Cable Q&A


A transcription of Raiders’ coach Tom Cable’s post-practice briefing with the Bay Area media:

Cable: OK, injury update, Heyward-Bey practiced limited. Schilens did not practice. Gallery practiced limited, he’s got a leg contusion, nothing serious. Zach Miller practiced limited. Trevor Scott was played on injured reserve today. We signed Jarvis Moss in his place. Nnamdi Asomugha practiced limited. Tyvon Branch practiced limited, he’s got a sore shoulder, nothing serious. Hiram Eugene has got a stinger in the game, nothing serious, practiced limited. And Chris Johnson did not practice.

Q: Last week good and bad with Chaz, what happened Friday?

Cable: The foot got sore again. So we’re kind of going back and forth between the two issues. One being the foot, originally, and then the knee, and now it’s back to the foot. It is a bit of a setback, we’ll just have to see how much and how long.

Q: How is he holding up?

Cable: It’s tough for him. He’s one of those guys he wears his emotions on his sleeve and it’s very important to him and all that and it’s very frustrating right now, obviously.

Q: What are the chances of Nnamdi being able to play this week?

Cable: Good. He’s good.

Q: Did you think he was going to go vs. Pittsburgh ?

Cable: Well, I was hoping he would, but he was not able to just cut it loose and go a hundred percent, and when we worked him out Sunday it was really the same thing. You can’t put a guy in a position like that, but he’s much better today and practiced well and I think he’s fine.

Q: Severity of Chris Johnson’s injury?

Cable: It’s a groin strain, so those are kind of touch and go, they tend not to linger too long but he was pretty sore this morning so it was better to not practice him.

Q: Was this kind of a day where you wouldn’t want to practice him, cold, etc.

Cable: Maybe not, with the temperatures and all that.

Q: What’s the word on Jarvis Moss?

Cable: He practiced today. Obviously he has some pass rush ability that’s pretty apparent. Kind of a tall, lanky kid, with some NFL background, so we’ll see how fast we can incorporate him if it’s possible, in terms of this week being short with him just getting here but we’ll see what happens down the road.

Q: A lot more work Shaughnessy if Moss isn’t ready?

Cable: I think we’re pretty fortunate that we’ve got some guys here in Bruce Davis that I think is a viable solution, as well as Jarvis, again, just got to find out what he’s capable of what he can bring to the table.

Q: How many snaps was Shaughnessy getting?

Cable: I would say he’s probably in that 40-plus range.

Q:Would he stay in that 40 play range or have to play more?

Cable: No, I think they’re all going to have to play a little more just because of the situation until we can settle on who we feel like can give us some help.

Q: Any thought of having Seymour play end?

Cable: No. I don’t think so.

Q: You mentioned Davis … would he play end or would he go to OLB and Groves to DE?

Cable: We’re going to look at both, yeah.

Q: Your thoughts on the Dolphins?

Cable: It’s a good team, a fine defense. I talked to the team today, you know, you have to work hard when you play them because they play extremely hard. You can see Mike Nolan’s signature all over it. Very physical, run to the ball, very sound, lot of pressure. Offensively they have some issues with their quarterback obviously but it looks like their offensive line is going to be healthy and back intact. They have the ability to run the football very well, and then they’ve got three receivers. You just don’t know the health of Brandon Marshall.

Q: How did Scott get hurt?

Cable: He just took a shot and the knee shifted covering a punt.

Q: How big of a loss is losing him?

Cable: I think it’s huge. We’ve been fortunate to not lose too many guys like this. I think this is a big loss but somebody’s going to have to step up. He does do a lot for our football team, playing in base defense as well as third down and (on) a number of special teams. He’s right up there making tackles on special teams with the leaders. Big loss but we’re going to have to rally.

Q: His sack numbers are down but is he applying a lot of pressure?

Cable: If you look, those other guys, they’ve enjoyed that luxury. His tempo, his effort to the quarterback has pushed that quarterback to a lot of sacks with the other guys. They’ve benefited from Trevor’s effort, no question.

Q: Your run game, was it just Pittsburgh, was it you . . .

Cable: The answer to all of that is a yes. We have to do a better job of doing what we do and being a little stubborn with it, not too much but a little more. And as I said, you have to give them credit, they played very well. But we’re better than that and we’re disappointed in that kind of effort.

Q: Any concern of overlooking Dolphins after Steelers?

Cable: It’s about us, not about anybody else. That’s our focus and today they showed me they got it. I feel good about where we’re going. Miami is a good team. They have too many good players on that team to doubt this or doubt that, or question anything. It’s about us.

Q: Where did Cameron Wake come from?

Cable: He played at Penn State and then went up to Canada and really made a name for himself. He’s not been a secret once he got to the NFL. He’s been here two years. He’s very much a dynamic guy.

Q: He will be over Veldheer?

Cable: Both. Both sides.

Q: How much will Veldheer benefit from having to go against Harrison and struggling a little bit?

Cable: A great deal. I think that part of, when you’re put in a situation like that, part of growth is failure. I obviously don’t want the quarterback sacked – that’s not kind of failure I am talking about, that’s the extreme end of it – but he’ll learn from it because that’s who he is. Those guys, it’s that old saying: Iron sharpens iron. Those guys definitely know how to bring it, definitely have been through the battles, definitely have been in and won the Super Bowl. So you get something great if you pay attention to it, a great lesson to take from it, and there’s no question he will He will.

Q: Is Wake a speed, high intensity type rusher?

Cable: Yeah, he can go speed to power on you. Very good run player. I think it’s a lot of what we just came from, but maybe more speed.

Q: Does it matter who plays QB for them, or is it all about stopping the run?

Cable: Yeah, I think you gotta get after the running game. They’ve got really good runners and their offensive line is getting healthy it looks like, with the center coming back, Incognito moving back to guard where he’s comfortable and Long kind of getting through the shoulder issue. That’s a good line. So, you gotta get after the run game. That’s what they do. And yet they have three outstanding receivers and also a good tight end.

Q: They’re not using Wildcat anymore. Do you still keep it in back of your mind?

Cable: You prepare for it, there’s no question. That would be a stone, that if you left it unturned, it would probably get you.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer