Gradkowski having MRI


Raiders quarterback Bruce Gradkowski is having an MRI today and fears bad news, a source familiar with the situation said Monday.

Gradkowski has been battling a shoulder problem since Week 3 against Arizona, ultimately going down with a third degree separation just before halftime of a 35-27 win over San Diego on Oct. 10. He missed the next five games, returning to start and play ineffecitvely in a 33-17 loss to Miami.

Following the game, Gradkowski left the field carrying his right arm awkwardly after being hit on the Raiders final play from scrimmage.

“It’s just tough. You always gott stay optimistic,” Gradkowski said following the game. “You don’t want that to happen but it’s always a fear of yours. As a quarterback, it’s hard. It’s your right shoulder and a third-degree separation is not the greatest thing to have on your throwing shoulder. Whatever I have to do to get right, I will.”

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Time of possession was horrible. That’s almost always offensive game planning. Show me a team with a ridiculously low T.O.P. and I’ll show you a team trying to force too much down field. Bruce got screwed yesterday.

  • ohioraider

    Al Davis needs a brain scan. Then put him on IR for the next three years.

  • ArchiveTony

    Flash in the pan alert.
    Grad-few exciting moments, fade to oblivion
    JC-very very few exciting moments, back to mediocrity
    Dmac-garbage career, few games of promise, back to gutter
    Bey-ugly, followed by ugly, couple of nothing catches, back to disappearing

    and fans are back to monday morning blues

  • r8rwill

    the hope of making the playoffs this year is gone. for good reason, we are not an elite team.. winning season may be gone too.. we are back to square one..we have some things to build with, some awesome rookies, a great seasoned veteran, and good running backs…our wants and needs list is long and still the number one need is o-line help…

  • tuckrulefool

    Why not see what BOLLER has to offer vs SD?

    Seriously, whats the downside?

    Lets see what he has.

    Campbell clearly wont handle the pressure that will be ingloriously heaped upon him starting on snap 1 (See lowlight reel from week 1 @Tenn for more details)

    Furthermore, Campbell has been Institutionally Biatch Slapped (IBS) what like 9 times since the season started? Poor guy, understandably, he’s broken…

    Grads is (literally) in pieces.

    Give Boller a shot. Z3ro to lose. Cable feels teh heat too. Hope the caveman pulls out all the stops. Ditto for Mashall and Hue.

    make no mistake fellas SD game is our last stand. And not just for 2010. Its the last stand before YET ANOTEHR ROUND OF MULTI-YEAR REBUILDING.


    No, I say.

    If we go out, GO OUT with friggin a bang…I want to see lots of blood sweat (and a few SD mouthpieces) left on that powder-blue-a55 field come Sunday….

    0AK 27
    SD 24

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post

    McClain says he wants out!

  • mistic1

    # SilverNBlackPA Says:
    November 29th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    DHB if healthy should never sit for murphy. Murphy has been brutal, certainly no better than our number seven pick.


    My god, did you not see the numbers I posted? Even giving DHB his Seattle game, which gives him 10 games played to Murphy’s 9, he’s still far behind Murphy in production.

    Murphy has yet to be held catchless in any game he’s played this year. DHB has been shutout 3 times.

    What part of this aren’t you getting?

    You must not really understand football.

    If we were justa recever away from a major playoff run, by all means sit dhb for murphy.

    News flash this is not a very good team, and the season is over. Time to put your young weapons on the field and see what you get from them.

    We know Murphy will never be number 1. By your own admission he is mediocre at best. He is high pick and he is not being paid very much.

    Going into year three you need to give dhb, the high pick and they guy you are paying big money to, as many chances as possible. That is how you develop and evaluate talent.

    basic personnel management in a lost season.

  • ArchiveTony

    # bcz24 Says:
    November 29th, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    ArchiveTony Says:
    November 29th, 2010 at 12:44 pm
    november and posters are already arguing next years draft picks.
    Why is that sad? Its November 29th. Last year we were debating draft picks on September 8th… this is a hella improvement my friend!
    I stand corrected.
    drinks on the house

  • YoungAmerican

    I’m honestly really concerned about Darren McFadden. Hopefully he can get back on track. I hope he hasn’t reverted back to his old form.

  • r8rwill

    the only prayer we have of beating san diego rests with jason campbell..

  • SilverNBlackPA

    We must have him on the field and force feed him so he can either prove or disprove his salary and draft status.


    DHB has ALREADY proven his draft status to be a complete joke. DHB has 28 catches, 390 yards and 2 TDs in career so far. That’s the kind of production you’d expect out of a mid-round project, which is exactly what DHB was/should have been.

    I should also note that he’s only played in 21 of 37 possible games to date and the 16 he’s missed were all because of injury. So he’s injury prone as well. Joy!

    And in something like 6 of those 21 games he has played, he’s been held to zero catches.

    The guy doesn’t contribute. He can’t get separation and can barely catch when the ball does get thrown his way. Understandble in a mid-round pick; totally unforgiveable in a top 10 pick.

    He’s shown no signs of developing any consistency.

    He’s done. He’s a bust. He’s another wasted top 10 pick. The sooner the Raiders cut bait with him, the better.