Raiders receive extension


The Raiders have asked for and received a 24-hour extension and will announce Friday whether their AFC West game against the Kansas City Chiefs will be televised locally.

A Raiders spokesman said tickets are still available, although there was no information with regard to how close the club is to a sellout.

The Raiders keep a tight lid on all information regarding ticket sales. The extension period means an extra 24 hours where fans believe there’s a chance they may not see the game if they don’t buy tickets.

The Raiders typically announce a sellout the day after asking for an extension.

The last Raiders game on local television was the season opener last season against the San Diego Chargers. Their biggest crowd in their 11-game blackout streak was a 49,632 against Philadelphia.

The Chiefs game includes some tickets available through a 2-for-1 promotion by Compass Media Network, although its’ worth noting the same promotion was in effect for the Seattle game and attendance was 35,721.

The Raiders need to sell approximately 60,000 tickets to announce a sellout. A club can “guarantee” the remaining tickets are sold, essentially paying for them, or a sponsor can step in and purchase tickets and then distribute them.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • LA to TheBay

    12th man in the house.

  • raiderman81

    lets sell it out… with 2 for 1 we should sell out all our games

  • LA to TheBay

    Even if it is on TV, mute it. You gotta have Papa and Flores in your ear.

  • raiderman81

    I still remember Papa’s call in 00..

    Wheatley wont go down!!!!!

    when Tyrone Wheatley was carriying chiefs on his back on the way to the endzone…

  • marios

    Greg Papa is a great play by play caller. He lives the game that’s a reason for his success

  • marios

    exscuse me probably The reason for his success= Passion

  • Raider JP

    I guess its good to live outside the blackout zone (Clovis near Fresno), because we get the TV feed and I don’t have to listen to the radio. When I have to, I love Flores doing the commentary, but cant agree with you guys on Papa. I love his “Touchdown Raiders” scream on TDs, but that’s about it. He’s terrible at keeping you informed on where the ball is, how much was gained or lost, etc. Good play by play callers keep you in touch with what is going on on the field. With Papa, its a guessing game and you typically wont hear a yardage call until right before the next play. I recall him calling a play a few years back where Morrison blitzed and had a shot at a tackle for a loss in the backfield. He got so geeked up about telling us about the move to get in place to make the tackle, that he didnt have enough time to tells us the part about him getting juked and being drug by the back for about a 7 yard gain. Im sitting there thinking it will be 2nd and long, and suddenly its 2nd a 3? Im not sure who would be better and Im not lobbying for him to be replaced, but IMO, Papas not even in the same league as the infamous Bill King!!!

  • London53Raider

    Good morning from London Raider Nation 🙂
    Bill King was the best. Everyone knows that but Greg Papa is not so bad. It’s unfair to compare him King as King was the best of the best. I enjoy Greg and Tom a lot and they do a good job for me.
    Go Raiders this Sunday!