Halftime: Raiders 14, Dolphins 13


Second quarter notebook

— Davone Bess burns Walter McFadden on a back-shoulder throw from Chad Henne for a 17-yard gain and a first down at the Oakland 19. He gets McFadden again on another third-down, an 11-yard pass to the 8-yard line with 1:24 left. Tyvon Branch breaks up pass for Brian Hartline at the goal line to set up Dan Carpenter 23-yard field goal.

Looked like Branch might have been a fraction early. No call. Miami has 234 yards at halftime but trails by apoint.

Jacoby Ford being looked at by trainers as half ends and Johnnie Lee Higgins returns kickoff following Miami field goal.

“Everybody in the God damned league gets that call,” yells a voice from the Miami coaches box.

— Nnamdi Asomugha is getting picked on. He’s given up three catches for 57 yards and has been called for a hold, giving the Dolphins a first down. Bess got him for the second time with a 17-yard reception to convert a third down on Miami’s last drive of the half.

— Raiders not getting pressure on Henne except when sending safeties. Natural rush being thwarted by the Dolphins.

–Ford makes a beautiful adjustment on a Gradkowski pass over Benny Sapp and turns it into a 44-yard touchdown play to put the Raiders up 14-10.

He’s already done more as a receiver in terms of playmaking than Darrius Heyward-Bey ever has as a Raider. His two touchdowns have accounted for 145 all-purpose yards.

— A Marcel Reece fumble out of the wildcat doesn’t hurt when the Raiders sack Henne on a second safety blitz (this time by Tyvon Branch) and Dan Carpenter misses a 52-yard field goal.

— Raiders blitz all three safeties (Mike Mitchell, Branch, Michael Huff) on third-and-10 with Miami at 46 following interception and result is a Huff sack to force three-and-out.

— Gradkowski ignores single coverage on left side to Heyward-Bey to throw toward Marcel Reece, singled up on Yeremiah Bell on the right. Bell plays it perfectly, intercepts the pass.

Replay looks like ball may have hit the ground, but challenge is denied. Miami first-and-10 at their own 46. More good field position for Dolphins.

— Rolando McClain’s first takeaway, a goal line interception, helped prevent the Dolphins from taking a 17-7 lead. Matt Shaughnessy pressured Henne into a poor play, with McClain, playing a deep middle zone, leaped and made the pick and returned it to the 11-yard line.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • YoungAmerican

    McFadden looking like the old McFadden…

  • Ars3nic3

    I asked Jerry tuesday if the loss to pitt is going to put a bad feeling on this team and I think it did. The Raiders just are not excited at all not fight in them.

  • Why the f*ck is Grads throwing a 2 yard pass on third and 12?

  • RaidingTexas

    Brian_3520 Says:

    I don’t understand why we can’t get McFadden going. He was doing great a few games ago.

    He was doing great against teams that don’t have good defensive fronts. Pitt and Miami are much better there than Denver and KC.

  • davidon

    Game over

  • olinesux

    hey al ever here of this guy? bess?

  • los9091

    If Miami scores here we lose.

    Bess for PLAYER OF THE WEEK!

    He should send all the Raiders a gift card.

  • 504 Raider

    Look at that effort by “Full Ride” aka #54.

  • DT42

    Grads arm is shot.

  • lefty12

    Mike-i was wondering the same thing.

  • PK28

    153.A.B. Paine III Says:
    November 28th, 2010 at 3:07 pm
    Why the f*ck is Grads throwing a 2 yard pass on third and 12?


    yeah seriously, though any throw from grads longer than that is up for grabs. definitely does not have an nfl caliber arm

  • Guy

    bess is short and isn’t very fast, not an Al receiver

  • Send Mom and Julie out the room and send the kids to bed.This is terrible.

  • brian_3520

    Davone Bess used to be real good as player for Hawaii a few years ago. He’s good. He’s super quick.

  • mikedlopes

    We’re 5-5?

