McClain still out


Middle linebacker Rolando McClain was on the field but not participating in practice because of a foot injury Friday, raising the possibility that Ricky Brown could wind up being the starter against San Diego.

Not present was cornerback Chris Johnson, who looks to be out with a groin injury.

Defensive tackle Richard Seymour (knee), wide receiver Chaz Schilens (foot, knee) and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (ankle) all appeared to be participating in practice.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • McClain has arthritis in his foot.–per, Jerry’s twitter… I shhh#t you not…

  • BigLefty

    SilverNBlackPA “you are HIGH”

    Ricky Brown manning the middle? We are screwed. I would like to see it! At least he will give a 100% effort

    McClain will play on Sunday He is just pulling the old VETERAN “I don”t feel like practicing move”

    At least put Goethel there, for the love of god, Marshall!

    If Goethel has to play we’re screwed. Have you payed any attention to Goethel when he has been in there. If you have any football clue you wouldn’t make a comment like this

    Our safety’s have more tackles than our LB’s!

    What does that tell you about our stellar LB’s

  • Stabler76

    Less concerned about substituting Brown for McClain then the 2 rooks for CJ.

    Seems like the MLB just drops back and acts like a spy in the 3rd down defense. Last week, the McClain int was the first time I have seen that be effective.

    I havent checked the stats, but I bet Brown has nearly as many takeaways as McClain in much less playing time.(including last weeks career first INT)

    CJ takes a lot of heat on this board, but since he left in the middle of the Pittsburg game, the pass defense has not been able to stop anything.

    If Rivers is able to pick a part the DBs then MLB will not matter.

  • olinesux

    mcclain is ten times better than brown. Everytime i see brown in there he is getting blocked ten yards down the field…been there already with captain kirk.

  • Chargers Own Faiders

    The Faiders had there 15 minutes of fame when the Chargers self destrcted breaking a 13 game winning streak over the hapless Faiders. There will be no Charger self destruction on Sunday. Give up. It is hopeles for the Faiders, just as the string of losses came to an end a new string of Faider losses resumes tomorrow.

    It is good to see that the posters here recongize the hopelessness of the situation.