Henderson, Groves look to `Jack’ up Jags


When defensive tackle John Henderson feels he needs to be slapped, he said he asks athletic trainer Scot Touchet. It’s a ritual that goes back to his days with the Jacksonville Jaguars and built up a cult following on Youtube.

A nice, hard slap in the face to get ready for the game.

Free safety Michael Huff wants the job.

“He’s going back home, so I look forward to getting the powder on my hand and slapping him,’’ Huff said. “I’m first in line.’’

No need.

“I’m already slapped right now,’’ Henderson said Wednesday. “I’m geeked.’’

In talking with the Bay Area media, Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio talked of Henderson’s time with the Jaguars fondly.

“Big John was one of my favorites,’’ Del Rio said. “Big, strong, powerful guy and a lot of fun to be around. It’s not easy to let go of guys like that. In the end we felt we did what we had to do as an organization.’’

Henderson seemed amused by Del Rio’s support.

“He can be nice all he wants,’’ Henderson said. “I’ll put it up on the bulletin board. He knows it.’’

Last June, Del Rio did an interesting thing when Henderson sat out a voluntary offseason practice. He criticized Henderson for not being tough enough.

“John’s got a shoulder that back when I played and prior to that I don’t think anyone would have missed a snap for it,’’ Del Rio said. “I think it’s a minor bruise of sorts and I think Vince Lombardi is rolling over right now.’’

Perhaps it was simply Del Rio using a a little sarcasm to make a point. Surely he couldn’t have been entirely serious, given it was a voluntary June OTA.

But Henderson was due to make $5 million in 2010 and Jacksonville had made Tyson Alualu out of Cal its first-round pick. He was cut four days after Alualu signed his contract and eventually signed with the Raiders.

“It’s going to feel good to go and whip somebody’s you know what,’’ Henderson said. “I wasn’t laughing. I hope he goes and puts it on his bulletin board, too. Because I know what he’s going to do.”

Was the Jacksonville game circled on Henderson’s calendar?

“It’s been circled. It’s been circled for months,’’ Henderson said.

Asked about the circumstances of his departure, Henderson said, “Not worried about that. I’m worried bout Sunday. They better bring it. That’s all I gotta say. Put that on their bulletin board, too.’’

Now healed from a stress fracture, Henderson said it wouldn’t have mattered if he was still injured.

“Wouldn’t matter if I had one leg. I’m still going to be there,” Henderson said.

Regarding the challenge of getting after running back Maurice Jones-Drew, Henderson said, “Powerful. Great running back. Going down Sunday. 1 o’clock, Jacksonville, Florida. Sixty-six degrees. Maybe 20. Maybe a little bit of rain. It’s going down.’’

The potentially wild swing of temperatures aside, Henderson is delighted about the possibility of the Jaguars’ and their second-ranked running game coming in his direction.

“Good. I want them to run all day. Run the power. Run the weak. Run all that to me when I’m in the game I hope he sees when I’m in the game,’’ Henderson said. “Please, run it. I’m telling him this, right now: run it.”

Linebacker Quentin Groves is also looking to prove something to Del Rio. During Wednesday’s conference call, Del Rio said Groves “never worked out where he was productive in the situations we put him in. I know he’s settled in nicely as a stack linebacker, which is really something, quite frankly, we didn’t envision him doing.

“They’ve done a nice job getting some value out of him and plugging him in, and so, happy for Quentin. He’s a good kid. Just didn’t work out here for us.”

Groves, a former first-round draft pick by the Jaguars, found that exchange amusing.

“Ah, man, some people never change,’’ Groves said while breaking up in laughter “He hasn’t seen me productive, but yet still, I can’t say it. I ain’t gonna’ say it, but it’s his opinion. He’s entitled to that. He’s a grown man, but we’ll see on Sunday.’’

Groves added: “I mean, they gave me chances, they gave me opportunities, you know, at the same time, but it’s whatever they want to say. If they want to say they didn’t put me in position, then they didn’t put me in position. I’m not gonna go tit for tat with these guys. Like I said, I strap it up on Sunday at 1:05 in Duval County and I’ll be ready. I’ll just tell you that I’ll be ready.’’

Offensive tackle Khalif Barnes, a year removed from his Jacksonville experience, could understand the frustrations of Henderson and Groves being that they played for the team last year.

