Miller says he’ll play, Asomugha `game time’


Tight end Zach Miller looks to be a good bet to start Sunday against the Steelers, but it sounds as if cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey and defensive tackle John Henderson are not sure things.

Miller, Asomugha, Heyward-Bey and Henderson were all limited and and listed as questionable.

“I think a couple of them are going to be game time decisions, Asomugha being one of them,” Cable said. “We’ll see how it goes from there, but I feel pretty good about the group.”

Miller said “no question” he would play and conceded he was initially concerned about the injury, which Cable said was to his arch. He was initially on crutches and was later seen with a cane.

“I was definitely worried about it,” Miller said. “The timing of the bye week was great because it allowed me to get a ton of treatment and really help recover.”

Wide receiver Chaz Schilens, on the field for the first time since training camp, was limited but will not play and is listed as “out.”

Cable said there was “positive and negative” from Schilens’ practice and said, “We’ll see how he feels (Saturday).”

The guess here is that Miller will play (he said he would start, “no question”) and that Henderson could be active and play a few snaps. Asomugha and Heyward-Bey are toss-ups and could wind up inactive.

Cable was available for quesitons for a little over a minute and a half, with the Raiders cutting things short to board a plane to Pittsburgh.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 90806RAIDER77


  • # BigTed707 Says:
    November 19th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    J-Camp should be feelin’ the heat – He did not play well against KC.

    He has shown grit and earned his status as starter – now lets see what he does with it. With Zach back, he has a real threat.

    No reason not to keep him on a short leash tho’ – we always got the BRRRUUUUUCE!

  • Chaz who? Who is this “Chaz” guy?

  • Seymour Bush

    time to kick the squealers in Shi**sburgh.

  • We will come to play and dominate!
    Raider Nation!

  • Raiders are due for a big INT!
    Huff takes one for 6?

  • CJ37 leaping pick?

  • inonewordraider

    Not gonna hold my breath but Chaz at 6’6 w/ speed on one size Murphy on the other Ford in the slot, Miller, DMAC and Reece out of the backfield…

  • blackInk

    Bruce sucks j Campbell is the truth

  • 89052RAIDER

    I guess the yeast infection will keep DHB out again. I assume Al has begun to realize that forcing DHB to start hampers our chances of winning against upper echelon teams. I bet he could play with his Gynecological issue, if need be, but he will not play because we need NFL caliber receivers to beat the Steelers on the road.

  • Dhidee99




    Serving in the military has absolutely nothing to do with football. U have gotta be kidding me. This blog is for football. Just football, specifically the Raiders. Your comments regarding Chaz Schillens were idiotic. What the h#ll does serving in the military mean when it comes to football? Nothing. I swear I’m getting dumber just reading your posts. You basically accused Chaz of being a p*ssy and milking the system. I’m just defending him cuz what you said couldn’t be more wrong.

  • raiderfankirk

    6’6′? given him a couple inches. Listed at 6’4″ on NFL.com

  • The Iceman Cometh

    This is definitely a prove it game to not only the fans but to the team themselves. If they can win this one this team is for real and could just win the west and slip into the playoffs. Something alot of us have been hoping for for a very long long time.
    Santa its the only thing I want for Christmas…

  • wolff

    DHB is JaMarcus #2, slowly but surely!