Cable quick hits

A few items from coach Tom Cable’s press briefing Monday:

— Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is undergoing tests to determine the severity of his sprained right ankle. Cable reiterated there was no fracture. He said it’s yet to be determined with hit’s a “rollover” ankle sprain or a high sprain, the latter of which usually takes longer to heal.

He said it is too early to rule Asomugha out for the Chiefs game and more would be known in 48 hours.

— Tight end Zach Miller’s foot problem is no different than it was last week. Miller is on crutches as a precautionary measure.

— Center Samson Satele has a sore knee and Darrius Heward-Bey a shoulder problem, although neither injury is considered serious.

— Surprisingly, Cable did not immediately reject the notion of bringing in wide receiver Randy Moss, waived by Minnesota Monday. He said he had just learned about the release, that a lot of things would have to happen with regard to waivers, and that it’s always worth considering a move that could make the team better.

— Cable, without addressing the blackout issue, said he hoped fans would come out and support the Raiders against the Chiefs, giving them the kind of advantage the Chiefs enjoy at Arrowhead Stadium.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • RaiderReggie

    I am a big Bruce Gradkowski supporter but Tom Cable need to ride with Jason Campbell until he start going back into that shell. I work in Washington DC and watched Jason go through a different offensive coordinator every year he was with the Redskins. Under the circumstances he did a good job. As in baseball I look at Jason Campbell as a starting pitcher and Bruce Gradkowski as a relief pitcher or closer. Cable can break tradition by playing both of them.

  • OneNation60

    Randy Moss as a Raider? That’s an odd question isn’t it? Am I the only person who remembers moss standing in the end zone catching the ball & then just blatantly dropping it? Why would the Raiders want to bring in a virus like that to a thriving team that’s showing glimpses of the Raiders of old. No, never should he ever have the priviledge of donning the Silver & Black….I just wish the Raiders would have dumped Warren Sapp when he announced that he was a Buccaneer in a Raider uniform like Childress did Moss after he finished his Patriot love fest for the press conference….Way to go RAIDERS!!!! Let’s keep the plagues out of the organization.

  • joker94583

    Anyone wanting Moss back in Oakland is an idiot. Yeah, it sure worked out great the first time, right! Moss is a punk-loser-thug, a cry baby, a locker room cancer. Grow up people. Adding Moss is like pouring salt in your Kool Aid. Why would you do it?