Nnamdi dodges QB questions


Here’s how Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha tap-danced around quarterback questions with hosts Adam Schein and former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon in a transcript provided by Sirius NFL Radio:

Schein: Nnamdi, who should be the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders?

Asomugha: You know, Jason Campbell right now. Jason Campbell. Whoever we have in at quarterback, should be the quarterback. And that’s Jason Campbell. He won three games for us there. We just had an unfortunate game this time around but I don’t think that means, you know, starting to shuffle around again and, you know, we all take sides with Coach Cable when he makes that decision. We believe in that. You can’t do that right now.

Gannon: Nnamdi, hasn’t that been part of the problem though? They bring in Jason Campbell and the second week of the season, at halftime, they make the switch to Bruce (Gradkowski). Tom (Cable) comes out and says even when Jason’s playing well that they’re going to go back to Bruce, and of course, you know, I thought that Jason played some pretty solid football there. Then you guys get off to a slow start and they make another change. I mean, don’t you need stability at the quarterback position to really turn this thing around?

Asomugha: Yeah, you absolutely do, but in the, I guess, in the course of the game, that decision was made because we were looking for that same spark that we got when the change was made early in the season. You know, you go through three quarters, I guess, and we’re not doing so well, and that’s not all Jason’s fault, but we need a spark and we put in Bruce early in the season in the third quarter of a game and he comes in and sparks us a little bit and it gives us a change of pace, so I guess that’s what we were looking for this game to see if it happened. And Bruce did a great job when he came in but we weren’t able to get it done. But that doesn’t mean get rid of the guy that’s been doing well the past month, you know. You bring up a good point, the stability and keeping that same guy in there and getting him more and more confident and comfortable, it’s going to help.

Hope that clears everything up.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Dirtiest Raccoon


  • Dirtiest Raccoon

    716.Dirtiest Raccoon Says:
    November 23rd, 2010 at 8:19 pm
    So whats the “nickname” of the RAIDERS offense?????

    Did someone call it Campbells soldiers??

    LMFAO!! How bout the Black Pop Gun.

    719.Seymour Bush Says:
    November 23rd, 2010 at 8:23 pm
    Nickname for the Raiders Offense?? How’s about Campbells Chicken Soup?

  • Seymour Bush

    Isn’t this old news?

  • priesttj

    Sounds like a vote of confidence from a peer to me. All that stuff aboout them getting juiced when Grads is in there maybe fading a bit. Campbell has to continue to get better every week though.

  • SoCalSwamee

    Campbell is weak, he looks down field too much. Gradkowski is tight but he gets hurt too much. At least they are .500! Merry Christmas to me i guess. And even better the pats wont get the first overall pick

  • aig-raiders


    I try not to use Grad in my posts because the JC fan club jumps all over it as the only evidence of me thinking that JC sucks. I try to leave Bruce out and stick with the facts of how awful JC was, is, and will be.

    Since you ask, I find it very frustrating to see people question Bruce’s ability. For example:
    1. Vittorio asked on his tweet that “could Bruce have made that 47 yd throw to Ford in OT”. I tweeted back to him that Bruce’s bomb to Murph in Pitt last year went for 49 yds in the air for a 75 yd TD. It was so stupid to me to see a writer covering the Raiders not knowing that fact.

    2. People continually asks whether Bruce can do better when all the evidence in the world has shown that his worst game as a starter is a 17 point loss to Dallas. It was hardly a Giants, Jets, Tenn, SF, KC or Pitt performance by either JC or JR. Morever, he was raking in 20+ first downs per game and avg 24 points per game this year even before the emergence of Veldheer/Oline and DMAC’s rushing domination for those 3 games.

    I dont have a track record to say that Bruce is going to be a bonafided QB in this league. I do have the track record to say that Bruce is by far the best QB on our current roster affecting our current season. We can’t say 100% how Bruce would have done in the 3 game win streak because he was not in there. I do know 100% sure that Bruce outplayed JC in the same games with the same opponent and supporting staff. The evidence in the SF preseason game and STL reg season game convinced me as much.

    I’d like to see him given more opps and I believe he will be. It’s a matter of time before JC is yanked again and for good. I believe it wont be long before the crowd boo his a$$ off on Sunday.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Nnamdi also spent all offseason talking up Jamarcus Russell and his new conditioning, than quickly transferred how much better our passing offense is with Jason and his “leadership”.

    And after 10 games……Campbell is actually worse than Jamarcus Russell was in 2008.

    Nnamdi = not GM material

  • Just Fire Baby


    I still got Bruce’s back, and I always will do to what he did last year. If he stunk up the joint, Al might not have seen the light on Jamarcus.

    However, he has regressed this year, IMO, from last year. And he has suffered through 3 different injuries, with only 1 being from a game.

    I love the idea of him playing and his fire, but he needs to play like he did last year, for me to rev up the Soapbox I stood on all offseason.

  • aig-raiders

    Sammythe Bullschytter,

    Please show me where I was wrong 3 weeks in a row. If you gonna call me out, pls man up and show something other than blab blab blab

  • Seymour Bush

    # Just Fire Baby Says:
    November 23rd, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    I don’t know. A guy who is completing 70% of his passes for over 10 yards per attempt, 21 TD’s, 6 ints, for the number two team in the nation? Who also has size and mobility? Playing in arguably the nations best conference? Seems like a good choice to me.


