Cable quick hits


Some quick hits from Raiders coach Tom Cable at his weekly press briefing:

Pressure on Philip Rivers

“I thought defensively we were dominant at times. We sacked Philip four times but we hit him another 16 times. I thought that was quite a stat when you start to watch that film and see the number of times that the pocket was getting squeezed around him both from the side and in front of him. It was pretty impressive by our defensive line.”

Cable said coverage was also tight in the secondary as defensive backs were asked to play more aggressively.

The performance of QB Jason Campbell

“He would tell you that he missed two or three throws in that game that could have really made a difference. The one go-route to Louis (Murphy) that was just out of bounds. If he would have just kept it in bounds over the top, Louis had that guy beat by three or four yards. Things like that. He knows he can better at that.”

Cable said Campbell was much more relaxed, set his feet better and that his interactions with teammates “has been growing all year. When he came here, that’s what everybody said was the knock against, him, I guess. But really, he’s worked at having a good relationship with his teammates. That’s just something that has been a process.”

On the danger of getting away from their identity as a running team

“We can’t now. If we do, shame on us. If we do, we have no chance to win the division. So we can’t. We don’t have a choice now. That’s what it is.”

On being able to sense which Raider team will take the field each Sunday

“I’m getting a pretty good idea with this team. We talked about going into Pittsburgh. That week of preparation was OK. It wasn’t what it needed to be. It was a little bit up and down, very inconsistent against Miami. There’s kind of that old saying, you’re going to play how you prepare, and last week we prepared well all the way through.

“I got asked here, in fact, by someone how the week was, and it was very good, but I’ve also been there where you practice real well and you don’t necessarily go out and play your best. But I think with this team as young as it is, I think that that’s important. I think it’s important that they really grasp on to the preparation it takes to be at your best, and I think they’re buying into that.”

On the presence of Raiders fans in San Diego

“After halftime it kind of turned into a Raiders crowd and that was really cool. You could hear it. You have to take your hat off to our fans because they did a great job. Even at the start of the game with all of the emotion and everything that goes on you could feel our fans there. That’s really powerful.”


Chaz Schilens played eight plays, according to Cable, felt good Monday, and his role will be expanded each week.

The Raiders will look closely at their travel procedures before going to Jacksonville after having poor games in both Tennessee and Pittsburgh.

Cable said there was no injuries “ relevance” coming out of the game.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • No Mas Diamante

    Kinda funny how the usual mopes and doom and gloomers are conspicuosly absent from here today.
    And for all those who are saying that it wasn’t a convincing win yesterday, and that Al is pissed, because we didn’t throw the ball enough, I say hogwash! Don’t you remember the mantra??? JUST WIN BABY!!! which is precicely what we did…

  • # inonewordraider Says:
    December 6th, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Coming into the season we had a couple areas of weakness

    oline= solid
    stopping the run = forget the stats, the run is stopped
    DMAC = top 5 back
    Lb’s in coverage = hasn’t been an issue, could improve
    free safety = Huff is solid
    Routt = solid
    KOR/PR = solid
    passing O = biggest weakness but with Campbells progression, ZMiller getting healthier, Ford and Reece’s emergence, if Schilens can stay healthy and be effective we could wreak some havoc


    O-Line = Solid, lol, yeah if think Our C, RG and RT is great they can only be a part in the run game, and not very good, at all… and horid in the pass game

    Routt = Solid, he is as solid as seawater

  • Guy

    2 ways to make the play offs:
    We win 4, KC loses 2 and we take the division or Baltimore loses 3 and I think we get the last wild card spot
    We win 3. KC loses 3 and we take the division.

    This is also assuming the Chargers are out of it.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Rookie Mr. Ford is Raiders leading WR with two Touchdown receptions, all other WRs have one or none.

    Time for each receiver to step up get open make the clutch catch.

    Mr. Jason Campbell, Raiders are now your team!

    Your play-action, ball fakes to Mr. Bush will open up the run game as well as the passing game from here on out.

    Rout Jax!

  • Guy

    Routt’s stats through the first 9 weeks:
    Targets 57
    Catches 17
    Yards 319
    Touchdowns 3
    Interceptions 1
    Pass Defense 8
    Penalties 5

    I dont think he gave up any passes vs Pittsburgh but had rough games vs Miami and SD to some degree. He is not as bad he as made out to be here. 1 TD is also the long one that everyone says was on Branch in Ten.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Raiders 4-0!

