It’s official: Blackout lifted for Chiefs-Raiders


There will be no blackout.

The Raiders confirmed what looked to be inevitable when they announced that Sunday’s AFC West game against the Kansas City Chiefs was sold out and would be televised locally.

It is the first time the Raiders will be on local television for a home game since the 2009 season opener, a 24-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers on Monday night. The last 11 games have been blacked out.

Tickets must be sold out 72 hours in advance for a game to be shown in its home market, but the Raiders received an extension from the NFL Thursday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Maaaan… I made a gamble on my FFL team, benched Zack Miller, and Sproles too…

  • raidermarty

    Should be a really nasty game just like in the old days! Plenty of fights,unsportsmanlike penalties and just plain dislike for each other. Will be a good test for us to see if we can keep the momentum going. Alot of x’s and o’s analysis here- all good points- but again it comes down to a test of wills. We are a little banged up but I like our chances with a full house and a fired up BLACK HOLE. Way to sell out up there guys! Let’s keep it going!!!!!!!
    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!