`W’ is missing from Campbell’s best game


News, notes and quotes from Wednesday’s interview sessions:

— Quarterback Jason Campbell was pleased to hear coach Tom Cable’s assessment that the quarterback had his best game as a Raider.

“I think it was overall, probably one of them,’’ Campbell said. “I just wish we could have won. When you don’t win, you don’t even look at it that way. You always feel like, `What could you have done better to help us win?’ ‘’

Campbell said the audible which resulted in Darren McFadden’s 51-yard touchdown run was one that was put in the night before the game.

He didn’t think there would be an issue would taking the Broncos seriously given the Raiders cannot afford another loss and that a 45-point win the first time around would give Denver ample ammunition to be better this time.

“The way we won there the first time this season, you know as a competitor they’re going to come back and fight hard,’’ Campbell said. “Playing this game for awhile, you understand every game is different.’’

Here was Campbell’s explanation of the final drive against Jacksonville, which ended with a short completion to Jacoby Ford as time expired.

“I think we just ran out of time,’’ Campbell said. “The third down play, we were trying to get a call in and had to switch it really quick to try and get the first (down).

“We were trying to get a play where we could try and get a double move and get into the end zone. But things happen and we had to take a time out. Then on the last play, we were trying to get Jacoby to where he could catch the ball and go out of bounds. But I was throwing off my back foot so I really couldn’t get into what I wanted.

“You have to learn from the situation and move on.’’

— Light day of locker room activity a week after the buzz from ex-Jaguars going against their old teammates.

Defensive end Jarvis Moss, a first-round pick in 2007 by Denver released this season and picked up by the Raiders, wasn’t as colorful as John Henderson was regading the Jaguars but provided some perspective.

When Josh McDaniels replaced Mike Shanahan, players such as Jay Cutler (traded to Chicago), Brandon Marshall (traded to Miami) and Peyton Hillis (traded to Cleveland). All three have excelled in their new locales.

“Some of those moves you’re kind of like, `Well, that guy’s a damn good player. We could use him,’ ‘’ Moss said. “Of course, as a player and a teammate to that guy, you think that, but at the same time, that’s all you are is a player. You can only sit at your locker and tape up and get ready to go to work.’’

Under McDaniels, the Broncos won their first six games last season, hit the bye week, and have gone 5-18 ever since.

“Any team that can start off the season 6-0, yeah you’re riding pretty high,’’ Moss said. “You know, that’s pretty hard to do in this league. It was a good situation. It’s kinda’ hard to believe how downhill it went after that.

“It’s hard to point the finger. You know, it’s this person’s fault, or that person’s fault, it’s a team thing, an organization thing. It went downhill from there and that’s things that they have to figure out. I’m no longer there, and I don’t really care to comment on it too much more, so that’s something for the Broncos to figure out from this point on.’’

Moss said he’d give the Raiders all the help they wanted in terms of scheme and information, although given that it’s a division opponent they’ve already faced, there probably isn’t a lot they don’t already know.

— Reserve linebacker and special teams player Sam Williams credited Jacksonville for a 65-yard kickoff return which set up the game-winning touchdown on a 30-yard run by Maurice Jones-Drew.

“They had a good scheme,’’ Williams said. “We were trying to pin them in the corner, and they bounced it to the field. We just kind of overpursued.”

—Denver wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, talking by conference call to Bay Area reporters, said the Broncos will do their best to put the disastrous first meeting behind them while making it clear it can never be forgotten.

“It wasn’t just any other game being blown out by historic proportions, but it’s still another game,’’ Lloyd said. “That happened. If you’re alluding to is it extra motivation, are we hanging the score up around the locker room like some kind of high school game? No, we’re not.’’

— Lloyd, who only caught one pass (for 46 yards) with 6:26 left in the first meeting while trailing 59-14, went into a detailed answer on the skills of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and noted receivers are sometimes reluctant to show some of their best moves while too far ahead and too far behind.

When asked if that was the case on Oct. 24, Lloyd broke into a laugh.

“Yeah, that’s my excuse for that,’’ Lloyd said.

–Denver coach Eric Studesville, who already named Kyle Orton the starting quarterback this week, addressed the use of Tim Tebow on a conference call with Raiders beat writers.

Orton didn’t throw during the portion of practice allowed to Denver writers.

“Well, we’re looking at everything. Tim has played for us this year. Tim has contributed to the offense this year as far as running touchdowns and throwing a touchdown,’’ Studesville said. “So, he has contributed as he’s been here, and we’re going to continue to figure out what exactly that his role can be and what it should be week to week. That’s a situation and questions that we’ve asked every week this year.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • alex7


    does that prove that the zone is bad,

    or that we don’t practice it and that our zone is bad?

  • alex7

    I already pointed out yesterday that

    5 of the top 6 run defenses

    in the NFL run a tampa-2 or a 3-4 zone.


    Simple logic: You can defend the run better when your CBs are facing the backfield, as opposed to when they’re running down the field with their backs turned 99% of the time.

  • OC Raider

    gotta go guys!
    Raider Nation!

  • McRaider5150

    Alex Says:
    A good QB


    an O-line, makes the WRs, makes the coaches all look good.
    An oline, WRs, and coaches makes a QB look good.

    Wow see how easy that is

  • McRaider5150

    Alex, Who do you want to see qbing the Raiders next year. Please give us a name?

  • McRaider5150

    alex7 Says:
    December 15th, 2010 at 4:16 pm
    I already pointed out yesterday that

    5 of the top 6 run defenses

    in the NFL run a tampa-2 or a 3-4 zone.


    Simple logic: You can defend the run better when your CBs are facing the backfield, as opposed to when they’re running down the field with their backs turned 99% of the time.
    Here’s something we can agree on.

  • RaiderDebo

    Alex7 Says:
    December 15th, 2010 at 4:02 pm
    Aren’t the Packers and Steelers winning without much of an O-line?

    It’s a QB league, #1.

    I 100% agree with your take on 1st round QBs. There’s always going to be exceptions, but I believe in the scouting process. If we are going to draft a QB, we should get him early. Picking later more than likely will get us another scrub like Scabs. But that’s only half the battle. We’ve got to make sure he’s got talent on the outside and proper coaching, things we failed to do with JR. As far as the Steelers are concerned, they went 3-1 without Ben, including a win over the Falcons. Ben may not have a good OL, but his defense bails him out a lot (see Week 13 win over the Ravens). And while Rogers has been good, he’s already got two concussions this year.

  • GalacticGus

    its not as hard as other scenario’s, such as superbowl winning Pittsburgh in 2005. All we need is two teams to lose at least once more this year, and we win out, we win division

  • tuckrulefool

    want ONE thin in the offseason that gets us WAYYY over teh hump, instanteously? (Hint: it aint a new QB)

    SIGN CHAMP BAILY—-> DEEP into 2011 playoffs

    Who cares about $$. Whatever it take$. Its Viceroy Al’s $ not ours/yours! This is Esp (Adam)treu if we are in no cap land ala 2010. Even with new CBA and a cap I still say make it happen AL!

    TWO near shut down corners with our d line = INSTANTLY better offense as well (ie more turnovers, shorter field, lower ppg still can result in W)

    DO IT!

  • RaiderReggie

    The Raiders are averaging 26 points per game which should equal more that 6 wins. Last year they average 13.9 points per game and got 5 wins. That means the defense is not doing the things they need to do to close out games.