“Their last game was in January so really, they were just on that team this year,’’ Barnes said. “So they might have a little more juice to them, but we were all there for awhile, we’re all going to go out there together.’’

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • TerrapinRaider

    The only way I can see the Raiders get in is if they win the division. I just don’t see NE, Bal, Jets, or Steelers falling off much.

    Current playoff picture: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81c2d42c/article/playoff-picture-2010

  • 198.J Hill Says:
    December 8th, 2010 at 6:15 pm
    3 more years of Cable ????

    Really ????

    Cable’s contract is up, shouldn’t we at least see what’s out there?


    What is out there?
    Who would want to be chained to Al as a HC?
    Al doesn’t pay top dollar for HCs’
    Lets keep some stability for a change.
    Cable seems like he can handle Al.
    And since Hue took over as OC, things have gotten better.

  • LB


    Well, like the article says, he just needs to have a better than average year which is possible. He may or might not. I cannot say for sure.

    Based upon the article, it seems that their overall rating is the important stat which includes ints, etc. So yes he would need to cut down on ints and throw more TDs to get his average up. We definitely agree there. How can we accomplish that? Less pressure or less drops or some combination of the two.

  • aig-raiders


    Ok we can agree that we dont do well at drafting the QB position.

    However, I am in the camp that we can do better. Rather than trying to wait for JC again like the Skins had for 6 years, we’re better off bringing in people to compete with him. I have no problem if JC earned the job in camp next year. I do have every problem with him being awarded the job without earning it and then we make every excuses available on why he can’t perform.

    To me, I have seen this situation played out too many timesin life. JC is like a guy that women dates thinking they can change him. They all take turn and it never pans out. I know you disagree so we will see.

  • TerrapinRaider Says:
    December 8th, 2010 at 6:14 pm
    Talking about playoffs? Wow, must be a good time to be a Raider!


    STD has to beat the Kasas City. Not sure if KC will lose to STL or Tenn, but don’t want to hold my breath thinking they’ll lose.

  • LB

    # inonewordraider Says:
    December 8th, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    can’t remember who we drafted at QB that turned out to be that good.

    Russell, Walter, Tuiasasopo, and Marinovich come to mind


    haha, exactly.

  • TerrapinRaider

    WTF man! This team is sniffing playoffs and yall in here arguing about QB??? Get a freakin’ grip! Look at what’s happening here.

    Put this B.S. aside and show solidarity. Its not like we are losing here!! Playoffs! Yes, I’m talking about Playoffs!

  • I think you guys need to worry about Sunday, instead.

  • And JHill, one more thing, not Cables fault Jani shanked 3 fgs’ vz AZ or Campbell froze against SF. We should be at least 8-4.

  • J Hill

    Let’s not confuse the facts. JC is no Rivers.



    The point is when ANY QB is faced with the type of defense we put on SD this past weekend, there isn’t much that QB can do about it.

    Same can be said about Pittsburgh and Baltimore’s defenses. Flacco and Big Ben pretty much looked like JC did against Pitts.

    To beat those type of defenses, it boils down to the chess game. The way the Pats used Welker and Woodhead all over the formations to create mismatches against the Jets is a perfect example. Brady did nothing but dump short passes to those guys. The key was they were being covered by LBs and S based upon where they lined up in the formation.

  • HayesDaze37

    It’s a great night to be a Raiders fan! Isn’t it?

    8-8 and Tom Cable’s on real thin ice…9-7 or better, and Tom Cable goes nowhere.

    Al Davis is The Great Redeemer…and if Cable gets this team over the hump, he (Cable) will be one of Al Davis’s greatest projects.

    This team…right now…is good enough to beat ANY team in the NFL on “any given Sunday.”

    THIS Raiders team could actually go 7-6, 8-6, 9-6, and then 10-6…and in the Playoffs for the first time in years.

    If Tom Cable gets this team within a sniff of the Playoffs, it would be the wrong time to look anywhere else for a HC. Blowing-up the staff of a team that has made the progress this team has made this year would be a huge disaster. 8-8 or better, and Cable stays.

  • aig-raiders


    The last thing I want is a another fight between Al and the new HC.

