Myers, Huff ready to adjust


Backup tight end Brandon Myers and starting free safety Michael Huff were ready to adjust their roles Friday with the likelihood that Zach Miller (arch) and Nnamdi Asomugha (ankle) will be watching the AFC West showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs from the sidelines.

Myers, with seven career receptions for 40 yards, will replace the Raiders leading receiver over the past three seasons at tight end.

“It’s totally different. I’m going to have an opportunity to play some meaningful minutes,’’ Myers said. “Whatever way the coaches are going to use me. I’m just excited for the opportunity. It’s going to be sold out, playing against the division, so, excited.”

Huff will play free safety, but in some packages, will play cornerback along with starters Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson and rookie nickel back Jeremy Ware.

“If he doesn’t play then the other corners have got to step up,’’ Huff said. “If they need me to go out there, I’ll go out there.’’

Huff spends considerable practice time working on corner skills in practice and has done it dating back to his days at Texas, where fellow safeties Michael Griffin and Earl Thomas also used much of the offseason working on coverage fundamentals.

NFL Network: Gallery, McClain fined

The NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora is reporting that guard Robert Gallery and middle linebacker Rolando McClain were each fined $7,500 for infractions against the Seattle Seahawks.

Gallery was fined for a late hit, McClain for grabbing the back of an opponent’s helmet.

It was McClain’s second fine of the season. He was docked $5,000 for a body slam tackle of the Rams Danny Amendola in Week 2.

No word on tickets

The Raiders have made no announcement with regard to ticket sales and whether the Chiefs game will be televised locally after 11 straight blackouts.

Tickets are still available.

A transcription from Cable’s press briefing Friday:

Cable: Heyward-Bey practiced limited. He’s probable for the game. Murphy did not practice. He’s out. Schilens did not practice. He’s out. Satele practiced limited. He’s probable. Zach Miller did not practice. He’s doubtful. Gradkowski practiced limited. He is probable. John Henderson did not practice. He’s out. Asomugha did not practice. He’s doubtful. And Hiram Eugene practiced a little bit. He’s questionable.”

Q:What was Hiram’s injury?

Cable: Pec.

Q: What are Nnamdi’s chances of playing?

Cable: I don’t know. It will probably be game-time. We’ll see if we can work him out Sunday morning and make a decision at that point. He and Zach would both be the same.”

Q:You called Miller questionable a couple days ago. Is he just not making progress?

Q: He has, it’s just not great progress. It started to get better and then it just kind of has mellowed out here the last couple days and not much improvement.

Q: You’re fairly confident in Myers in the passing game?

Cable: Yeah. Absolutely.

Q: Has Nnamdi run yet?

Cable: No.

Q:Has Miller run yet?

Cable: No

Q: How does that affect what you want to do defensively if Nnamdi’s not out there?

Cable: It doesn’t. With Chris back, he and Stanford and Jeremy. So we’re fine. It doesn’t change anything.

Q:Talk about Michael Huff’s ability to move out and play corner. That’s pretty rare for a safety, isn’t it?

Cable: He can do that, though. He really has always been our emergency corner for about three years now. There’s been a time where he’s had to go do that – not much, but has the skill set to do that definitely.

Q: Will Bruce be No. 2 or No. 3?

Cable: We’ll see. We’ll see when we get to game day, see him throw Sunday.

Q: Will Walter McFadden be up this week?

Cable: Yes.

Q: Is Bowe their go-to guy or do they spread it around fairly evenly?

Cable: They spread it around but when you think big play down the field, it’s been predominantly Bowe.

Q: What do you need to carry over from last two weeks, and what you need to bring to this game?

Cable: Well, we have to continue to do better on third down offensively and do better in the red zone offensively. And then the penalties are still lingering out there. Those are the things we have to have some improvement on. The things that have to carry over are probably just the way we’re playing for each other, the focus, the attention to detail, the real fundamental things about the game.

Q: Have there been any back-to-back games close to these last two in terms of dominating both lines of scrimmage?

