Playoffs are only motivation necessary


Notes from the post-practice press briefing by Raiders coach Tom Cable:

— Cable’s message to the fans and media is the Raiders are still operating as if they’re in the playoff race, so much so that no extra motivation need be found anywhere.

No need to worry about the Raiders being overconfident after laying a 59-14 beating on Denver on Oct. 24. Or about the Broncos raising up and playing spoiler.

“We have been so focused about this opportunity that we have, and we feel like it slipped away from us on Sunday,’’ Cable said. “It’s over, we have to move beyond it and so it hasn’t been about those kinds of things.

“It’s been about staying true to the opportunity. We need some help now, but we really can control whether we’re ready for it to happen by winning football games. So our approach has been to go after this Denver game like nothing before and let it rip. That can be our only thought process right now. ‘’

— No public diagnosis yet on the left foot of Rolando McClain, an issue which kept him out of practice Wednesday.

“We’re working on it all the time,’’ Cable said. “He’s here rehabbing all the time. It is improving. So we’re hopeful we’re going to get some work done here pretty quick.’’

Also missing practice were wide receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins (ankle), cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (ankle) and defensive tackle Richard Seymour (knee). Those were limited were wide receiver/return specialist Nick Miller (ankle), tackle Khalif Barnes (lower back) and quarterback Kyle Boller (quad).

Tight end Zach Miller (foot, leg) and cornerback Chris Johnson (groin) were listed as having participated fully.

Asomugha and Seymour’s conditions are not expected to threaten their availability against Denver. If Higgins can’t play, Nick Miller would return punts.

Quarterback Jason Campbell, who has had three stingers this season, including one in each of the last two games, was asked not to address the condition before his media session but not listed on the injury report.

“This was the least of any issue before it,’’ Cable said. “For him wanting to go back in the game tells me he was O.K. and there’s been no lingering effects from it. ‘’

— Although the Broncos were strictly a passing team when they last met the Raiders, they’ve attempted to run the ball more under interim coach Eric Studesville, featuring second-year back Knowshon Moreno.

Although Studesville has named Kyle Orton the starter, the rookie Tim Tebow is expected to play _ it’s just a question of how much.

“We’re preparing and are up to speed on that,’’ said Cable, noting the Raiders use a running back on the scout team to simulate formations with Tebow.

— Cable made it a point to make a request for fan support over the last two weeks.

“We have two games here back to back, and the fact that we’re still in it, we need a little help, but the fact that we’re still in it, I think the fans can appreciate that fact, that the Oakland Raiders have something that they’re still playing for here at the end of the year,’’ Cable said. “So we’re excited, we hope that we have a great crowd here to the next two weeks.’’

— Asked specifically about the five safety formation that was victimized against Jacksonville for a 48-yard touchdown pass from David Garrard to Jason Hill, Cable was asked if using Stanford Routt or Chris Johnson (assuming Asomugha was out to rest his ankle) wouldn’t have been a better option than going with all safeties.

“We really hadn’t practiced that. We practiced all week doing that because of injury, because of those conflicts there,’’ Cable said. “ Michael (Huff) has played corner in the nickel, so you really have the right guy doing it, it’s just whether or not you execute it.’’


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar


    Huff = Pro Bowl calibur Free Safety

    true or false?

  • PurpleDrank81

    Oh Forsure True

  • Drixxel

    I like this blog, too. I agree with most. I could just see some truth and appreciate what the guy was saying is all.

  • PurpleDrank81

    For The UFL he would defintley be in the running for the Pro Bowl

  • J Hill

    I don’t agree, but I find it funny that 90% of the time it is directed at you.




    That’s the #1 line on this board. I think my posts smacking down multiple challengers just stick out in your mind, lol. Especially when I go to the film on them right after that ridiculous jive.

  • Drixxel

    And since I took that the wrong way, LOL. Most people in Raider nation don’t stoop to A’s nation. The writers on this site like to start crap with the team sometimes. I can’t stand that.

  • ibcode3

    503.RaiderRockstar Says:
    December 16th, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    Huff = Pro Bowl calibur Free Safety

    true or false?

    Hell No he doesn’t.

