Ware among inactives

Raiders inactives Sunday are CB Jeremy Ware, RB Michael Bennett, CB Chris Johnson, G Daniel Loper, WR Chaz Schilens, WR Nick Miller and Jarvis Moss.

Ware and Miller are surprises. Could mean Walter McFadden slides into the nickel role, with Johnnie Lee Higgins returning punts.

And get this _ no changes to the starting lineup, which includes Jason Campbell as the starter.

Heading to the live chat now for the next hour . . .

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaidingTexas

    Giants defense stepped up huge there at the end. Hope the Raiders coaches take notes when they watch that film later.

  • http://www.aflciodental.com/unions/IBEW.png The Real Ray

    The Real Ray Says:

    Bruce better start…I just picked up Murphy in my FFL!! And I’m starting him!


    Is the bye week killing you at WR this week? I can’t imagine why anyone would want to start a Raiders WR.


    Hakeem Nicks is out! Austin Collie is out!

  • Raiders for life

    Fish fry today
    Good luck NATION

  • Just Fire Baby

    I like Finnegan throwing his hands up like what are you doing at the end after getting clocked twice.

    Typically reaction of someone who lost the fight, lol.

  • RaidingTexas

    The Real Ray Says:

    Hakeem Nicks is out! Austin Collie is out!


    Yikes! Well, I hope Murphy comes through for you, man!

  • buckeyeraider

    Enjoy the game, fellas.
    Hope to be back tonight talking about what an impressive victory we just saw.

    Just win, Baby!

  • big pep


  • 187killa

    hope we can come out as agressive as andre johnson

  • http://i380.photobucket.com/albums/oo249/the408RAIDER/749px-I-420svg.png 408RAIDER
  • http://atm Raider O

    Raiders 20
    Miami 13

  • RaidingTexas

    Johnson’s gotta be suspended for that, though. It was just typical chippy play up until he yanked Finnegan’s helmet off.

  • http://atm Raider O

    Bruce will start!?!

  • raidermarty


  • StayinBlack

    Ford !

  • http://atm Raider O

    Ford is a monster!!!!

  • PurpleDrank81

    What A.M. radio station is the game on..

  • Just Fire Baby


  • olinesux

    that ford is da man!!!!

  • http://atm Raider O

    Goethel has some speed. He is not as slow as I thought.

  • OAKlifer

    WOWOWOWOWOWO FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raidermarty

    Yeah Jacoby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • StayinBlack

    Special 4th rounder