    This is the same rationale people had for drafting Tebow isn’t it?

    While I’m not a Tebow fan, and certainly thought Dungver waaaay over paid for him the jury is still out on him. Tom Brady was a 7th rounder. Tony Romo undrafted. Jamarcus Russell lst overall. Clearly this is an inexact science but I think Newton’s stats do speak for themselves. And he will probably have to come out after this year because of NCAA allegations.

  • aig-raiders

    Nnamdi is a very intelligent fellow, and he knows better than to get into the mess created by Al Davis. It does him no good to be in it.

  • priesttj

    any excuse is better than none lol


    Lots of talk about UNR’s Colin Kaepernick, and his pro potential.

    I live in Reno and have seen alot of his games.

    At his best, he’s a poor man’s Vince Young.

    He’s tall and lanky, runs very well, has a big arm with a long awkward delivery.

    Needs to improve his ball security if he has any chance of success at the next level. (See his fumble against Hawaii this year, and other times he has been stripped as evidence. I once also saw him use the hand in which he was holding the ball in order to try to keep his balance and not go down on a scramble. He didn’t go down, but he left the ball behind !)

    Hard to tell if he can make the transition. At UNR he’s bolstered by a great running game. Hasn’t been required or asked to make the second and third reads a QB must make at the next level.

    Accuracy is spotty, but at times makes very difficult throws look easy. Can definitely throw those tough intermediate sideline outs and deep ball.

    In short, the kid has the tools to be a good NFL QB, but he’s definitely a project.

    Worth a shot in the mid rounds.

  • lefty12

    SB-I don’t want any QB from the SEC.Because ESPN(surprise,they have their contract)tells everyone they are the best conference people think all their players are the end all of end alls.Mallett is considered the best pro prospect in the conference and he transferred because he couldn’t win the job at his previous school..Besides the Manning brothers,the SEC has been a failure at turning out successful pro QBs in recent years.

  • 504 Raider

    Gradkowski is only suffering from endorsements.

    Cable told America the Raiders knew who their QB is even though Campbell was playing decent and the team was blowing out 2 opponents. Then the KC comback which meant a few things:

    We had a come from behind close victory.
    We won 3 in a row.
    We won in OT while Jano redeemed himself.
    We were essentially at 1st place.
    We became relevant again.

    Basically Tom Cable made an emotional decision and could be just like myself (superstitious) in that you don’t make a QB change while the TEAM is hot. If Campbell stunk it up the entire game but we still had 1 more point than the opposition at the end of 4th quarter, I would not pull that lucky mofo.

    Then against Pitt the truth about Campbell comes out but Cable gave him a 1 quarter per win free screw up pass to make something happen that never did.

    Insert Bruce late in the game when it’s well over to see if Mom’s cooking could work its magic one more time.

    We were better off letting Campbell finish that disaster he started and we would have Bruce named the starter vs Miami announced during Cable’s postgame handshake with Tomlin.


    AIG, of course you’re correct. Grads has always noticeably outperformed JaJason. JaJason sucks. Period.

    It’s very unfortunate that we’re in the position of having to wait once again for yet more proof that JaJason sucks.

    You’re right, he is going to get pulled again. Problem is it’s probably going to wind up costing us a game we might win with Grads starting and a shot at the playoffs.

    JFB, huge props to you for being one of the first of Grad’s supporters and warning that JaJason stinks. Your prediction that JaJason would be yanked at halftime of the Rams game for Grads, was one of the greatest calls in blogging history. It was like you wrote the script.

    Just thought you got off the Grads bandwagon a little bit lately and have given up on him.

    I still haven’t seen a reason to throw Grads under the bus.

    Injured due to his inexperience, being too gung ho and own stupidity. Didn’t take the time-out in Az. Thrown into a bad situation and rusty and perhaps still not 100% in Pitt. Definitely too hurt to start against SD.

    Those are the negatives and ‘regressions’ I’ve seen this year.

    But not enough for me to give up on Grads just yet.

  • djohnnyg

    There’s the problem right there. When you’ve got players who are delusional enough to say that bruce “did a great job”.

    If what Bruce showed Sunday was “great” than this team has way deeper troubles than we even realize.

  • djohnnyg

    The QB is the most important position on any NFL team. We have subpar talent there at best. What do you think our chances are of winning with below average ability and production at the most important position on the field? That’s right NONE!

    We got by with below average QB play during the 3 game streak, but teams are on to us now. The key to beating the Raiders is force their subpar QB (whoever it is) to beat you. We might beat some bad teams and occasionally an average one, but we just saw what happens when we play a GOOD team.

  • agular9

    There is something fishy going on in raiderland… I smell AL DAVIS all over this. ALL over the Gameplan for both offense and defense. Patriots showed us how to beat the pats and we did the complete opposite, we did it al’s way. No pressure on Ben the whole game, what a joke of a game, AL needs to stick to signing checks.

  • lbcraider

    @ #7 comment
    Nnamdi = not GM material
    Nnamdi = GREAT TEAMMATE!!!!