  • alex7

    When you ask for qbs who have improved after 6 years, we get names from the 1970s. Ummm, no thanks.

    If Carson palmer becomes available, Al can’t pass him up right?

    Drew stanton makes sense as he’s the #3 in Detroit.

    Anyone else?

  • TerrapinRaider

    Cable has to work to get this team consistently playing at a high level and that’s it. I think they are getting closer. They played at a high level for 4 weeks straight. Had 2 let downs after the bye week and if SD was any indication they are playing at a high level again. Consistentcy is all.

    This is a very dangerous team. I wouldn’t even over look the passing game either. They really can win any given Sunday and it not be luck.

  • J Hill

    Cable seems like he can handle Al.


    Just on the fence still with Cable. I said last year that we should keep him and hire an Asst HC/OC, and Al gave is Hue.

    I think I’m just ready for a Phil Jackson type hire, if you know what I mean. The Raiders are the type of team that needs coaches who know WTF they are doing instead of these on the job training dudes.

    Cable is loveable and all, but I’d take Harbaugh and a bunch of other guys over Cable.

  • LB

    To me, I have seen this situation played out too many timesin life. JC is like a guy that women dates thinking they can change him. They all take turn and it never pans out. I know you disagree so we will see.


    Naw, I agree that happens in life but he could be a Plunkett or Gannon. Gannon never started a full season before coming to Oaktown. Plunkett’s best season was 7-7 before joining the Raiders.

    They only place we seems to disagree on, is there hope or not? Half full vs half empty, lol.

  • aig-raiders

    Even without a ground game and any D or spec team, Rivers singlehandely kept his team in the game even in the face of a relentless passrush. Gates is hobbled and Jackson is not there.

  • aig-raiders


    agreed and thank you for a very decent conversation we are having about JC. Tell you what I think we can agree that ONLY time will tell right?

  • HayesDaze37

    Not just in Oakland — all over the NFL — the relationship between a HC and an Owner is tenuous at best.

    Walking the line between the Owner and the Team is tough to do, and Cable has demonstrated a remarkable ability to straddle that line here…with more success than we’ve seen since Jon Gruden.

    Getting any team to the Playoffs is tough duty. Getting this particular disaster turned-around has taken years, and taken the right attitude and atmosphere among the Players and Coaches.

    Here’s hoping Cable goes nowhere…and if that’s the case, it’ll mean this team has gone somewhere.

  • YoungAmerican

    If Jason Campbell hasn’t improved after 6 years, why would Carson Palmer improve after 9 years?

  • No Mas Diamante

    Took Gallery a good 6 weeks to come back from the appendectimy. Who is the back up in KC? seriously can’t see them winning in SD this weekend, although I wouldn’t mind…

  • alex7

    Our losses all had QB meltdowns or big runs given up partly due do always being in man defense. not sure how you blame cable for that.

  • YoungAmerican

    I agree that the Raiders haven’t been very good at drafting QBs historically. But that doesn’t mean they should stop trying.

    Hell, most of those QBs were brought into less-than-stellar situations coaching-wise, as well as on the offensive side of the ball.

    If the Raiders acquire a couple more pieces for the offensive line, either in the draft or through free agency, this could be the best situation the Raiders have had in years to bring a young QB in.

  • J Hill

    209.DaRayduh Says:
    December 8th, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    And JHill, one more thing, not Cables fault Jani shanked 3 fgs’ vz AZ or Campbell froze against SF. We should be at least 8-4.


    And I suppose it wasn’t his fault that we got smashed by Miami either?

    I disagree.

    I think the Az game shouldn’t have been close. Same with Miami and Tenn. I think the team comes out flat out unprepared sometimes, and that has to be a reflection of the HC.

    It’s not an issue of firing Cable. I don’t think he should be fired. But his contract is up! 2 totally different things. Does he really deserve a new contract?

  • LB


    Yeah, I want to be optimistic until he fails. I’ll want to throw the bum out if he does show us something, just like you.

  • LB

    Palmer would be interesting because he had a high QB rating in 2005, 100+. His overall average isn’t much better though. since he’s done it in the past, he has a higher probability then someone who hasn’t.

  • alex7

    Palmer has been good before. Jc not so much. Basically, palmers worst season will still be better than Jcs best. Also, we have a better run game.