    Several of these players continue to make mental mistake. Is it all them or some coaching or the combination. More reps, development, will trigger better play. Remember 21 wasn’t shutting down the field his first couple of years. Once the coaches play to their strength, instead of 8-8 which was unexpected for all. Possible 11-5 with 5-1 in the division. That what I’m talking about. Only talking about how to improve players and not living in the past for their mistakes

  • PurpleDrank81

    So Orton isnt practicing today and they dont he will be ready for the game……Bring it on TeBlow

  • J Hill

    I think Orton is better than Gardowski and Boeller …

    And I get, do you watch the game?

    I think Campbell was throwing the ball to the sidelines on the last play this past weekend and I get, do you watch the game?

    Do you watch the games usually = I’ve ran out of material on whatever point I was trying to make. You know, you’re basic filler.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Drixxel Says:
    December 16th, 2010 at 12:37 pm
    I like this blog, too. I agree with most. I could just see some truth and appreciate what the guy was saying is all.


    I hate that whole I’m a bigger fan than you BS.

    Just like the right-wing tea partiers love their country more than the other side.

    Just plain ridiculous, IMO. The Raiders are/were on a historically bad run, and if you still are here blogging about the team throughout the day, your “fandom” should hardly be questioned.

  • HairyBush

    PurpleDrank81 Says:
    December 16th, 2010 at 12:34 pm
    Jason LaCanfora(however u spell his name) is saying that Hue will be the new head coach for Cincy next year
    Cincy can go Fock themselves!

  • PurpleDrank81

    (FreshlyWaxedBush) Thats what Im saying but who knows it seems like every year something crazy happens with us.

  • The fact that we can even discuss the possibility of playoffs is a testament to this team.

    Even so, with the schedule we had this season, we should have had 10 wins. Now, with 7 losses, I consider this season a disappointment to say the least.

    I, like the coaches, was wrong about Grad’s ability to win games with fire and courage. This mistake is likely the #1 reason our season has not been as successful as we had hoped.

    Still, we have a reason to continue to fight hard, and I hope we do so with passion and determination. The future still looks bright, but the Denver Broncos would like nothing more than to wound us now, and return us to the bottom of this division. They do not want to take over as “laughing-stock” of the league, and they know they are dangerously close. They are going to try and come into our house and humiliate us. For the sake of the psyches of our young talented players, we cannot let that happen. Confidence is Key.

    We need to dictate this game on both sides of the ball for all four quarters. Our special teams needs to step up and our kickers need to play to their potential. It could be a rainy, sloppy, game – but we need to overcome those obstacles in our own stadium. Our run defense needs to on its game, as this this may be a slop-fest. I want to see big John Henderson have his best game as a Raider. I hope Huff and Branch are working on their Tackling as we speak. I want to see McClain in there laying the wood like he did against SD. We are gonna need him in there keeping an eye on Tebow – who, make no mistake, is a load to bring down. I want to see Nnamdi out there healthy, and expose the rookie QB with a pick. I want to see DMAC and BUSH pound the rock ALL DAY LONG! I want to see the Campbell Scramble! The deep balls to our wide-outs will be tough in the rain. Use those check-downs, dump-offs, and screens. Get the ball to Murph, Ford, and DHB with the short-pass, lets see what the speedsters can do with it after the catch!

    Basically, lets be fresh, focused, and on our game. Let the elements help us, not hurt us. Lets play smart football, and lets remind Denver why they are in the basement!


  • GG

    A reason why Cable wont be HC next season is simply because Hue Jackson has done what he was asked to do—improve the offense. It’s been lights out this year. Given how many years other OC’s have struggled to do anything of merit, Jackson has immediately.

    Ie, we’re gonna have to promote Jackson to HC otherwise he’ll get snapped up by another NFL team like Cincinnati.

  • DKnight007

    500.PurpleDrank81 Says:
    December 16th, 2010 at 12:34 pm
    Jason LaCanfora(however u spell his name) is saying that Hue will be the new head coach for Cincy next year

    Oh oh.

    Hope it doesn’t happen…otherwise it might mean back to square one with a new offensive coordinator.

    I don’t see Cinncy hiring Hue though. It seems it would be a reach for them.

  • DKnight007

    Huff might make it as an alternate.

    It has easily been his best year this year!

  • Drixxel

    Go SF!!! Beat dem Bolts