Newest Raider gratified that Davis was watching


News, notes and observations Wednesday as the Raiders prepare to host the Miami Dolphins:

— Al Davis has a fondness for collecting players he liked coming out of the draft but were taken by someone else.

The latest is Jarvis Moss, the No. 17 overall pick out of Florida in 2007 who was waived by Denver a week ago after an unsatisfying three seasons.

As things were going badly for Moss in Denver, Davis was remained curious enough to mine Louis Murphy for information.

“He told me the owner had asked about me several times,’’ Moss said. “It was all positive stuff so from my point of view that’s good to know I’m wanted. Now I want to give, knowing that I was actually wanted and they gave me an opportunity.

“That just gives me more incentive to go to work and bust my tail wearing black.’’

Upon his arrival, Moss said he had a “quick, cool conversation’’ with Davis where he said he planned on giving it his all.

Moss, who will be used as a defensive end, said he thought he was just getting the hang of being a 3-4 outside linebacker when he got word he was being waived.

“I was actually getting used to it. It wasn’t a hard transition,’’ Moss told reporters following the Raiders morning walkthrough. “(Josh) McDaniels told me he didn’t want me to just be a special teams guy there, I had done everything they asked of me, and we weren’t parting ways on bad terms. He just gave me the opportunity to go start over and I’m happy about that.’’

Moss, an angular 6-foot-7 and 258 pounds, had only 3.5 sacks with the Broncos and is hoping Oakland’s emphasis on rushing the passer will pay off in better numbers.

“The D-line here has more sacks than the whole Bronco defense right now, so it could be a schematic thing,’’ Moss said.

— Defensive tackle Richard Seymour limited his comments about his $25,000 fine and open-handed blow to the face of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to a statement issued by the team.

Seymour actually got the statement to the Raiders Monday, but the club never made it public until Wednesday.

Rather than put it on their Web site, or on the normal Raider letterhead and distribute it to the media, the Raiders instead had the statement typed out on what looked as if it was a manual typewriter on a blank sheet of paper and then gave it to a single member of the media with the request to pass it around.

The statement read:

“I apologize to my teammates, fans and coach for my actions in yesterday’s game. This is an emotional game that sometimes triggers frustrated reactions when you are out on the field. I reacted in a way that was unprofessional to the game and not in line with the respect that goes along with wearing the NFL shield and for that I apologize.’’

Correction: A Raiders spokesman said Seymour’s statement was put out through his own P.R. firm and not through the club. Near as anyone can tell, no one in the local media received the statement until it showed up in Alameda Wednesday.

While some players have looked at the three-game win streak as an example of what can be accomplished and as a way to put the Steelers loss aside, Seymour is of the “one game at a time’’ ilk.

“I don’t look at it as it was three in a row, we won one individual game and strung it together to another one,’’ Seymour said. “In my mind, one game is really not connected to the next. Every game is its own individual game.

“Different matchups, you see it all the time, you beat me and then I turn around and beat someone who beat you, however it works out.’’

— Punter Shane Lechler was part amused and part disgusted that game announcers Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts made such a big deal of his habit of using ammonia capsules before every punt.

“It’s nothing I haven’t been doing for the last seven years, something a lot of players in this league do before every series. There must not have been anything else to talk about.’’

— Davone Bess, the Miami wide receiver and former Skyline High School product, grew up on 77th and Rudsdale within sight distance of the Coliseum. He was a fan of the Raiders, A’s and Warriors.

Bess paid very close attention to one Raiders receiver in particular, and in some ways modeled his game after him.

“Tim Brown, man, that was my guy,’’ Bess told Bay Area reporters by conference call.

Since 2008, Bess has 179 receptions, the most in franchise history for a receiver in his first three seasons.

Signed by Miami as an undrafted free agent after a productive career in the run-and-shoot offense at Hawaii, Bess never got a sniff from the Raiders.

“Me and my agent talked about it but they never reached out,’’ Bess said.

Bess said he bought between 55 and 60 tickets and expects even more people to turn out on his behalf.

Although he never had the speed Brown had coming out of Notre Dame, his game has similar elements to Brown as a veteran player.

“One of the things with (Brown) is he was so quarterback friendly. The guy was a very, very smart player and always in the quarterback’s face as far as visibility out there in routes, uncovering, doing some of the things that I always talk to my guys about, moving without the ball. Kind of like basketball,’’ Miami coach Tony Sparano said. “With Davone, he’s kind of done that at a young stage. He really does a god job of working with the quarterback, quarterback friendly is what we call it.’’

— Miami has a lot of key players who have been hurt, but Sparano was keeping it close to the vest as to who would be available.

The list includes quarterback Chad Henne (knee), offensive left tackle Jake Long (shoulder) and wide receiver Brandon Marshall (hamstring). Henne has been getting some work in practice.

If Henne can’t play, Tyler Thigpen would start for Miami.

Interesting note on Thigpen _ he’s 1-11 as a starter with the lone win coming on Nov. 30 against the Raiders.

Put another way, he’s 1-0 in games where the opponent tries a trick play in which the punter laterals the ball through his legs to a 250-pound place kicker, expecting him to turn the corner for a first down, resulting in a fumble return for the defense.

— Speaking of fumbles, one of the Raiders’ first drills Wednesday during the coldest practice of the year was practicing scooping up fumbles.

Whether it’s the drill or just plain luck, recovering their own fumbles continues to be a Raiders’ strength. Oakland has the most fumbles in the NFL with 25 but has lost only five of them.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DKnight007

    98.SnB Production Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    The X-Factor is Darren McFadden. PERIOD!

    The Raiders have no passing game

    DMC is the stud of the offense of course….but this ridiculous QB thing is going to make or break the team when it comes to making the playoffs.

    If JC plays lifeless again in the 1st half….Cable and Hue better go with Grads pronto!

  • djohnnyg

    99.SnB Production Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 4:33 pm
    Macho Man Randy Savage,

    Al Davis wanted to draft Vince Young the 1st time. If VY is on the free agent listing…as toxic as he is…as bad a decision that would be…

    Al Davis just LOVES athletic former 1st round picks.

    He’ll be a Raider….hate to say it

    Make it this Sunday. Our QB’s suck! Period. They are backups at best and we are counting on them to get us to the playoffs? When are people gonna wake up.

    With JC at the helm we are toast. How can anyone think any different after watching the Pittsburgh game?

    He should be playing basketball instead of football. He throws a tremendous bounce pass, although he’s a bit tall for point guard and too slow to play forward.

  • fingers

    Chaz Schilens is still living?…

  • BigLefty

    Nnamdi21 Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 3:01 pm
    46. The Wild Cat can be countered by simple, gap responsible defense.


    Uh-oh is right Our LBs haven’t been better. Our D-Line has been steller!
    The LB’s have constantly filled the wrong gap, over-pursued the play
    Thank god our safetys can tackle.
    The only things our LB’s have hit (or been hit by) are fullbacks and pulling guards.

  • anthonyraiders

    I hope this week Jacoby Ford has another big game. I haven’t seen a reciever make a quarterback look so good in my life, as he did for JsuckC. He reminded me of Steve Smith against KC. I think with a descent game from Mcfadden and Jacoby big in special teams, recieving, we can win this weekend.