is championship caliber D we have out there. I mean they completely destroyed Denver and Seattle. I was very impressed with the D today. They rocked. I love a physical D and we owned them today.

  • Just goes to show what our D can do if the coaches ignore Al’s meddling and start being versatile with the schemes.

  • aig-raiders

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    October 31st, 2010 at 7:13 pm
    According to the scroll on NFLN, Cable again reiterated that Bruce will be the starter when healthy.

    I love my man Bruce, but I don’t know if I would go there right now, and rock the boat.

    I agree 100%. I know I have been tough on him but you have to give credits when its due. The man played a very good game today. With the D playing so dominant it’s hard to completely judge the offense but JC made plays when the opportunity was there. You have to give him credit for that.

  • 504 Raider


    Don’t fret. For all we know, Schilens may be healthy.

  • lefty12

    Winning 3 of last 4 with the last two being total blow-outs must really hurt some of you.It probably hurts even more because the players you hate so much are contributing.

  • mistic1

    im from east oakland, when someone swings at me we are going to fight. Its that simple. I joined the blog a couple of months ago, i said jc is better than scabs, i was callrd every name in the book. So now that my by is stomping the snot out if these jokers im going to let them have it, its the raider way. If its too rough for you, pack a fruit basket and skip over to sf, you can get into double dutch or something.

  • djohnnyg

    270.860Todd Christensen Says:
    October 31st, 2010 at 7:09 pm
    Djohn, just believe! Roll with it……

    Oh I’m in.

    My hope is that this team IS that good and that they are becoming a team that opponets can scheme all day against and STILL not stop us.

    That’s all I want.

  • SnB Production

    JFB & AIG,

    I’ll take the contrarian view on Cable’s comments. If Cable goes with Gradkowski after the last couple of games, then Gradkowski must be doing something much better than Campbell in practice or on film…..

    I can’t believe that Davis or Cable would even begin to risk the good forture of this team with a QB move that would seem to be risky given the last few games.

    Anyway, I say play the hot hand until its no longer hot.

  • Aig-Raiders says:

    This is championship caliber D we have out there. I mean they completely destroyed Denver and Seattle. I was very impressed with the D today.
    I wouldn’t jump the gun yet. This is the same D that we were all complaining about earlier in the season. The fact is, they just defeated two teams who have no real running game. When they shut down Phillip Rivers or Chris Johnson, then we can call them a championship caliber defense. This weeks game against the Chiefs will give us a good indication how much the run D has improved. Charles is pretty damn good.

  • djohnnyg

    We have to be moving up the defensive rankings a bit I would think.

    8 sacks today! That is sweet!

  • J Hill

    They said it best on NFL Playbook …

    Gardowski believes in himself more than Campbell does.

    BUT …..

    The way the defense has played the last 2 weeks, Camplunkett’s “game managing” style can actually work for us.

    If our defense falls off, Gardowski would probably be the better choice.

  • Aig, We have built a wave, small one no boubt, but the team believes it is capable of living up to its abilities. They have put it up on the field. This team believes it can win, won’t quit til it does, or goes down trying. That is called Heart! This team has finally found it’s Heart, and is eager to play each Sunday, and to play to win. This team is developing a swagger, each week a different faction steps up to make it happen, this team has changed. I’m not saying we cannot have a setback, but this team has had a turn around, now knows what it wants, playing as a team for 60 mins, this is great! This is Raider football, played our way, the Raider Way! There is no other way. The players are starting to believe in themselves, this turns the tide, we have the tallent, provided by AD, I thank him for this, let’s just stay healthy!

  • djohnnyg

    I can’t remember a more complete Raider win than this.

    -Campbell-Over 300 yds passing and 2 TD’s

    -DMAC-Over 100 yds. rushing 5.3 per carry

    -DHB-Over 100 yds. receiving and a long TD.

    -Defense-Getting turnovers. Holding Seattle to under 200 total yds. Shutting down running game. 8 freakin’ sacks?

    Game wasn’t as close as the score indicated.

  • A.B. This is a ROOKIE playing defence, for the most part. Rookies make mistakes, usually 4 years of NFL to get up to speed, from collage. I like our D, they learn and burn every day!

  • djohnnyg

    For Raiders fans it’s a chance to have a bit of swagger ourselves after the way we just absolutely thumped Den. and Sea.

    We have earned some RESPECT again. Yes and I say WE becuz any Raider fan who has stuck with it for the past seven yrs. is a part of it. We are the ones that have suffered the anguish, embarrassment, humiliation and all that stuff brings and now we are a legitimate player again.

    No ones laughing at us right now.

  • dcraiderfan

    You must admit, I’m damn proud of the RAIDERS!!!!!!!
    Whatever they are doing in the clubhouse, may it continue past the bye week and beyond. Stay TOGETHER as a team and continued success!! DC Raiderfan, I’m oooooouuuuuuttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!