Dolphins Raiders underway . . .


Raiders receive the opening kickoff . . . my guess of high 40,000-range in attendance appears high . . . Jacoby Ford runs the opening kickoff back 101 yards for a touchdown. There are no flags.

Who needs a quarterback?


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • F$ck here we go 17-7 coming up we have run 7 plays and 2 punts. This is an epic fail at attempting to impersonate a football team.

  • There is your big play Vegas!!!

  • zopi

    McClain shows up, finally.

  • Ok something positive, maybe just maybe this gets us on track

  • Seattle blocks a punt TD

  • Ok ok now were moving.

  • wow. glad Grads is in there.

  • Plunketthead

    Excuse me gentlemen
    We dont have many rules here but if you give up before halftime you will have to sit in the nusery.

    You are disturing the other customers

  • zopi

    Let’s see how quickly Gradkz gets a hook.

  • RaidersMom

    Isn’t Miami rated 20th on run defense? I agree bring in Bush.

  • 0ak72

    nice interior blocking.

  • 0ak72

    ford is easily the most skilled wr on team. I remember draft pundits on espn saying he didn’t now how to use his speed on the field etc……ha!