  • 504 Raider

    Al’s happy he got Bess to buy 55 tix.

  • zopi

    Even with Henne out, the Raiders can’t make a stop.
    McClain has shown up, but where’s Seymour?

  • ArmChair GM

    This one might be over folks…

  • brian_3520

    The Raiders defense should be happy that Brandon Marshall is injured this week.

  • olinesux

    this bull i gotta go put up xmas decorations in a bad mood…

  • YoungAmerican

    Bess doesn’t have Raider speed.

  • kokomo

    Terrible game.

  • Just Fire Baby

    WTF was Eugene doing on that return.

    He had the backside contain and just ran himself out of the play

  • RaidingTexas

    Might? LOL

  • 0ak72

    THIS TEAM JUST ISN’T THAT GOOD. when you suck for 8 straight years it’s easy to be fooled. 6-10 is better than 4-12, sorta.

  • los9091

    Young america…

    He doesnt have Raider hands either.

  • jmcclain

    Here comes 30 to 14. Anyone watching this game needs to get there head examined. This honestly has to be the worst offense in the history of the game period. Sant waiste anymore time paying attension to this sorry ass exscuse of a team.

  • olinesux

    yeah but bess is running past our “fast” guys….

  • mikedlopes

    Quickness is just as good as speed.. Al needs to wake up.. Wiggle is Wiggle.. Bess is tearing us apart.. our defense is in civil war, and our offense can’t find their keys

  • PassTheCheetos

    it might be time to put jason in. wow cant believe i said that.

  • RaidingTexas

    It’s better to have Olympic speed than have the ability to catch and make football moves. Can’t you see that? LOL

  • RaidersJulie

    OMG it’s getting ugly

    where’s the good Raider team of the last month ? I see the team of the last 7 years…

  • I’m just hoping for 7 wins now. It’s progress.

  • los9091


    no blitz on that 3rd down and bad things happened.

    Morrilla still in here???

  • YoungAmerican

    The Raiders’ quarterback controversy is that they don’t have one.

  • lefty12

    We have been running the same plays all game and they aren’t working.The one reverse worked.The play calling is terrible.

  • brian_3520

    The Raiders need receivers that are excellent at catching the ball and running good routes FIRST. If they have 4.4 or better speed that’s gravy. Jerry Rice proved a lot time ago that speed isn’t everything.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Starting rookies on the outside is a recipe for disaster.

    Draft more DB’s and WR’s!!!!!

  • 901Raiders

    W. Mcfadden should have been benched in the first half.

  • RaidingTexas

    “This honestly has to be the worst offense in the history of the game period.”

    No, that happened a few years ago with the Bed & Breakfast offense.

  • djohnnyg

    Truth is we suck I guess.

  • olinesux

    lol only thing i want for christmas is to disconnect cable…tom cable

  • Walter McFadden’s debut aint so hot.

  • StayinBlack

    Thank god for holding

  • RaidingTexas

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    November 28th, 2010 at 3:13 pm
    Starting rookies on the outside is a recipe for disaster.

    Draft more DB’s and WR’s!!!!!

    So, you’re saying draft more rookies to put on the outside? LMAO

  • mikedlopes

    I came to watch the Raiders, and I have hardly seen their offense on the field..

    It’s been an Miami showing all day.. what is TOP.. 40 mins now?

  • RaidingTexas

    Djohnnyg Says:

    Truth is we suck I guess.

    That became painfully obvious last week.

  • jaider

    Raiders are horrible!! In the minus for yards rushing, uninspired yards passing, the D cant stop the run, or the pass! This is pathetic!! This team belongs no where near the play-offs!!….I am getting so tired of watching this crap, week in, and week out! The bills played the steelers to OT..the Raiders just got a old fashioned beat-down. Get rid of Cable, and Jackson, and Marshall…Enough is enough!!!!!!!

  • StayinBlack

    Thomas Howard sighting

  • 89052RAIDER

    The Steelers left the Raiders with crack whore self-esteem.