Asomugha, Zach Miller absent


Neither cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (ankle) nor tight end Zach Miller (arch) were on the field Wednesday as the Raiders wrapped up a walk-through portion of practice open to the media and got down to the business of preparing for the Chiefs.

Chris Johnson, cleared to play after missing the Seattle game with a concussion, was working with the first team defense along with Stanford Routt. Brandon Myers, who played last week against Seattle after missing the previous game with a concussion, was working with the first team offense.

Miller was spotted on crutches Monday but Cable termed it a precaution and said he expected him to play.

Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski took some snaps with the first team offense along with Jason Campbell, although the walk-throughs did not call for him to throw anything more than a medium-depth pass at much less than peak velocity.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    November 3rd, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Sounds like Moss was joking, Drex. Is Childress that sensitive? I don’t see how being wound tight helps you win.
    Did you read about the Monday night dinner? Classic.

  • SR Raider, name one game Moss has ever quit in.

  • big chill

    every game as a raider he quit

  • inonewordraider

    Even if we win against KC, Pitts is our real test. It’s how we play against them that will get this team the respect we’ve ALL been seeking and deserve.

    one game at a time my brother, KC played Indy till the end and were missing our best defender Nnamdi, Murphy, and have our best offensive player ZMiller hobbled

  • Big Chill, still sounds like he was joking. I think both the Vikings and this mom and pops caterer need to light up. It’s Randy Moss. Randy Moss was the best player on that team. The only character issue that should have sent him packing is murdering someone, or something of that nature. Breaking a catering company’s balls? Cry me a river. They’re lucky they’re even catering for an NFL team.

  • Do you guys really think Moss was released because he didn’t like the food? Really? Moss new Childress was a moron and let his feelings known. That is why he was cut.

  • # big chill Says:
    November 3rd, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    every game as a raider he quit


    If he quit every game, it should be all the more easier for you to name one, and give an example as to how he quit.

  • big chill

    passes across middle he would half put his arms out, man just pick a game when he was here and look at the film and you can see, he was lacksadasical the whole time, he didn’t even try sometimes, he would have aligator arms and not strecth out for the catch.

  • SR Raider

    how about the entire 2006 season?

  • Moss dogged it with the Raiders because the team sucked. Sure, the guy is emo, but he is a great talent. He would have helped the Raiders this year.

  • RMR my take on Moss last night.

    # Drexl Says:
    November 2nd, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    After reading couple of Moss articles I’m thinking he and his agent got together after the game on Sunday and had a chatt that went something like this:

    Moss: Holy Keerist Chilly is an idiot. I told him everything the Pats were going to do. I drew up diagrams, I detailed everything they would need to know about how to go about beating the Pats today.
    Segal: I was there, I’m feeling you dawg, Chilly is a complete moron.
    Moss: Joel give me a sure fire, can not miss way to get the f#ck out of Minnesota ASAP.
    Segal: Welp, there is the Monday night chow fest that sweet family outa St Paul is providing the food for. You could dis them,,,,,,,
    Moss: Na man you think, sure would be cold. I could say “who the f#ck ordered this sheet.
    Segal: Yup, dude, throw in something about you wouldnt feed your dogs this crap.
    Moss: Cool, I got this covered.
    Moss on his way back to the facilities after out running KK in the Safeway parking lot thinks: “i’ll throw something in there about my pile being huge, yup, yup”.

  • big chill


    Since we’ve already devoted plenty of space today to the latest chapter in the soap opera that has become the life and times of Randy Moss, here’s another one.

    As we explained earlier today, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that Moss acted like the part of the horse onto which a saddle isn’t placed when a catered meal was made available to the players after Friday’s practice. The owner of the restaurant that provided the food, Gus Tinucci, has corroborated the account, both to the St. Paul Pioneer Press and on ESPN.

    “That player was pretty well right on with what he said,” Tinucci told Robert Flores.

    Tinucci also has shared a tidbit that sheds the first light on the possible reaction of quarterback Brett Favre to the release of Moss.

    “If Favre would have had a ball, he would have beaned him right in the head. Favre looked at him like, ‘Are you kidding me?'” Tinucci told the Pioneer Press.

    We’ll find out more regarding Favre’s reaction to the decision to cut Moss when the quarterback meets with the media on Wednesday. And Favre can go a long way toward burying the hatchet with coach Brad Childress by providing a candid assessment of Randy’s antics on and off the field — and by explaining that no team can be successful with a guy like that around.

  • SR Raider

    Please note: although I do not want Moss at this time, I still have him on my all-time team. He is great at his best. We just don’t need some bad attitude, loud mouthed moron on the team right now. Things are heading in the right direction.

  • A.B. Paine III Says:
    November 3rd, 2010 at 4:04 pm
    Chaos, get the F out of here with your lame blog.

    Yeah sure thing troll. Ive been on this blog since you were wearing diapers, son.

  • Dont like it, dont read it.

  • Moss dogged it and didn’t stretch out for the ball in the endzone on the play before Farve got wacked out of the game. If Moss catches ball, next play does not happen. Chilly (who I dispise)got pissed at crab arms.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Mr. Reece reminds me of a young Mr. H. Dixon.

  • GalacticGus

    Madden, John Madden that is, goes to the games most of the times and said on his show that he was at the Seahawks game. Does anybody know where he sits? is he in a luxury suite? ever next to Al? lol.