Campbell to start


Raiders coach Tom Cable said Thursday that Jason Campbell would start the AFC West showdown against the Chiefs.

Cable said quarterback Bruce Gradkowski had improved but not to the point where he can “do everything he needs to do” to be the starting quarterback. He said it was yet to be determined if Gradkowski would be the backup or No. 3 quarterback.

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and tight end Zach Miller were both held out of practice. Although Asomugha has yet to put full weight on his ankle or do any running, Cable wouldn’t rule him out. He said he expected Miller (arch) to play but said he was questionable.

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • mistic1

    Braveheartraider Says:
    November 4th, 2010 at 4:37 pm
    Mystic…He’s got two superbowls in the time he coulda been our coach.
    Just sayin’


    Sham-a-han can x and o with the best of them, off top. His personality and ego get in the way of his ability to win.

    he ended up with elway, great players win the trophy coaches and scheme are overrated, this is why he has only 1 playof win since the last elway super bowl.

  • big pep

    SnB Production.
    i agree, i posted that news for mistic1 who has cam and other q.bs. in the big conferences as his choices.

  • Braveheartraider

    mistic1 Says:
    “davis is Blackbeard, there can only be one captain of this pirate ship.”
    Aye, there can be only one. That’s fine when the loot doesn’t count against the salary cap!
    Since it’s inception we’ve struggled cause Al wont let go the rudder.

  • PurpleDrank81


  • big pep

    i for one want big lineman on both sides of the ball, i could care less if we dont draft a q.b. or w.r. or a c.b. take care of the lines first then we go after a proven q.b. with plenty of starts under his belt. we can always use bill parcells formula.

  • reign of terror

    Keys of the game. Raiders show up to McAfee, D stop the run and put the game in Cassel’s hands and O run the ball and play action all day long !
    Go Raiders !

  • RaiderLen

    I don’t think at this point, Campbell is a difference maker.

    Support Him with good D, a running game, and some receivers.

    Do this, and I think he’ll take care of the ball, and not make the boneheaded mistakes that get an otherwise complete football team, beat.

    Can he be great? Mabey…but he’ll need a Big supporting cast.

  • mistic1

    priesttj Says:
    November 4th, 2010 at 4:41 pm
    Mystic1 Campbell is nt a bad QB and anyone who says he is is full of crap but he is still feeling his way. He has a chance to be goood even very good. I’m going to reserve judgement on great until he shows me he can lift this team to greatness. If he does that I’ll argue with anyone that he is approaching greatness. Because that all great QB’s do. He still is missing open rec’s and no giving rec’s opportunities to cathc the football which i think is that cautious mechanism in him. He has to give his rec more of an opprtunity to make plays. Then we’lll talk about being good. It’s not that he lacks the tools he just lacks the will to use them regularly.



    I feel you. It will take more than just this season for him to get to greatness here. I will never forget steve young and thiesman saying it takes a qb 2-3 years in one system before thy can truly let thier natural ability take over. Knowing not only your own assingment, but knowing everyone elses. Young even said that some times he couldnt see rice or taylor but he would throw to where they were supposed to be. Add that with knowing all of your opponnents and what they will do to try and stop you.

    Those things you mentioned I beleive will come over the next season or so, as he continues to master the nuances of this system, and gels with this team. At this point we can see flashes, but it is clearly a work in progress. patience is the key,

    But I am calling my shot, so if /when it happens I can come back a claim sweet victory, raider style.

  • Braveheartraider

    Turn the page, guys.

  • r8rwill

    evenin’ nation,
    cracks me up the posts about this qb and that one… the truth of the matter is the qb with the best line in front of him wins about every time, period! the raiders super bowl teams all had great o-lines.
    our current team couldn’t win until gallery and veldheer started together. the good qb’s take their line to dinner and buy them watches, they know

  • r8rwill

    sunday looks like a sell-out. hope everyone shows if it rains.. in the nation i trust,
    it will be rocking. we need to show kc what a loud crowd is really like….

  • priesttj

    I’m watching NFLN they had Elway Marino and Tom Brady QB rating on the board Elways was the LOWEST at 79.9 Marino’s was 86.4 and Brady’s 93.5. Thta’s whay I’ve been saying and I would love to see his completion % over a career I’ll bet it’s pedestrian.

    I’m nt knocking him as a QB because I would love to him now QB rating rating and everything. Because bottom line is nhe won and won a lot of bigtime games but as a passer he was just above average. He won on grit and competitiveness. He was very tough to beat because he would run for 1st downs every time you thought yu had him stopped. He was one helluva QB but just not a great passer IMO. He threw too hard and wasn’t the most accurate passer you’ve ever seen.

  • bostonraider13

    Damn I want to goto this game so bad. I have been trying for years to get out to the black hole for a game but the timing is always awful. I am going to the game in SD in December, but I wish I was going to this game. I’m in Phoenix for work but of course the flight prices are ridiculous to fly up this weekend for the game. I work nights and I would have flew up after work Sunday morning at 6 and then flew back early Monday. It absolutly sucks, if I could afford the flight I would be there in a flash. I think every Raider fan who can goto this game should goto this game. We have had 2 blowouts in a row and this game is the biggest game we’ve had since the Super Bowl in 2002. We are looking at a new team here Raider Nation. Things are finally coming together and I think we owe our Raiders a sellout. Let’s fill these seats.