Cable: Maybe those last two games in ’08. We really took the line of scrimmage, the way we took the Tampa game – ran it like 11 straight times or something. That’s kind of a signature finish. That’s probably the last time around here you could relate it to what’s gone on the last two weeks.

Q: How was practice today?

Cable: Loose, we got done what we needed to get done. I think we’re very excited.

Q: Could you see Marcel coming on the last two years on the practice squad?

Cable: Yeah. The skill set you see, his ball skills and all that, we saw right away when we first got him. That made it an easy decision to try and make this guy into a blocker. Last year, he improved a great deal and then it seemed right when we got to camp this year and put pads on, he picked up right where he left off. With no lull and kept improving and improving. The ball skills have always been there; it was just developing him as a blocker and he’s done a heck of a job at that.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • LA to TheBay

    but the WWF errrrrrr the NFL wanted the patriots to blow the 9/11 horn.

    Best year ever!!!

    And sh;t on the Raiders in the process. Oh yeah, the NFL brass was loving that game. Then the Patriots built a whole dynasty on top of a sh;t pile.

    What p;sses me off the most is that it may not have turned out to be a dynasty for us, but i would have liked a fair shake.

  • RaiderRetribution

    does anyone know if the ticket sales are close enough for an extension to avoid a blackout

  • Mistabrown

    Retribution, my guess is they have enough for a sellout but they are keeping it on the DL so people keep buying up remaining tickets. You know the second they announce sellout people will stop buying tickets and watch it on Tv.

  • inonewordraider

    Jason Campbell has been voted FedEx Air player of the week.

    That goes to show you we have the best fans in the NFL. Were gonna sellout or get close to it Sunday because we finally have a shot. Were were always towards the top in Jersey sales which are still good considering. RAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIDDDDDDERRRRRRRRSSSSSSSS

  • RaiderRetribution

    Key to Raiders victory:


    early lead or at least never more than a td behind;


    special teams play (no long returns for KC)

    line of scrimmage (aka trenches)

    turnovers (not so much as how many we attain, but how much we turnover especially redzones0

    Front seven and Oline (aka trenches)

    More TDs than FGs as it takes 3 Fgs to out-score one touchdown.

  • Mistabrown

    Are we back on this ride again where you log in and respond to all my post?

    #21 is a solid cover corner but nothing more. Take him off our roster the last 7 years and our record is the same. Now go suk on Favres jock since your other loser “franchise Qb” is out of the league.


    # Seymour Bush Says:
    November 5th, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Sure. More priceless idiocy from the clown: Nnamdi sucks, Barry Sanders never ran between the tackles, Farve sucks, global warming is a hippie myth, and the universe revolves around the earth. But at least your Cleveland Browns team has two wins!

  • RaiderRetribution


  • RaiderRetribution

    It will be interesting to see what game, Mr. Goethel’s got.

    Rookies have been solid for the Raiders this year, by far our best class this millenium and in the last two decades.

  • RaiderRetribution

    I think it is best to not even consider play Nnamdi & Zach especially with the bye week.

    I do believe last year we had one game w/o Mr. Asomugha and the defense stepped up.

    Good thing Mr. Heyward-Bey had a solid game and a big play, now that he knows he can play in the NFL, catch & run he will prove to the everyone he is consistent.

    Missing Mr. Miller will be an eye-opener we will know what we have in recieving w/o him now.

    could see alot of formations w/ McFadden playing WR or Mr. Reece even.

  • LA to TheBay

    Yeah, Raiders coming out fired up. Chiefs coaches will know this and have their squad prepared.

    Like I keep saying, AFC West Slugfest on the way.

  • Musaeus

    Not sure why Nnamdi and Zach will be watching the game on the sidelines with the Chiefs… They should be on our sidelines. Traitors!

  • RaiderLarry661

    Myers will be fine! our secondary will be fine! Cable is creating an environment like belicheck, anyone can step in and produce……the Raiders are back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reign of terror

    The Raiders have a more balanced offense, if Veldheer can open some running lanes and keep Tamba Hali off Campbell, we win ! A lot of pressure for a young LT, hope he has a great game!

  • souldogdave

    Musaeus, are you high or just stupid?Where on earth did comment #61 come from?