Halftime: Raiders 10, Seahawks 0


Jason Campbell threaded a perfect fourth-and-1 pass to Marcel Reece for 30 yards and a touchdown to give the Raiders the 10-0 lead they take in to halftime against the Seahawks.

Lots of playcalling beefs over in the live chat, believe it or not. Even on the touchdown play. Some people . . .

My two cents? This is how you play a team like Seattle. Defense is playing very well, take a few shots, but be careful with the ball . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 3rd n goal from the 5

  • McFadden is great.

  • J Hill

    Just shaking my head at the “new” McFadden!

  • DaTruth91

    dmac is a beast,, i can honestly say he’s a playing like a top 3 back in the NFL

  • raidermarty

    C’mon RAIDERS punch it in then we tee off on hasselbeck

  • GG