  • YoungAmerican

    It’s not an issue of firing Cable. I don’t think he should be fired. But his contract is up! 2 totally different things. Does he really deserve a new contract?


    This I agree with. But if the Raiders find a way to end the season at 8-8 or 9-7, it’s hard to deny that something is working.

    If the team comes out flat again in one of the incredibly important remaining games, then I don’t think Cable should get a contract extension. But if the Raiders end the season on a high note, there would be no harm in extending Cable for a year or two.

  • LB

    Right now, I would give TC another shot next year unless they finish disastrously.

  • YoungAmerican

    I don’t see Palmer as a viable option. Injury-prone, turns the ball over a lot, and has never been able to get it done with a Bengals team that has arguably equal or better talent and coaching than this Raiders team has.

  • HayesDaze37

    One difference in JCampbell and Carson Palmer is that Palmer has played at a Pro Bowl level before.

    JCampbell has the physical tools, and shows the skills to be great…but he hasn’t pushed that envelope (yet!?!). JCampbell can get the job done here…and maybe become a Pro Bowler. The Raiders NEED a Pro Bowl QB again…and when we get one (or he shows himself), we’ll be Playoff contenders again.

  • LB

    Well, we cannot go that far. His worst season is lower than JCs worst. 69 vs 76.

  • HayesDaze37

    And that could still be this year!

  • LB

    We’re Playoff contenders now, you must mean SB contenders.

  • J Hill

    Tom Cable has ZERO responsibilities if you really want to be technical.

    We have been told on many occasions that Hue makes ALL the decisions regarding offense including who plays and the gameplan.

    Marshall runs the D.

    Fassell runs STs.

    What is Cable contributing?

  • LB

    Really, Palmer had two good years. 2005 and 2006. Other than that, he’s been average.

  • HayesDaze37

    Should’ve said PERENNIAL Playoff contenders.

    I already know we can contend with any team in the League…and I HOPE to see Pittsburgh again before it’s all over.

  • alex7

    Not sure teams come out “flat”. Against Miami? We were in the game til the 4th but we couldn’t pass. Steelers, no one said we were flat when we went down the field against a tough d and scored 3 to take the lead.

    SF and Tenn.= no qb help.

  • alex7

    Also remember palmer put those numbers up facing the ravens and steelers 4 times a year. Imagine him against the afc west.

  • LB

    What about Vince Young? Too many headaches or what.

  • HayesDaze37

    New post…

  • If Cable can finish strong, he should remain for the sake of consistency. Anybody could have thought the Raiders were done after the Miami game. But Cable righted the ship. That is a sign of a good coach and players wanting to play for the coach. To many teams in years past had folded the tent, and the Raiders did not do that.

    I also beleive Al had something to do with the win over STD. After the Miami loss, there is no doubt in my mind Al went ballistic on the coaching staff, and tore Cable a new corn hole.

    And JHill, sometimes games come down to a last second field goal for whatever reason, and the highest paid kicker in NFL history has to make that shot, therefore, IMO, that game I put on him that loss.

  • BigLefty

    It cracks me up when I read that Q Groves is going to Jack up the Jags. Q Groves hasn’t hit anybody all year. When was the last time a starting NFL LB had no (no means not 1) solo tackle and only 2 assists in a full game. That was his defensive output last weekend against San Diego. I hope MJ Drew runs to the strong side.

  • souldogdave

    Phillip Rivers does not look like Jack Palance. Palance is a tough guy. Phil Rivers, when I see him a song from my childhood pops into my head,” It’s Howdy-doody time, it’s howdy-doody time..”Or maybe the kid on little rascals that loved Darla…LOL.You get my point.

  • RaiderFreak

    raiders will kill jags sunday pocket hercules just don’t know!!!!

  • RaiderFreak

    j hill cable is the last word on the gameplan period he’s said it,jackson’s said it,who makes the call on 4th down tries? cable does’nt contribute ok dude,some people really need to read what they type before hitting submit you know

  • RaiderFreak

    stop the cable being fired crap since he got the job the Raiders are no longer a joke,they now play for 60 mins,and don’t quit when thing’s go wrong i have’nt seen that since gruden,thing’s will stay the same,we just need to be 1 game back of kc in week 17 then whip there ass & make some noise in the playoffs