NFL Network’s Top 10 Raiders


Caught the NFL Network’s hour-long show selecting the top 10 Raiders of all-time, and the decisions were so difficult they actually squeezed 12 names into a Top 10.

Here’s how they did it:

00–Jim Otto

1–tie, Gene Upshaw and Art Shell

2–Howie Long

3–Fred Biletnikoff

4–Ken Stabler

5–Tim Brown

6–George Blanda

7–Cliff Branch

8–Jim Plunkett

9–Willie Brown

10–Marcus Allen

Great idea to put Shell and Upshaw together. Impossible to separate what they did as a tandem on the left side of the offensive line.

Let the nitpicking begin.

A few objections on my part.

— Ted Hendricks belongs on this list. Yes, he played for the Baltimore Colts and briefly for the Packers, but he was uniquely Raider to the core. There has never been another player with his skill set in the history of the NFL.

— Way too high _ Tim Brown, Long. They make anyone’s all interview teams and were undeniably great players. Brown was a virtual stranger to the post season and was a non-factor when he got there. Said it before and I’ll say it again _ Branch should go to the Hall of Fame before Brown.

— Way too low _ Willie Brown. Top five, at least.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just Fire Baby

    Bruce Gradkowski and Jason Campbell are two of the worst 6 QB’s in passer rating in the NFL.

    Let’s not blow smoke up either of their azzes can we?

  • Jay

    The Stork definitely. Howie at #2, no friggin way. I’m appalled there was no mention of The Ghost.

  • lefty12

    You can throw your BS out there all you want but the fact of the matter is JC doesn’t utilize his WRs as much as most QBs do,but if we win it doesn’t matter-winning is all that counts.

  • AirborneRaider

    let’s not forget JC had a beautiful pass thrown to NMiller, too.

  • EMRaiders

    Hey, even though I thought 4 games ago Bruce gave us the best chance to win AT THAT TIME, I also said when JC got his act together I wouldn’t have the a problem with him starting. At this point in time, I think they are both about equal. So I don’t really care who starts as long as we win. And I think that’s the stance most of us here have taken.

    Like Lefty said, If Donald Duck is winning games, then let him play.

  • raidermarty

    Sorry but Stabler is #1.
    Such a great qb for this organization. My earliest memories of the RAIDERS were watching the 76 season and SB XI as an 11 year old. Snake was magnificent in those days especially against the afc west. Had a chance to meet him in vegas last year and i was just awestruck to meet my boyhood idol now as a 44 year old man.
    Plunkett belongs higher and where’s Bo?

  • aig-raiders


    I am clear. The key thing to me is nobody is callling for J. Lin to start nor have we seen Lin looked horrible out there. That’s the problem I had with Jalwarus and JaJason backers. When they suck and blew their opps, people were defending them. That’s what I call a homer. There’s nothign wrong with rooting for a guy but be prepared to call him out when he sucks. I wont ever hesitate to call anyone out even if they are my fav player.

  • AirborneRaider

    Bo didn’t have a long enough career, though if he did he would’ve definitely made the list

  • armond

    well its time to head out to the game. the team has a different feel this week. i havent felt the need to get too wrapped up into what they should do cuz i just sense a different vibe there now. hopefully its not wishful thinking on my part. final score, raiduhs 34 seagulls 17. peace yall and catch ya after the game. vegas we gotta get at jhill about these dubs 2nite.

  • aig-raiders

    Mrs. Brown,

    No I did not wake up to tell the whole world about who I will vote for. I just wanted to rub it in your idiotic face since you like to Bully people on here about voting for in your own words “pres purple lips”.

    And yeah, what was that about J. Lin that you claimed I didnt know what I was talking about?

  • armond

    aig its all good. all the bickering need to stop cuz now the teams is good enuff to win. late

  • lefty12

    Armond,no offense,but if you do,do it on the W’s blog and not the Raider blog.

  • aig-raiders

    Cool Armond.

    BTW, I take back calling you a homer. I was wrong about you. I remembered wrong about you. I’ve seen your comments lately and you’re not a homer like some of the other guys on here defending Jalwalrus. Have a good time at the game and I am out as well. Gonna hang with the Memphis Raiders Booster Club. Have fun you guys.

  • Marcus should be higher. No franchise’s all time leading rusher should be anywhere lower than number 5 on any all time players’ list.

  • ohioraider

    In: Lester Hayes, Dave Dalby, Jack Tatum.

    Hayes was phenomenal. Dalby replaced Otto with virtually no disruption in quality of play. Tatum a one man wrecking crew whose fierceness has never been duplicated at the position.

  • Thomas Bennett

    Jerry, i agree with you. I was googling something else and found this five-year old article with no comments. Such a shame that Stabler, Plunkett, and Branch aren’t all in the Hall.