Patterson’s passing is sad news


Patrick Patterson became a credentialed member of the Raiders media a couple years back, covering the team on a regular basis as a free lance writer that included his Web site “Thoughts from the Dark Side” as well as being the Raiders “Examiner.”

No doubt many of you are familiar with his work.

Woke up to the awful news this morning that Patrick died at age 38 of an apparent blood clot in his lung. Check out the link on his passing and if you leave just one comment, make sure you leave it on his site to create a lasting memory for his family and friends.

Patrick was a good-natured addition to the media room, always willing to chip in and contribute when it game to breaking up group transcripts as well as being a part of the daily give-and-take that includes a lot of humor as well as trying out opinions or ideas on each other we may at some point use in print or on the Web.

A Raiders fan from an early age, Patrick deftly straddled the line between reporter and fan, never becoming a cheerleader but at the same time not hiding his feelings for the team.

He will be missed.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    I thought Rolondo would be alot better as a Mike in the NFL but he is still learning and our corners tend to look lost w/o Aso


    Ricky Brown subbing for McClain is a joke. too bad Travis Goethel had that back surgery and missed 10 weeks or whatever it was. He’s still learning too and if he didn’t have that injury (setback) he might be subbing or even starting at MLB right now imo

    CJ37 & Routt are a decent pair of corners. not great, not awful. good enough to get the job done.

    When CJ got injured and Jeremy Ware was forced to start opposite Routt covering either Mike Wallace or Hines Ward – wow! We instantly looked like the Houston Texans secondary

  • Mike,

    I would rather give more snaps to players like Ford, Murphy, and DHB, but JLH is still a solid WR that can contribute IMHO.

  • RR,

    Nnamdi is great, but we need more plays/ help from the other CBs. (don’t get me started on Ss). This defense can be great with a good OLB, and an above avg CB to play with Nnamdi.
    Print that!

  • RaiderRockstar

    McClain is doing well, but he needs more help. Wimbley and Groves are not 4-3 LBs. They are not good at coverage, and they can’t keep up with speed. Wimbley is doing good, he also can rush the passer, but Groves looks confused most of the time.


    I tend to disagree. Not hating on ROMAC or praising these other guys, but I’ll throw an excuse in the mix. Have you noticed how QB’s roll out and hit the TE or RB for a gain of 6 to 8 yards each time?

    KC did it with Cassel & Moeaki. Pitt did it with Ben & Miller … works EVERY time

    I’m sure Henne will be looking to do it with Fasano as well. John Marshall needs to fix this, because if we double Gates every play and they roll Rivers out with that same pattern and hit a speedster like Sproles it could be a disaster (in a few weeks)

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post!

  • raidermarty

    Yeah no doubt Jason will be under alot of pressure to play well and with some authority Sunday but these are all pressure games now so should be fun!
    What’s disappointing to me is when Hue or Jason or Cable speak with that “everything went wrong ” and “we just didn’t play well” tone. We’re having less and less of those kind of gamess but we won’t truly be a good team until we play with some consistency every Sunday win or lose. A good team most always plays well and gives themselves a chance to win. We can be that team!

  • marios