  • # Thec07 Says:
    December 6th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    LMN, what up Bruh? Naw kiffin is going to get run out of USC as he is a fraud….That USC thing was all norm chow…

    que?! why is Kiffin to be runned out, when you say its Norm’s doings??

    well its about a year and a half Kiffin is one place before moving on.. so this Denver thing is a bit early… but his hero was shanahan, so why not try to do the dirty to us as Mike did?

  • olinesux

    mcclain’s hit on sproles was the best thing ive seen in a long time…

  • aig-raiders

    oh man, I have a bad feeling McDaniel was fired so that the Donks can go after Gruden. Gruden is a hot commodity out there right now and I think they fear losing him to the Niners. 2 teams I do not want him to go to are Niners and Donkeys.

  • JB

    # 100PercentRaider Says:
    December 6th, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Broncos are trying to fire McDaniels for cause…maybe Bowlen should call Al for some tips lol

    Maybe we could rent him our overhead projector!

  • RaiderRetribution

    Raiders must take advatange of the KC at SD game.

    Raiders defeat Jacksonville, one of 2 scenarios:

    1) SD beats KC, raiders once again in control of their own destiny,

    2) KC beats SD it is a two team race, Chargers are mathematically eliminated from AFC West, since they would have been swept by both Kansas City and the Raiders, they lose any tie-break situation, even if KC loses last 3 and SD wins last 3.

    Raiders get Denver at home, team is perfect example of a dysfuntional squad, players are now playing for paychecks, will probably only show up for the Raider game, so we simply need to punch them in the mouth.

    Raiders get Indy at home, while the Colts and especially Manning are in a tailspin, Raiders actually control two division crowns AFC West & South, with Colts & Jaguars on their schedule.

  • so if Cable is coach next year then we will be 1 to 3 vs denver in the coach column, that crazy

  • raiderfankirk

    Cable won his job for next season yesterday. San Dee eggo sweep. Al popped a viagra and called his hoes. Woot woot tear it up old man you deserve it. RAIDERS!!!!

  • Guy

    What is more likely,
    1)Raiders 4-0 and Chiefs 2-2
    2)Raiders 3-1 and chiefs 1-3
    3)Raiders 2-2 and Chiefs 0-4

  • inonewordraider

    Jags in Jacksonville is tough. Evenly matched, we need to find a way to win.

    Denver we’re the much better team.

    Indy is tough because of Manning and they’ll be fighting for a playoff spot, but they have smallish lines we can overpower with no run game.

    Chiefs in KC is tough especially since they’re solid this year and we beat them earlier this year.

    We could run the table

  • lefty12

    Let Chuckie go to Denver.We shouldn’t be concerned with him.The only time he hurt us is when he played his team,with his QB who he knew like the back of his hand.Remember what happened the last time we played his team-we caused him to get the axe.

  • raiderfankirk

    Gruden still has ties to Oakland and left in good standing. No way he’s going to Denver. That’s like saying I’m gonna win the lottery tonight (no drawing tonight).

  • RaiderRetribution

    pactically every Raider DB has an interception except Mr. Nnamdi Asomugha, Nnamdi gets two against Garrard one for a return TD, and remember those who doubt the CB whom coaches and QBs fear his tackle of Gates set up Mr. Houston’s stuff.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Gruden would love to coach Tim Tebow.

  • inonewordraider

    oh man, I have a bad feeling McDaniel was fired so that the Donks can go after Gruden

    Our coach can beat any coach in the leagues a$$!

  • inonewordraider

    O-Line = Solid, lol, yeah

    we had 2 backs with 90 plus yards on the #1 D in the league and in every game that Mcfadden has played the whole game except for Pitt and Miami he had 90 plus rush yards

  • anthonyraiders

    I hope Gruden has nothing to do with the Broncos. That would be horrible for Oakland in the Future. To the game, when the defensive line shows up, we are hard to beat. Hopefully they show up again next week, It would be awesome to say playoffs again. Campbell please keep playing that kind of football. Just no mistakes and hand the ball off. Campbell keep hitting wide open recievers with the play action and keep the screens coming. If you do this, I will gladly admit I was wrong about you.

  • elboocho

    RUN FIRST PERIOD!!!!! I do not give a chit if we only get 2 or 3 yrds because 3rd and 6 or five is always easier to convert than 3rd and 10 or more. I believe if they do this, I believe they will end the season 3 and 1 or even run the table. let us just hope KC has 2 more defeats so the last game of the year can be for all the marbles!!! That would be sweeeeeeeeet!!!